Red, White and Blue logo used by the Davis College Republicans to promote the Nation's First Conservative Coming Out Day

On October 21, 2003, during UC Davis Gay Pride Week, the Davis College Republicans decided to come out as conservatives. This was the creation of DCR members Jon Otero and Michael Dugas. They felt that conservatives were a repressed minority on college campuses and that this date would be a good time to come out of the conservative closet. Unfortunately, this date was coincidentally located during Gay Pride Week, and accordingly to a key DCR member at the time, they had overlooked this fact when choosing the date of the event. DCR would have chosen a different date had they been aware of Gay Pride Week occurring when it did1.

The event held on the quad during lunch hour was met with hordes of protesters from several communities. The LGBTRC had several signs; some read "Conservatives molest our children," and another had a picture of Hitler that read "Conservative like me." Dan Masiel, Gonzalo Eyzaguirre, Will Kaufman, and Claire Bolding created the Nuclear Phallus on Neo-Conservative Justice (a seven foot tall red white and blue penis with a nuclear warhead) specifically for this joyous celebration of crass patriarchy. The Ku Klux Klown was out in full force burning flags and hopping on his po-go stick.

Months later The Daily Show on Comedy Central had a segment on the ridiculousness of the event. UCD students George Andrews of the DCR and Aldrich Tan of the LGBTRC were featured in the segment. Due to the widespread media that this “tongue-in-cheek” event created, other College Republican/Conservative Clubs around the United States held similar rallies to “come out” as conservatives. UC Davis can proudly say that it was the pioneer in conservative coming-out epidemic.

Here's a pic of the Phallus and Dan. Unfortunately, it's black and white, so you can't see the glorious, syphillitic, red and white striping on the shaft, the magnificently starry blue-ball, or the bright yellow, radioactive war-head...


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Any Cons. Coming Out Days since '03 here?JosephBleckman

2006-06-09 20:22:09   I was there for that event, and let me tell you, nothing will beat being there viewing the craziness that was Conservative Coming Out day. They should do another one to create more excitement for the campus. —PaulAmnuaypayoat


1. Per a conversation between Paul Amnuaypayoat and George Andrews after the event.