There is a Computer Science Museum under the staircase in Kemper Hall. It should be noted that even if you can recall using all of these machines in a production environment that it doesn't necessarily mean that you too belong in a museum.


The museum includes...

  • An Imsai 8080
  • A TRS-80
  • A NeXTcube
  • An original Macintosh
  • An Apple II
  • A Commodore PET
  • An Altair 8800
  • An Osborne
  • Some old core memory
  • A chorded keyboard
  • Some foreign language keyboards
  • OLPC
  • Remington typewriter
  • A bunch of portables


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2009-06-01 23:01:19   Can someone can take an updated picture? There are way more machines than it is seen in this picture. Also, there's more machines in the back. —SebastianNg