M&M Salvage is one of the few businesses located just off CR102.

As Pole Line Road runs north from Davis its name changes to County Road 102 . 102 then continues on northwards towards Woodland and beyond. As it goes through Woodland, it has on ramps to Interstate 5. It ends 9 miles north of Woodland at Knights Landing where it merges into 113. 102, then, is an alternative to 113 for getting from Davis to Woodland, and the shortest route to get to destinations in Sutter County such as Yuba City. 102 crosses Cache Creek about 4 miles north of I-5.

Just as Interstate 80 serves as a streamlined corridor for Davis shoppers to spend their money in Dixon and Vacaville, 102 is rapidly following the same model, making it easy for Davis shoppers to shuttle their money north to Woodland's Costco and Target.

UC Davis Aerodesign teams over the last several years have used Mavis Henson Field just south of I-5 to practice flying before competition.

County Road 102 is a part of the Yolo County Roads system and is a great way to see some of Davis' outskirts.

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2006-12-25 18:43:45   People often take their dogs to walk along the slough near the intersection of Roads 102 and 29 —DukeMcAdow

2006-12-25 18:46:43   Road 102 is flat, straight and wider than most Yolo county roads, so watch your speed....it's patrolled regularly and I know plenty of people who've been ticketed. —DukeMcAdow

2007-02-13 13:32:32   It also has a CHP station near five, so the amount of patrol cars is increased by that. Oh and YCJ is pretty close and thats where the Sheriff stages from —StevenDaubert

2008-09-09 22:29:06   Looks like Road 102 has received some new asphalt north of the Davis city limit. It looks like it may have been widened a bit there, too. —DukeMcAdow

  • Yes, it has received new asphalt. They made it a whole lot bumpier (a very thin layer of asphalt over gravel), and it's a pain and a half to bike now. Funny detail: If you look on the west side of the road near the solar panels, you'll see a little painted yellow silhouette of a bunny. This is where an actual bunny got paved into the road. —JessicaLuedtke
    • Paved in asphalt and rabbit pelts? [[PhotoRequest!]]