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132 E St. , Suite 350
in the Mansion Square shopping center
please email for general salon information
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Monday through Saturday by appointment
Walk-ins welcome upon availability
David Martin and Pete Nowlen
David Martin (916) 806-3141
Sharon Jackson (530) 848-3768


Established February 1st, 2010

Payment Method(s)
Cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express
Former Stylists

Barbara Beals-Scott (530) 554-7058 has taken a leave of absence

Kristin Harris was a stylist/assistant who worked at Cobalt Salon & Gallery for around 6 months in 2011, She is now working in Sacramento, at Esthetics by Jeannette

Rajhon Freitas (916) 601-6892 was a part-time stylist who is

now freelance

Monica Pinkston is now working in Vacaville

Michelle White (951) 440-3638 not sure of her current location




Voted 2013 Best Haircut In Davis by the readers of The Aggie

Cobalt Salon & Gallery bills itself as "a beautiful and serene addition to the salon and art scene in downtown Davis." The salon was voted in the top 20 on the KCRA A-list in May of 2012, and was the only Davis Salon in the top 20. It is located in the historic Mansion Square shopping center, making it easy to get some delicious sushi or Chinese food on your way to or from getting your 'do done, or just stopping in for the ArtAbout.

Along with owner David Martin (and Pete Nowlen behind the scenes), the staff includes color and design expert Tenaya Freitas, former Salon at Maple Court owner Sharon Jackson, stylist and make-up artist Michelle White.

Cobalt Salon & Gallery carries numerous hair care products, including ISO, Aquage, Paul Mitchell, Kenra, Joico, and select TIGI items. They can also special order many others.

Cobalt Salon & Gallery displays rotating art by local artists. The current show is a showcase of abstract oils by Cobalt Salon owner, David Martin.

Previous shows have included art from local artists such as Binuta Sudhakaran, Linda Johnson, Mollie Mosley Morrison, Marie-Therese Brown, Mary Rose Branchaud (multi media pieces), Marjorie Morbitzer (ceramics), Cuz'n Bill Lorenz (watercolors), oils and acrylics by Emily Allen, gourd art by Lyn Brown, original oils by owner David Martin, acrylics by resident stylist Tenaya Freitas, photographs by Sue Mcclurg, oil paintings by Jeffrey Felker, acrylic abstracts by Moses Salgado, photographs by Mario Mayner, and a continuing display of Raku fired pots by Deborah Pittman.


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2010-04-16 21:14:24   I have been devoted to David's hair styling since I moved to Davis and feel that I was so lucky to have chosen him. I trust him completely and he never fails to put a smile on my face when I get out of his salon. Not only he is in total command of his craft, he completely devotes himself to make his clients happy. The quality of his professional work is exceptional. —

2010-09-29 16:01:11   David is WONDERFUL! I got a hair cut with him as a gift from a friend and I couldn't be happier. He is professional, funny, kind, and really knows about hair! My boyfriend decided he finally needed to cut off his pony tail but was nervous as he hadn't had short hair in nearly a decade. He went to David for a consult and cut and came away with a great cut that works perfectly with his type of hair. I would highly recommend David! —SaraRoscoe

2011-03-22 08:30:12 I try to search for a good salon in Davis. First of all, I chose Luci salon because my friends said they know how to style your hair. However, as I went online, I saw lots of good reviews about the Cobalt salon, so I decided to change my mind and go to this salon instead. It turns out that I got the worst haircut ever from this place. Although I brought the picture with me to the place, my haircut turns out so short and not even looks like the picture. It is completely a crazy short hair without any styling or any creative,or not even look like the pictures that I brought ( I brought 2 pictures, but if it's not possible to cut as the pix, just tell me before the process, and don't say that it's possible, but then it turns out to be worst at the end)The fullness of the hair in the back is also weird; the half top is flatted, and the half bottom is having fullness. My mom and aunts also agree so. I was crying whenever I look at the mirror.

I have to go to my regular stylist to ask if he can fix it for me, but it is impossible because if he fixes the hair, it will even shorter. Afterward, I had to go to Sally to ask for a shampoo to induce hair grow so it can grow faster and i can fix it. This is the first time that I have to pay for an expensive haircut and I don't like it at all. I'm so disappointed, upset, and sorry for my self for not going to the suggested salon or stay with my stylist in my hometown.... So, Be careful with all the good reviews online. PS. the owner, Davis is nice and friendly, he's just not a good hair stylist— Chau Doan

Ms. Doan, I am so very sorry for your bad experience with your haircut. As I stated in the email I sent you, I would be happy to refund your money if you do not want me to fix any problems with your cut. — David Martin, owner

2011-03-23 20:29:51   The owner of Cobalt Salon, David Martin, has been my hair stylist for several years now. He is the best hair stylist I have ever had! I originally went to him because I needed a change and have been very happy ever since. He is great with color and always has great suggestions for the changing seasons. I have very straight and thin hair, and therefore I need a very precise haircut. His are always perfect. I have had both long and short hairstyles with him and he is great at both. He is also a very nice guy and I always enjoy chatting with him during my appointments. I actually have never posted a review online before this one, but I feel so strongly about my experiences that I feel I need to share them with others. —MHY

2011-03-23 21:12:54   David Martin who owns Cobalt Salon and Gallery has been taking care of me for the last 6 months. I cannot say enough positive things about him and the work that he does. I initially saw him on the advise of a friend, who has been thrilled with his work for 10 years. He did a wonderful job with my hair. David really cares about people, and it shows with the way that he treats his clients, and with the work that he does. I am a very happy, continuing-to-return-referring-all-my-friends client. Thanks David!—Karen V —KarenVernau

2011-03-23 22:18:16   HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: David Martin, owner of Cobalt Salon & Gallery, has been my stylist for several years and my husbands stylist for over ten years. His haircuts are exceptional and reflect a high level of skill and years of experience. He's confident, professional and never hurried or distracted. David always gets a good concept of what I want and executes it perfectly. I trust him completely and wouldn't go to anyone else...period. —KristinBabcock

2011-03-24 00:12:00   I just moved to Davis as a transfer student and I came across Cobalt after a friend recommended David specifically. David is patient, skilled, and a genuinely friendly person. I HIGHLY recommend him. —michaelpearce

2011-03-24 08:19:54   I'd previously left a good review on David's own Wiki page (before Cobalt existed) and wanted to reiterate those comments here: David has been my stylist for over two years now and I have only had good experiences. My comments are genuine; I'm not the most prolific reviewer, so someone has to be highly wonderful or utterly terrible for me to leave feedback. In the event of a less than positive experience, I would speak to the person/business concerned before posting negative comments and give them a chance to rectify the mistake, it's the responsible thing to do. I don't wish to demean the review of the lady who was unhappy with her cut (I have been in that situation in the past and it's not fun) , but I feel strongly about supporting local, small businesses and one bad review can cancel out twenty good ones. Sorry, I am rambling, in short (in my personal experience), David is highly skilled both with cutting techniques and colour, I must have been asked by at least six friends for his number after they'd seen my hair. —LizA

2011-03-24 09:05:38   I highly recommend David Martin for his skill and talent working with my hair (for over 25 years) as well as my daughter's (for 20 years beginning at age 2). He has always gone the extra mile for us. I wish everyone could see the amazing style he did for my daugher's Senior Ball at DHS. The style involved putting tiny crystals on wires and meticulously weaving them through her hair. It was a work of art and at the same time a gesture that boosted her confidence that she would be beautiful for her special event. My daughter, although she now lives in Los Angeles, will still only have David cut her hair. Over the years as our hair changed, David's color and style suggestions have adapted to bring out the most flattering cut and shape. I greatly appreciate his honesty and professionalism in answering all questions. It still amazes me how David's cuts will last the 6 weeks between visits and maintain the style without looking ragged. Through all the years I've always been treated with the utmost courtesy during my visits and David is always on time. I appreciate that very much. The salon itself is a very relaxing place. I am always offered and served coffee or water and it makes me feel pampered. The walls are covered with beautiful art and the atmosphere is filled with friendly people who obviously enjoy working together. Since David opened Cobalt Salon, he has held several receptions featuring paintings and crafts from local artisans. I highly suggest putting your hair and style concerns in the hands of David Margin and Cobalt Salon. —MarilynSilva

2011-03-24 11:56:00   GREAT SALON! Not only was it the best haircut I've ever had, but he was able to give me great styling advice for different ways of wearing my new do. My boyfriend's mom has been using David for years and won't let anyone else touch her hair. Now I know why, he's absolutely great. I'll be headed in for my next cut soon, and talking to him about hiring him for our upcoming wedding! —SaraRoscoe

2011-03-25 11:27:15   Dearest Ms. Doan, Apparently David is not the stylist for you. But he is for me and has been for nearly 10 years! I have NEVER left David's chair disappointed! Infact, I have always left with a positive and uplifting look and attitude. My most recent cut was last month and involved the addition of bangs - I love them and have received many complements. Before that I tried the Brazilian Blow Out and received just as many complements!! These ideas, of course, were Davids and he executed them perfectly - as always! My hair is always styled so great!I leave feeling like a rock star! I trust Davids oppinion and ability to create, style, and cut hair. He also listens to my ideas of what I need my hair to do for me - I am a mother, swimmer, runner, wife and need my hair to function in many different arenas. David's ability with hair is like beacon of creative light that I want to follow for he is forever on the cusp of creativity like never before!! David Rocks!


  • Credit where it's due, Kristin Harris suggested the bangs, I just cut them!

2011-03-26 11:56:29   David's been cutting my hair for well over 15 years, and I've never received anything other than a fabulous cut from him. My hair is unevenly curly: almost straight in places, wavy to very curly, in others. Really, it's mostly lots of cow-licks! I've had more bad haircuts in my life than I care to remember. But from the very first haircut, David always knew exactly how to cut my hair to make it look its best. He's also one of the nicest and most honest people you'll ever meet. I won't let anyone else touch my hair! —LynneOFox

2011-04-09 16:39:46   I had my hair done today by the lovely Kristin Harris. The experience was my first at Cobalt and I'm very happy with the results! With a little help from David, they matched my color perfectly (I had gone from blonde to red and back a few months ago that needed some correcting) and Kristin gave me a playful summer cut that I'm very excited about! I would highly recommend this place to anyone. =) —ReeseLayton

2011-07-02 23:56:05   While I haven't been a customer (my wife likes me in a rugged look, and out of love, I happily oblige and merely trim my full beard in a mirror myself), I stopped by once and was struck by how bright and airy the place is. If I were to have to sit for awhile (say, getting hair styled), this would be a great atmosphere to do it in. —JabberWokky

2012-04-03 09:41:37   I am so happy with my haircut from Tenaya. I went with a super short pixie cut from almost shoulder length head of hair. I originally was going to get all-over-color and do the free haircut. Since I was cutting so much off, we did that first. What was left was my natural hair color since I had been growing out my dyed hair. I couldn't believe how much darker my hair was now. We decided I didn't need the color and the short cut was enough of a change. I am so excited about this new style. It's like a million little pieces, layers upon layers —like a work of art! I also bought some spray on wax for $15 and that has helped me style, spike it the way I like it. I would definitely recommend the pixie hair cut for anyone looking for something new. So much potential! Thanks Tenaya! —JenniferStanton

2013-07-02 13:48:04   David Martin has been my stylist for less than a year but has seen me through many a hairstyle change! Short a-line, asymmetrical a-line, pixie, faux hawk - with each and every hairstyle he has created has come more compliments than I have EVER received in my life prior to going to him. In all honesty, rarely does a day go by when I am out that I don't get complimented or asked who cuts my hair! David has always been so patient, since day one, to help me figure out what look I'm going for and then has executed it so fabulously! One of the saddest things about moving across the country in the near future is that I have to leave Cobalt. Come with me, David!!! —CatieA

2014-03-15 19:30:19   I had the most wonderful haircut, color and highlights from Ms. Michelle White. Not only is she engaging, friendly, enthusiastic and obviously has a passion for her craft, she is extremely talented. I completely trusted her with choosing the best color for me and my results were truly magical. I learned more about hair and the importance of using professional products and how to keep my hair healthy in one session from Michelle than I ever did in my lifetime. Cobalt Salon truly has a gem in this salon and I will be coming back to see Michelle and I will be sending my friends and family to come see her. Loved the experience!! BlancaRosas —BlancaRosas