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Collegiate 4-H is an student organization that provides its members with a sense of identity on campus, enriches their lives through group projects and recreation, and develops confidence and leadership skills. Clubs provide service and support to their local and state 4-H programs, such as serving as judges and conducting training workshops. They are also a service and social group for campus students.

Collegiate 4-H is open to all college students who wish to support youth and the 4-H program. It is not necessary to have prior 4-H experience, only to have an interest in the 4-H ideals and in serving your community.

Collegiate 4-H at UC Davis has been in existence for many years. We are a service- and leadership-oriented group of college students. The club strives to encourage leadership development in teens while also offering several college-preparatory events throughout the year.

Contact: Club Advisor, Quang "Hogan" Tong at or 2010-2011 Club President, Carolyn Abrams at

You See Davis Days

Our largest event is a 3-day conference, held Thursday-Saturday before Picnic Day for approximately 20 high school students, during which the delegates stay at our homes and get a taste of life here at UC Davis. This includes pizza parties, auditing the occasional lecture, financial aid/college admissions workshops, and of course the indispensable campus tour. We also work with Kaplan to provide a low-cost practice SAT workshop to high school 4-H members.


The Collegiate 4-H Club planted a tree in front of the building in honor of Arbor Day on March 7, 2005 At the 2008 You See Davis Days Event, a group of high school participants captured this excellent shot of the UC Davis Chancellor, Larry Vanderhoef outside his office.


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