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Todd James
April 2002

Here’s Why Our Clients Refuse to Trust Any Other Computer Repair and IT Services Company…

We Know Your Computer Is Important To You

We realize today the computer has become an everyday part of people’s lives. So much so, that it’s hard for someone to imagine going even one day without it. So when your computer is down we work hard to get it back up and back to you fast! In most cases 24 to 48 hrs.

We Are Meticulous

Whether your system is running slow, getting blue screens, is infected with malware or virus we will thoroughly go through your computer, find what the problem is and tell what is involved to fix it. If your problem is a virus, spyware or malware well restore your computer to the state your computer was in before you had the problem. After we get finished with your computer there will be no trace of the infection(s) left on your computer. We’ll even recommend software to use to keep the problem from happening again in the future.

We Are Efficient!

We’re able to work on several computers at a time. Why is this important? Have you called or gone into a computer repair they told you that it would be 2 weeks to get it fixed? Most people don’t want to wait 2 weeks and so we’re very efficient with our time and give every computer as much time as it needs. So whether its 3 computers, 6 computers, or 10 computers were working on, were able to work on each of them as if we were only working on one computer. So we keep it to our turnaround time from as little as 24 hours to 48 to 72 hours year round. Because we’re very efficient we don’t have a backlog of computers that haven’t been worked on yet.

We Tell You Up Front What the Cost To Fix It Is

Before we do any work on your computer we will tell you what’s wrong and the cost to fix it. If you decide to have us fix your computer then we will get right on it and tell you the day you can expect to have it back. If there are any delays then we’ll call you and tell you. Even more is that we don’t charge a diagnostic fee! So you can rest easy knowing that even if you bring in your computer to us to find out what’s wrong, you won’t pay a thing.

Even if you don’t want to bring your computer to us in person, we’ll be happy to give you an estimate over the phone. What we won’t do is quote you a real low price just to get you to bring it to us and then once you’re here start telling you, you need this and that. We don’t nickel and dime you for everything. That wouldn’t be ethical. We give you an honest price on what we think it will cost to fix your computer!

We Respect Your Privacy!

We know people have a lot of personal things they have accumulated over time on their computer like pictures, music, etc. We don’t go looking through your personal things on your computer’s hard drive. We stick strictly to finding out what’s the problem with your computer, fixing it and that’s it.

We Focus On Your Needs!

My business is focused on listening to your concerns, problems and resolving your computer problems. I listen to each and every concern you have and every problem you are having with your computer. I then go through every concern and problem you’re having one by one until you are completely satisfied.

Service The Way You Want It To Your Home, Office or Business.

When it comes to getting your computer to us you have choices. Your first choice is that we can come out to you. Most case if it is like malware, spyware or viruses we can fix it there. If it is a hardware problem we may have to take it in where we have the things we need to fix it. After it is fixed we can either drop it off to you or you can pick it up. Whatever you prefer! We are here to simplify your life and are happy to come to you.

The other choice is you can bring it to us. When you bring it to us, depending if it is a hardware problem or a software problem, you can choose to leave it with us or bring it back at a later date. For example if your computer is functioning or not, but we have to order parts to fix a problem with your computer you can hold onto your computer till the parts come in. Then we will call your to tell you the parts are in. Make an appointment for a day that you want to bring it back and we’ll have it ready for you that same day. For software related problems for clients that want to bring in their computer we would need it to be left so that we can work on your computer to fix the problem.

No Fancy Retail Location!

If you choose to bring your computer to us you may be expecting to find my business in a commercial or retail location. Don’t let this surprise you that it’s not. My business has had commercial locations here and there in Davis and for the last several years my business has been operating from where I live. Since I’ve been fixing computers for over 11 years now and have been living in Davis since 1993 I’m not planning on going anywhere soon. So if quality and fast service is more important to you then where my business is located then give me a call!

We Have Been Diagnosing and Repairing Computers for Over 11 Years.

From things like malware, viruses, spyware to broken laptop screens and keyboards to computers that just won’t power up at all. If you can think of it we’ve probably worked on that problem. We’re not going anywhere either. Because we intend to be in business at least another 10 years.

We Do More Than Just Fix Computers.

In addition to fixing computer we also upgrade them, build custom desktops, and install wired and wireless networking for your home, office or business. One of the many reason computers run slow is not enough memory. If need be, we can upgrade your computer’s memory (RAM) to a larger capacity so your computer has the fuel it needs to run all the programs and files you want to use. When your computer doesn’t have enough RAM it has to swap files back and forth to the hard drive which slows you down and causes frustration. We can upgrade your computer’s memory to bring back the performance that your computer had when it was new.

If your computer’s hard drive is running out of space and you need more, we can take your current drive and clone it onto a larger drive without having to reinstall the Operating System and then also reinstall your programs. It’s exactly as you had it before, but you have more drive space than before. These are some examples of upgrades that we do. Check out our web site for more info.

All Brands of Windows Laptop’s & PC’s Serviced

Most of the computer repair requests I get are for Windows Laptops & PC’s. Though I’ve had some Apple computers that I’ve worked on they are less than 1% of the business I do. We Have Many Satisfied Clients That Come Back To Us Time and Time Again.

It’s no accident that we have so many satisfied clients. They trust us to fix their computer problem and get it done in a timely manner. Even before someone comes to us for the first time, we know what expectations they would have. We anticipate them! It’s basically the unacknowledged expectation. So by anticipating your expectations or even exceeding them we deliver a great client experience.

30 Day 100% No-risk Money Back Guarantee.

So to back everything up we offer this guarantee. If something goes wrong during the first 30 days we will fix it at our expense including parts and labor. If, in the unlikely chance that we aren’t able to fix the problem, will give you a full refund no questions asked. What could be more fair?

Computer Depot is a computer repair shop where you can repair or upgrade your computer or even buy a new one. They appear to be operating without a business license—not particularly uncommon for computer repair businesses, but maybe noteworthy.

They were formerly located at 1703 Humboldt Avenue in the Brush Creek Apartments, just behind Westlake Plaza. They are not associated with S&S Computer Repair, which is located in Westlake Plaza proper.

They support:

  • Printers
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Upgrades
  • Toshiba laptops
  • New builds
  • Installations
  • Networks
  • Service plans
  • free service on the systems they sell
  • See the Computers and Electronics entry for businesses that sell computers, or the Computer Repair entry for help when they break.

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Beware of ordering anything from Computer Depot. Here is why: We ordered a 400GB hard drive from Computer Deport, but got a 250GB one ($139) instead, because Todd James, the owner, was not able to successfully clone our old 80GB hard drive to either of two 400GB hard drives he obtained. In the process, we lost some of our most valued software. This was in February 2007. On February 24, we purchased a 19" ViewSonic monitor from him for $235, tried it, did not like it, and returned it with his agreement. Then, in the first week of March, he recommended two 256MB RDRAMs to speed up the new 250GB hard drive. We agreed, and said that the $169 for these two RDRAMs could be subtracted from the $235 credit he owed us. On April 24, he said that the RDRAMs were back-ordered. On May 15, we asked him to give us a call when the hardware came in. On June 2, we went to his apartment (address on his web site), and followed up with email to him demanding the hardware or our money. The deadline to respond to us was June 6. He still has not responded to us as of July 1, and he still owes us $235. We have not yet contacted the authorities, and it is still an option. Do not do business with Computer Depot. —jeryan

2007-09-19 13:27:32   This is a response to this venom that this woman spews. We have been in business since April 2002. Since that time we have had many happy customers and never had something like this put on Davis Wiki until now. They wanted a to clone their 80GB Hard Drive on to a 400GB hard drive. In effect their old drive would be a mirror image, but on a 400GB drive. Unfortunately, the brand new drive that I got failed causing to almost loose all their data on their 80GB drive. Fortunately, I was able to recover the drive and get their data off it. Realizing, that they really needed their computer, their many calls about needed their computer and not make them wait 2 or more weeks to get a replacement hard drive from a RMA, I had a 250GB Hard Drive that I had and installed Windows XP on it. I spent many hours copying their data to the temporary drive and getting their e-mails reloaded onto Outlook Express and Outlook. When the 400GB replacement drive I then cloned the 250GB temporary drive onto the 400GB replacement successfully and installed it into thier Dell Dimension. Unfortunately, the 400GB experienced problems a few days after installing it. So they decided that since the 250GB drive worked well that they would take that one. Unfortunately, for their software that they purchased online that they failed in their responsibility in backing up their software and keeping the documentation like product keys. That way they could reinstall their software if their was every a problem.

Before they ordered the LCD Monitor, I offered to show them a 17" LCD Screen that I had to show them what so that they could get an idea of a bigger screen than their 15" screen would be like. I offered this because once the box was opened it would become used and I couldn't return it to my vendor. I asked them several times that they were sure that they didn't want to see the LCD monitor and they were sure they didn't need to see it. I didn't what to get stuck with it because it would be hard for me to sell and that it would be difficult for me to refund their money for the monitor. So I wanted to play it as safe as I could and would of rather not ordered the LCD monitor it at all. Well it turns out that they wanted to return it because they didn't like it. So now I have a monitor that I can't sell and I am stuck with a bill that I didn't want. After they returned it I had about 3 to 4 months of very slow business and repeatedly told them I didn't have the money right now. Finally, business picked up enough that I was able to have the money to give back to them.

Just one more thing is that I used sublet a space in the Verizon/Fix For Less on 608 3rd St. The guy that owns it, Aamit, wouldn't let me have a key to the front door and the last 8 months prior to me moving out at the end of April 2006 he showed up 1 to 2 hours late from the 10 a.m. opening time several time a week. I really got upset when I am ready to work and I find the doors are locked and then I have to wait for him to show up. I don't like this when customers want to come to my business find the doors locked and then they thank this guy is never here if they make several trys to get in. When I fact that I am waiting downtown for this guy to show up so that I can get into my business. I didn't want to get this reputation of never being their because it wasn't something that I had control over. So I had enough and moved out. About 2 months after moving out my business dropped dramatically and I really struggled. So if I would of been able to find a new location or stayed their I would of not of had these problems with this woman and would of had the money to promptly refund their money. —Todd

2009-10-08 10:04:58   Todd: It seems (based on your own statements) like you are not keeping a sufficiently large buffer to maintain your cash flow. If you have a return policy where someone has a certain amount of time to return a product, you need to keep the cash around to do that until that period expires. While I feel bad for you that you had problems with your property manager, that isn't the fault of your customer. (Whether or not you have a case with the property manager is an issue that might be worth looking into, but it's not the fault of your customer.)

On the other hand, your customer definitely should have backed up their data. It's not your fault that they didn't keep the original installation CDs or product keys.

On the other hand, you say that the failure of the new drive caused the loss of the data on the 80 GB drive. Huh? That doesn't make sense. The data should still have been there - on the original drive. They (or you) could have copied the data over from that to another drive, with the original 80 GB providing a backup of the data. —IDoNotExist

2010-04-10 17:16:17   Hi Todd! If it's no longer accurate (or never was) that Computer Depot is operating without a business license, could you provide your license number? You're not listed on the Business License Directory at http://cityofdavis.org/ed/business/search.cfm ... but that thing is constantly WAY out of date. As much as I'm opposed to the guy from Davis Computer coming here and vandalizing the Computer Depot page, if the information is true, it is definitely of interest to the community. —TomGarberson

2010-06-02 16:17:00   As of today I called and spoke to the Finance department today and have still found that the Computer Depot does not have a valid Business License. —Khanh, someone affiliated with a competitor, Davis Computer.

2010-07-17 19:14:01   I am completely satisfied with computer depot. I had first called toshiba support and they told me that my hard drive had crashed and I needed to send it in, probably looking at 135 dollars of repair. So I took my toshiba lap top to Todd and he fixed it for a menial cost of 40 dollars within 3 days. It was professional, fast, and affordable. Thank you computer depot. —djnorall

2011-08-04 14:22:31   Perhaps I'm late to the discussion, but I'm a little confused by the situation explained by jeryan and clarified by Todd. If you were cloning the 80gb hard drive, why was anything deleted off of it? Why did you have to import their emails into Outlook? Why did they have to reinstall their software? A clone is what it sounds like- an exact copy of the disk as it previously was. The operating system, all software, documents, etc. should all be exactly the way they were originally on the hard drive. The 80gb hard drive should've been untouched to serve as a reliable backup... nothing should've been deleted from it. —TimJ

2012-08-29 21:59:06   They fixed my computer today. I had a pretty nasty virus that disabled my firewall, and didn't allow me to run my anti-virus software or download a new one. All of my web searches were diverted to spam sites, and the computer had become essentially unusable. I couldn't run programs that were installed locally or ones that were on external drives. It was a real mess, but Todd fixed me right up in less than two days, and because we had received a promotional offer in the mail from him, he even did it for free! I will definitely be using his services again. Thanks Todd! —meaghan