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Collective: Transfer and Non-Traditional Student Empowerment provides both academic and social support to empower transfer, re-entry, parent, and all non-traditional students to succeed in higher education. Collective offers all students a safe and welcoming environment to further engage in their educational pursuits. Furthermore, Collective offers campus visits to expose disadvantaged students to provide insight into the opportunities available through higher education.

As one of seven programs housed within the Student Recruitment and Retention Center, Collective aims to recruit and retain all non-traditional students by providing services and connections through:

Student Involvement | For students, by students

The student perspective is essential to serving the diverse needs of this community. UC Davis students and community members can get involved with Collective through: 

  • Ready-Set-Go Volunteer | Campus Visits/Exposure Volunteer
  • Community Intern
  • Transcript Notation Intern (current UC Davis students only)

Check out our Volunteer and Internship Program for more information. 


Transfer Outreach | Transferring knowledge, sharing support

 Collective supports prospective transfer students through community college outreach. A goal of transfer outreach is to provide students with the necessary information to ease the transition into post-secondary education. To support potential transfer students, Collective provides workshops, presentations, Aggie Transfer Weekend program from a distinct student perspective.


Retention | Strive together, prosper together

 Collective facilitates the retention of transfer, re-entry, parent, and all non-traditional UC Davis students by hosting weekly transfer hours, workshops, community mixers and other events. At these events, students can meet new people, learn about resources on campus and increase their sense of community. Under the T.E.A.M. Mentorship Program, new transfer students are paired with second year transfer students based on their major and interests to build a sense of community and support.

Check out our Transfer Resource Pages, an interactive guide on our website for incoming and prospective transfer and non-traditional (i.e. parents, re-entry, etc.) Filled with tips, student profiles, and insight into various programs and opportunities specific for this demographic. 


Campus Visits and Campus Exposure | Inspiring Students, exploring options

Collective offers a college-going experience around the UC Davis campus to prospective students of all educational levels (K-12 & Community College). Volunteering for the Campus Visits (K-12) and/or Campus Exposure (Community College) Programs is a great way that many current UC Davis students can get involved and share their unique college experiences, which will hopefully have a positive influence on visiting students and guests. 

Interested in getting involved? Click here for more information.




  • Kylar San Juan, Administrative Coordinator
  • Lucio Lira, Outreach Coordinator
  • Chyna Oyola, Campus Visits Coordinator


  • Elleanor Pangilinan, Student Director/RROC Representative 
  • Melissa Marquez, Administrative Coordinator
  • Julian Merino, Community Development and Advocacy Coordinator
  • DJ Chung, Student Achievement Coordinator
  • Carmina "Mina" Acebu, Campus Visits Coordinator


  • Daniel Aniciete, Student Director/RROC Representative
  • Elizabeth Delgado, Administrative Coordinator
  • Stephanie Jimenez, Retention Coordinator
  • Ricky Bello, Outreach Coordinator
  • Nicole Rodriguez, Campus Visits Experience Coordinator


  • Patrick Pamatmat, Student Director/RROC Representative
  • Georgia Nze, Administrative Coordinator
  • Adam Yang, Retention Coordinator
  • Ricky Bello, Outreach Coordinator
  • Nicole Rodriguez, Campus Visits Experience Coordinator


  • Diane Cabaluna, Student Director/RROC Representative
  • Francisco Gomez, Administrative Coordinator
  • Vacant, Retention Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Ramirez, Outreach Coordinator
  • Krystal Anderson, Campus Visits Experience Coordinator
  • Daniel Daquigan, Graphics Coordinator


  • Ayotunde Ajijolaiya, Student Director/RROC Representative
  • Maria Cabe, Administrative Coordinator
  • Cynthia Salas, Retention Coordinator
  • Joanna Villegas, Outreach Coordinator
  • "Vacant, Campus Visits Experience Coordinator


  • Yadira De La Cruz, Student Director/RROC Representative

  • Pratima Pathania, Administrative Coordinator

  • Ayotunde Ajijolaiya, Retention Coordinator

  • Miguel Zaragoza, Outreach Coordinator

  • Maria Cabe, Campus Visits Experience Coordinator

  • Yee Xiong, Graphics Coordinator


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