Corrupt Execution is a destructionxcore/grindxcore band made up of high school students Alex Norris and John Dudek and rotating members filling various other positions in the band. The group is now defunct, after Norris left the band due to extreme laziness. One show was canceled and the band never had time to release any proper music, though their bootleg album "Live at the 703 House" is available through contact with John and contains five live songs and a couple bonus unreleased demo tracks. They have played one show at the 703 House, which is Radish's new house, with Prison Shank and Living in Disguise, and a show at On The Y, with The Naders, Planetary Ruin, and HoboKnife.

John Dudek - Vocals/Guitar

Alex Norris - Vocals

Andreas Ruiz - Guitar

Nate Cosio (ex All Catatonic and Like...) - Drums

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