Summertime, and the livin's easy

meltin in Davis in hundred degree heat
all the people are hiding with air conditioning
oh god please help me

While Summer in Davis has a large list of pros and cons, no one can argue the extreme heat. too hot >.< Free Air Conditioning. Tips for Surviving the Oppressive Heat of Summertime in Davis canniabilize from there for here too?

Energy use goes up a ton in the state and across the nation. A constant fear is blackouts. Making this page today because I took a peak at the system status of California's energy use. Today it's predicted to almost go up to the max line - ouch.

Maybe lots of tips on this page about how to save evergy? Some tips on how to survive the heat in your apartment or home with efficient use of electricity which can be taken from those other pages.

And many tips on what not to do (like try not to use big appliances like laundry machines before 7pm, go for early morning or late evening). It doesn't have to be summer specific, but it seems like that's when it'd be most relevant as energy use is huge.

As Davis is such a green city anyway, figure a page like this would fit anyway. Go get energy efficient lighting! Cheap too. contact YEEP. Insulate windows or doors or etc.