1715 Anderson Road (across from Anderson Plaza)
Torah study Sat 9:00AM
Shabbat morning service Sat 10:00AM
see their calendar
(530) 758-0842
(530) 758-2310
Rabbi Wolfe

Congregation Bet Haverim ("House of Friends") is a reform Jewish Synagogue in Davis.

Open to all (no one turned away for financial reasons), the congregation offers religious services, social and cultural events and education. It is also home to the Gan Haverim preschool. Students are welcome along with all members of the community, and CBH (as it is affectionately known) sometimes co-programs with the UCD Hillel.

CBH moved to its current location in 2004 when University Covenant Church moved to their current larger home. CBH's former location on Oak Avenue is now part of the Our Faith Lutheran Church. The name is Hebrew: בית חברים. For those who can't read Hebrew, Bet Haverim should be pronounced [bejt xAvajr\im] (transcribed according to the X-SAMPA system). Because this name is transliterated from another alphabet, Bet could also be spelled Beth, and Haverim could be spelled Chaverim, but the above spelling is what the congregation has selected. The name means "House of Friends" implying the welcoming, inclusive character it wants to offer, and its origins as a gathering of Jewish friends before a congregation was formally started.


Israeli folk dancing is held in the Bet Haverim social hall on the third Wednesday evening of each month from 7 to 9pm. Dancing is open to the public.

Spiritual Roommates

The location is also home to some other spiritual groups, including Christ Church of Davis. The Center for Spiritual Living, Davis has moved.


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I would just say that the H should be pronounced like the ch in "Bach", but Americans tend to pronounce that wrong too. The sound doesn't exist in English.— KenBloom