2736 Brentwood Place
General Information
Judy Moores - 530-756-4639
10-10-10 Event Information
Lynne Nittler - 530-756-8110
Judy Moores - President
Lynne Nittler - Secretary
Allen Pryor - Treasurer
John Mott-Smith
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The Cool Davis Foundation is an independent, 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed to support the City of Davis in implementing its Cool Davis Initiative and the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan approved by the City of Davis.


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2010-08-17 18:13:59   why not focus your efforts on regulating the trucking industry? They put out much more carbon per year than Davis can, and even getting change thru legislation would have a bigger effect, on a larger area.

Not to be apathetic or anything —StevenDaubert