These are older reviews of College Square Apartments from 2011

2011-05-10 14:12:34   College Square Apartments provides enough noise pollution for an entire neighborhood. The management allows the leaf blowers to run nearly all day every day. These are gas powered and can be heard at least three blocks away nearly all the time. Yes, the trains are sometimes loud, but the leaf blowers are worse since they are run so excessively and every day. I'm pretty sure the lawn guys running them are goofing off or trying to clock extra hours. I request that management buy some electric leaf blowers or some _rakes_. —bartbart

2011-06-07 16:47:22   This apt complex is ONE OF THE MOST HORRIBLE PLACES TO LIVE IN DAVIS!!I lived here in 2009-2010. The apartments look good initially, but the walls are paper-thin. The apartments are right next to the train tracks too. In addition to this noise, workers get started at 8am noisily blowing through the pavement. Don't expect to get much of a deposit back-i left the apt as clean as I found it and was charged for painting and other misc. stuff. I complained twice of bedbugs but no one came to inspect. Bike parts are commonly stolen and a couple of places were broken into while I was living there. There are lots of noises/arguments that break up in the middle of the night and hence cops (and a private security company)started patrolling the area. I would not recommend this place to anyone. It's definitely worth to pay some extra bucks and get some peace of mind! —DipaliPatel

2011-07-08 10:55:17   I love living at College Square! I have lived at several different apartments and this is by far the best experience. Obviously some of you people have an axe to grind. The management staff is always friendly and willing to help. They always answer my questions knowledgably and help to make this an enjoyable living experience. The maintenance staff is quick to fix any issue. For instance, my sink was leaking and they were at my apartment within 10 minutes and had it fixed in 20. As far as the leaf blowers, I think the grounds look great. If you have a problem with it maybe you should grab a rake and work off some of your college tuition. —rbanks

2011-07-26 13:56:20   Don't ever live here. It's absolutely impossible to get any quiet time. At 7 in the morning the train comes by. After the garbage truck rolls by. Then the maintenance comes by with a leaf blower at 10. Another train passes at 7 pm. and finally the walls are so thin you can here any slight noise coming from neighbors. An Asian lady at threaten to kill me and my dog and called me a damn chink because apparently she thinks my dog pooped on the staircase. In actuality it was a black and white cat who just roams free at any given time of the day. This lady must not know this is a pet friendly apt complex. Parking in the complex was good at the beginning of the year but was horrible 2 months going in. If you go to the library and come home after 12 don't expect to find parking. Management van care less about their tenants. They just want to make money. The complex has crappy carpet, sticky doors, windows cant lock and is not in good shape at all. The only good thing about this place is that the buses is close. But it's totally not worth it. Don't Live Here!!! They only care about getting their money. Rent must be paid on the third of each month, not the fifth. Late fees are 100 dollars. Rent cost about 500 per month plus one month free. 11 month lease. Don't do it! —Sylviawong

2011-08-16 15:55:47   Hmmmm, I have a sneaking suspicion that someone is creating usernames and just spamming negativity... there is a grumpy neighbor across the street that looks suspicious.... In any case I live here and it has been a great experience. Maintenance comes by quickly, the management has always been very pleasant and understanding (they even HELP you find a person to get out of your lease if you need to, most places just say, "It's in your contract so your hosed". The only negative thing I can say is that the yard work noise is a little much every week, but if you're already living next to train tracks I think a leaf blower is the least of your problems.

In short, it's been great. Great location, friendly people, the management is very pleasant and attentive (unusually so actually) and the apartments are nice and clean. I would absolutely repeat my decision to live here in a heartbeat. —JamesThomas9883

"2011-08-17 12:47"   This is a great place to live, and we've renewed our lease for a second year. The management and maintenance staff are very helpful, friendly, and prompt with work order requests. I have lived in apartments where important things were never taken care of, so it's been refreshing to live somewhere where the managers are more than willing to fix things. They even replace light bulbs and smoke detector batteries, and clear up plugged drains at no charge! Also, the location is ideal, with the Food Co-op, Nugget, and SPCA Thrift Store close by, and the public library, university and downtown a short bike-ride away.

My ONLY complaint is, as others have noted, the leaf-blowers and other yard maintenance equipment are used to excess, and you have to endure some noise pollution almost every morning. I think they could reduce the number of days they do yardwork a little and give residents more peace and quiet. However, I'd give College Square 4.5 out of 5. It's overall a very good deal, and one of the more affordable places you'll find in Davis. —JulieOesper

"2011-09-07 20:33" College Square is an AMAZING place to live. The office staff is incredibly friendly and they've always gone out of their way to help me and just keep me happy overall. The staff is just great. Every time I walk into the office I'm greeted by smiling faces and a great attitude. They will bend over backwards for their tenants and it really just shows the kind of people they are, always going beyond what is expected. They made moving such a breeze and made sure that the apartment was completely clean, freshly painted and ready to go before move-in. The cleaning crew are miracle workers and are the nicest people. The office staff and maintenance crew were easily available and willing to continue to help throughout the move in period when I'm sure they must have had tons of tenants to deal with. The complex is huge after all with much more apartments here than in most other complexes in Davis. Also, the office staff always provides exciting promos or other goodies that keep things feeling alive and just happy around the complex.

The leaf blowers seem to be a big deal but what do you expect? Would you rather have leaves all over the place? Davis is full of Sycamore trees that drop leaves year round and this complex is several buildings long so it's actually great that the staff makes sure the complex is well maintained. And as for the train, I think it brings a Harry Potter-like charm to the complex and it's really not as loud or as loud as people like to exaggerate it to be. I think a lot of people exaggerate the noise. It's quiet 95% of the time. And the other 5% that it would be mildly noisy is at completely acceptable times. I've also made my fair share of trips to the study lounge or the parking lot late at night and I've never seen anyone who didn't live at the complex. Almost everyone I seen around here lives here and is a student so I've never had a problem with safety. The way the complex is well lit at night and the fact that only tenants have keys to the study lounge/pool makes it a safe place.

So my experience with College Square has been fantastic and every year it just keeps getting better. The apartments are pretty nice, exactly what could be expected in a really nice hotel. The office staff and maintenance crew are just the most amazing, friendly people who are committed to serving their tenants with the best. I love the complex, with its beautiful study lounge and several pools. It is in one of the best locations in Davis, close to the Nugget, UC Davis, and downtown. I plan on spending all four years here and I just love it! I think I'm really lucky to have found such a nice place with even nicer people to manage it!

2011-09-29 11:07:22   This APT was the WORST and crappiest management I have ever seen. maintenance people are nice and cool to talk to but those people in office are such a *****! They really need to change them, they would talk to you as if you are stupid and does not know anything about apt. They charge every on your deposit when you leave and will give you the most $10 or $5 even you clean your butt off. The apt I lived in was so loud from lawn and leaf blowers every single freaking day and when train stops it seems like an earth quake. The bathroom was very nasty because every time upstairs or next door apt's sink backsup and my bathtub would shoot out their food waste and it was so disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! often I also hear people getting things stolen near my house such thing as bike and cars get broken into. I also experienced my car have been broken into one time, although they guy did not get much. One of my friend that lived near have gotten all his clothes stolen in their over priced laundry mat, where I just took mine too coin laundry. I would recommend anyone and everyone not to live here and now I realized why they offer free first month rent or cheapest around I guess but even the price this garbage is not worth living unless you live like one. —krnDON

2011-09-29 11:10:07   I'm sure who have put positive comments are not from people that lived in College Square APT.FAKES! —krnDON