Places to Find Costumes (during the Halloween season only unless otherwise noted)

  • Rite Aid - A very small selection, also sells supplies like costume make up and accessories.
  • Target - Target has a Halloween section and some costumes and decor.
  • Theatre Department has costume rentals on the UC Davis campus.
  • Thrift Stores usually offer at least a small selection. Goodwill has a huge selection and is practically a Halloween store on its own.


Making Costumes

For simple sewing supplies, such as needle, thread, seam ripper, tomato pin cushions, and pins, Rite Aid has a good supply. The Dollar Tree sells cheap packages of needles and pins, but the needles break easily. The new Target has great supplies too, including magical fabric glue and even sells sewing machines.

Not having to make a costume from scratch is easier and less time consuming. Thrift Stores, such as All Things Right And Relevant and SPCA Thrift Store, have cheap clothing. The Woodland Wal-Mart (which is cheaper, but has less selection) and JoAnn Fabric also have good selections for fabric and crafts. The demands of advanced costuming can require a good deal of creativity. For example, using innovative materials such as shelf liner or automotive floor mats.

There are a lot of art stores and miscellaneous supply stores like ACE Hardware to help make props. A Better Place to Bead may help you make accessories, although JoAnn's is generally cheaper if you can get there.

Creative Costume Ideas

  • Oompah Loompah: Most effective for two or more individuals
  • Hurricane Katrina: Dress completely in black and stick Hot Wheels, airline bottles, etc. all over your body
  • Toga: always a classic
  • Cosplay: Dress as your favorite character from a TV series, video game, computer game, band, manga, or anime.