Meeting Location
Davis Chinese Christian Church
Day & Time
Friday Nights @ 7:30 pm
Facebook Page
Compass Fellowship Announcements

Compass Fellowship meets regularly on Fridays at 7:30 PM. They meet at Davis Chinese Christian Church which is near Rite Aid across from U Mall. They are an English speaking fellowship, and though tends to have a significant amount of Asian Americans, it's clearly open to everyone.

The typical Friday includes singing worship songs, small group Bible Study or Discovery Group (for new Christians or people seeking to learn more), snacks that students take turns bringing (this tends to be pretty good as some people are quite good at baking or cooking) and sometimes an activity afterwards like hanging out at someone's house and playing board/card games, frying some good food, watching movies, etc. The fellowship is connected to the church. Several adults going to the church volunteer as advisers, however for the most part it is a student-run fellowship.

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2014-01-28 14:21:00   I went here quite a few years back and really like DCCC. I was a small group leader one year and not much else.

I like how they push early on for freshmen to run things themselves after a couple quarters. Formats change and I think of it as a very student-run fellowship and it's great cause it tends to give a ownership and self-discovery, which solidifies a person's faith much more, that's not to say God doesn't bring/challenge students to teach good stuff and be legit and provide resources/people to them. Consequently there can be turmoil in the process of figuring things out, but the fruits I think are rich.

I also can personally vouch for CRU (Epic and Real Life) , DCF, IV and many others, I appreciated and found people there to pray with on campus, DCCC has a prayer meeting too, but I think it's a shame not to be praying for one another or in the habit of spurring each other toward love and good deeds and prayer and faith in God through prayer. Of course make sure to reach out there and make new friends and season your speech with salt and grace. - Stephen '10 —tofucubes