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College Life is the college ministry of UC Davis and is a ministry of college students and post-college age mentors. It is a ministry to Jesus followers and spiritual investigators.

Our Mission: Helping spiritual investigators to be reconciled to Jesus, helping believers to be restored in the image of God the Father and working to reflect the Kingdom of God into the world.

Where: on the UCD campus in Kleiber 3 lecture hall When: every Tuesday night, from 8-9:30pm What to expect: Three experiences in every Tuesday night large group: An experience of God's presence in musical praise, an experience of God's truth in a compelling talk, and an experience of God's love in community.

  • We encourage all students to join a Bible Study (Growth Group), which have a threefold purpose: relationship building, spiritual formation through Bible study and deploying in “Kingdom Projects” (i.e. practical service in the name of Jesus to share His love) on our campus and in our city. 
  • We also are known for coming together for fun activities (broomball, swing dancing, game nights), worship/prayer nights, mission trips around the world, etc.

Spring Retreat 2011

College Life Staff:

  • Dan Seitz (College Pastor)
  • Laeya Kaufman (College Director)
  • Temple (College Intern)
  • Peter Nittler (College Intern)
  • Mike Corsetto (College Intern)

Connect with us:

Rides to church on Sunday mornings:

For questions contact: Mike Corsetto (

Laeya Kaufman (college director), Lissa Buckel (college intern), Dan Seitz (college pastor)


End of Year Luau Celebration


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2011-05-02 20:49:06   I have gone to College Life a couple of times when I first came to Davis. They really do not seem to care for new people. I tried to go back recently and give them another shot but was told by Dan Seitz that I am not welcome there. I am now on a lifetime ban from College Life. The reasoning being is that over a year and a half ago I was assaulted by a person on a service trip and they feared I would retaliate. To be honest I was angry at that person...A year and a half ago. Now I am pretty friendly with the guy, we played board games together yesterday. Anyway, just putting this out there. Also, the guy who attacked me and I did not strike back is still welcome there and attending. But as always, when it comes to church in Davis I don't matter —Dozer

2011-08-07 16:54:41   Not discounting the experiences of Dozer, I wasn't there and I cannot say for sure what happened or didn't happen, but I can say that his experiences seem unlike the experiences I had during my time in college life and the experiences that I know my friends have had there. College life is a very friendly, welcoming and supportive community. I made many close friends in college and they helped me grow in my faith with God. —ChrisDietrich

2011-08-14 21:34:32   Just ask around Davis about College Life. Least welcoming group on campus. I tried one last time before leaving town to make things right with Dan. He told me he thought it was good that I felt suicidal, this way I would now know my place. This is by far one of the sickest things I have ever heard in my life. —Dozer

2014-05-01 16:08:14   The College Life staff have a very unique way it seems to dealing with tough situations and wrong doings. I stated my story and continue to tell my story to people. I think that using spirituality is disgusting and nobody should ever be made feel like their life is worthless. Michael Corsetto has continually come on here and deleted my story, my comments and anyone's comments who speak out against College Life or his religion. This just continues to show what cowards and bullies they are. I even contacted Mr.Corsetto via email and asked him why he would did what he did. I was ignored. If Mr.Corsetto has a problem with me, he is more than welcome to contact me. —Dozer