Fit for royalty at Common Grounds

Whether sleeping, studying, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee, knowing the location of the closest comfy chair is very important for those who are into such things. List your favorites here.

Couches, loveseats, bean bags, and other well-padded sitting/lying locations, though not Official Comfy Chairs, also qualify.

On Campus

See Sleeping On Campus

  • ARC has probably the nicest (and most expensive!) chairs on campus.
  • UC Davis Bookstore
  • Women's Center Reading Room and Righteous Babe Lounge - a nice chair in the reading room and comfy couches in the lounge
    • Segundo Dining Commons had three sets of double ottoman chairs (6 total). Usually there are small circular tables that you can move, next to the chairs. But, you can just relax and almost nap in the DC there. It is good if you go by yourself. Good birdseye view of the DC.

Around Davis Common Grounds

Chairs Passed into Legend

  • Cafe Roma has terrible chairs but nice couches/big arm-type chairs. Their sitting chairs (the ones next to the tables) are practically falling apart (05-05-05) Holy Jesus, the green couch has to be the lumpiest thing ever (but it looks cool!) There was one incredibly comfortable gray recliner that lulled studiers to sleep. It is missed.
  • Espresso Roma
  • Java California



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