some of the fields on the eastern side of the park

Park Location
1405 F Street
Between 14th and Covell and between F Street and Oak Avenue
28 Acres
Community Pool
Public Skate Park
Dog Park
Fourth of July Celebration
Celebrate Davis
AYSO soccer games
Area may be subject to advanced registration - call City of Davis Community Services Department at (530) 757-5626 for information

Also located on the same block are Davis Senior High School, The Veterans Memorial Building, Davis Branch Library, North Davis Elementary, Davis Art Center

There is a bike overpass connecting the park to the North Davis greenbelt that crosses over Covell. The park features two play areas: Rainbow City and the Roundhouse. There are Tennis Courts, a skate park, many fields for soccer and a softball backstop with concrete stands. High school students ditching class come to the top of the softball stands known as The Ledge to smoke and skate. Possibly, they also visit to turn their backs in disdain at the skate park built by the man.

During the summer, the entire area is used by the Rainbow Summer summer camp, for kids grades K-6. This is also the case for many parks during the summer, including Arroyo and Slide Hill Park.

During the fall, if you wish to throw around a frisbee or play any other game you will have to find a spot in between the numerous soccer kids. Be polite and find a spot where you won't hit the kids! Although the park is large, it can be difficult (if not impossible) to find enough space to set up anything like a field. If you just want to toss with a friend or two, you'll probably be OK, but if you've got more than that, you may be out of luck. Of course, if you've got a whole team with you, you could probably challenge them to a rumble and win—chances are, most of you will be taller!

Also see Parks for info on other local parks or consult the comprehensive info for Davis parks, Maps

skate park and playground view towards the sand pit volleyballl area


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2012-11-03 01:24:34   My dad used to call that roundhouse area "Little Round Top" when dropping me off at Rainbow Summer. Sparked my interest in Civil War history, and led to many a fun time plotting how I could defend the place from the "armies" of Shade Arbor and the Solar Panels. —CecilioPadilla