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Welcome Community Development graduate students, alumni, prospective students, and friends of the department! This page was created to allow CRD students to communicate important information, from recommended courses to thesis help to upcoming social events. If you have questions, just send out an email for help.

Community-Based Research

3 year study of Bryte and Broderick

During the Winter Quarter of 2006, 2007, and 2008, the Community Development Graduate Group is working with the West Sacramento neighborhoods of Bryte and Broderick through our capstone course, CRD 440. This collaboration gives graduate students real-world experience with community-based research, while connecting the communities of Bryte and Broderick with UC Davis resources. Reports, maps, and presentations have resulted from this collaboration, and are available at the Research on West Sacramento wiki site for public access.

For more information, contact Bernadette Austin: braustin@ucdavis.edu

Community Development students share research

At the annual Community Development symposium, graduate students share their research projects and interests with the public. All are welcome!

Building Community: 1st Annual Community Development Symposium May 11: 2pm-5pm Putah Creek Lodge, UC Davis Campus For details, contact Liz Sterba: esterba@ucdavis.edu

Upcoming Events

Template: Event Title Date: Time Location Contact Description

Discover Davis: Farmer's Market Mar 10: 10 am Central Park (meet at C and 3rd) Luis or Bernie: braustin@ucdavis.edu Join your fellow CRDers in learning more about the Davis Farmer's Market. A guided tour will be led by our very own Luis (and possibly some of his friends). Afterwards, we will make brunch together (with food purchased with CRD GSA funds). Marcie previously offered her home—which unfortunately fits 5 people comfortably. If anyone can offer a home with a large kitchen and seating area, please let me know! I'll email out the final location that week.

Master's comprehensive exams due to Dean of Grad Studies Mar 22 (for Winter 2007)

File Thesis with Committee Mar 29 (for Spring 2007)

APRIL 2007

Discover Lake Berryessa: Cold Canyon Hike Apr. 1: 10 am Bernie: braustin@ucdavis.edu Join your rugged CRD friends on a moderate intensity, 4-mile hike to a birdseye view of Lake Berryessa. The hard work is well worth it! Bring your own picnic lunch and a sturdy pair of shoes. We will meet at Central Park and carpool there.

Poster Making Party Saturday, April 21. Make your poster for the Symposium. Contact Leticia for details: ljauregui@ucdavis.edu

Last Day to Register for Graduate Commencement Apr. 27 Need help? Contact Wave Armijo in Grad Studies at wmarmijo@ucdavis.edu or (530) 752-3762.

MAY 2007

Last Day to Order Graduation Regalia early May It takes 8-10 weeks for delivery, so plan accordingly. Go to http://bookstore.ucdavis.edu/graduation/custom_regalia.cfm.

Discover San Francisco: SOMA (South of Market) May 5: 11 am Bernie: braustin@ucdavis.edu Come with your hip CRD friends to discover what the City by the Bay has to offer. Explore the stores, eateries, and museums in the SOMA district of San Francisco. The SF Museum of Modern Art, the California Academy of Sciences, and the Cable Car turnabout is all within walking distance. We'll meet at Central Park and carpool there. Parking and bridge toll provided by CRD GSA funds.

Building Community: 1st Annual Community Development Symposium May 11: 2pm-5pm Putah Creek Lodge, UC Davis Campus Liz Sterba: esterba@ucdavis.edu

JUNE 2007

Master's These due to Dean of Grad Studies June 1 (for Spring 2007)

Master's comprehensive exams due to Dean of Grad Studies June 14 (for Spring 2007)

Graduate Studies Graduation Thurs. June 14: 6:30 pm The Office of Graduate Studies, together with the Graduate Council and the Graduate Student Association, will hold the 2007 Graduate Studies Commencement Ceremony on Thursday, June 14, 2006 at 6:30 p.m. in ARC Pavilion (formerly Recreation Hall) to honor the graduate degree recipients. Following the ceremony, there will be a reception on the lawn outside the ARC Pavilion for graduate degree recipients, faculty, and guests.

CRD Grad Group Commencement Celebration June 15, 2007; 5-9pm Putah Creek Lodge

Course Guide

See the Community Development Graduate Course Guide for a ton of advice from past and current students. It's got: course listings for specializations, recommended courses, and not-so-recommended courses. Learn from other students' experiments with the course catalog! It's great!

Getting Employed by the University

Working for the university is a great way to get your fees paid for — and to keep yourself from scheduling foibles and commuting to an off-campus job every day. But beware: it also means your head will get entirely wrapped up in academia-land pseudologic. Proceed at your own risk...

Teaching Assistant Jobs

These jobs pay more money than Research Assistantships AND are covered by the Union. They are a great way to get paid to learn about a new topic — and to get some teaching experience. Applications are a pain — you have to apply to each department separately, and they all have different due dates and application forms.

Hiring: Get started early — as soon as January before the year you want to be hired. Some TA ships are handed out by the department in a single review process during the summer (like Community Development). Other departments (like American Studies) hire as early as March. However, if you really want first choice, you should start emailing professors of your "favorite classes" picked out from the UCD catalog in January or February, with a cover letter and a resume. If you show initiative and seem qualified, many professors will hire you before the big departmental round-up of applications. Make sure you get a contract, so you don't get forgotten or overlooked when someone better comes along — these contracts are issued as much as a year in advance of the position you are hired for.

These jobs are union! That means when your professor wants to work you more hours than you're getting paid for (which is way more common than it should be), the union comes in, saves you, and gets you back pay. Administration will discourage you from contacting the union — especially if your contract is being violated. Don't listen to them! The union is your friend, and once the wheels get rolling they really go to bat for TAs! But sometimes the TA union is slow and/or lost about replying to messages, so be persistant if you need their help.

Research Assistant Jobs

These jobs pay less, but might be a good match if you are on a professional track, or if you can find an RAship that matches your research interest. They also typically save you from having to switch bosses/jobs each quarter, as you often do with TAships. Many of these jobs are misnamed, and you do no research whatsoever, but instead coordinate programs, do outreach to the community, etc. No union here, so you better get yourself a fair boss.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Graduating

Candidacy *Candidacy Filing Form for a Master's degree: Complete this document and turn it into Grad Studies (Mrak 2nd Floor). You must get the Department Chair to sign off on it; you should also have the Graduate Advisor make sure you have met all the degree requirements. If you are writing a thesis, you must have all members named, and the Thesis Chair signed off on this document.

Filing Fee When you are done with courses but not quite done with your thesis/exam, you go on Filing Fee. Here's everything you need to know: *http://www.gradstudies.ucdavis.edu/forms/filingfee.pdf: The actual filing fee form. It needs to be signed by your Thesis Chair (Exam-takers are not required to get this signature) and the Department Chair. Then you need to pay the filing fee fee at the Cashier's Office in Dutton Hall. *http://healthcenter.ucdavis.edu/pdf/ship06-enroll.pdf: Continue getting medical insurance and services at the Health Center for one quarter. For 06-07, it's $633 per quarter—ouch! *http://email.ucdavis.edu/forms/files/taf.pdf: Continue to get email through your UC Davis email address for up to one year, with the option to renew. Turn in the form with a copy of your filing fee form to 182 Shields Library.

Thesis Requirements *UC Davis thesis requirements: EVERY crazy requirement, from margin size to paper type.

Graduate Commencement *http://www.gradstudies.ucdavis.edu/commencement/index.html: Get the low-down on what you need to walk in the Graduate Graduation. Redundant, I know. For more information, contact Wave Armijo at wmarmijo@ucdavis.edu or (530) 752-3762. *http://bookstore.ucdavis.edu/graduation/custom_regalia.cfm: Robes, caps, tassels, and UC Ph.D. hoods are available for use free of charge and may be ordered online through your department from the Central Storehouse. Non-UC academic hoods may be rented online through your department office from the UC Davis Bookstore. PLEASE NOTE: Delivery of purchase orders takes 8-10 weeks.

Random Postings, Rantings, etc