County road 98 runs north/south through the outskirts just west of Davis — north of Putah Creek it's called County Road 98, south its called Pedrick Road. Well north of Davis, County Road 98 demarcates the western boundary of the city of Woodland. It ends just north of Woodland as it runs into Interstate 5. Closer to Davis, the road intersects with W. Covell Blvd., Russell Blvd., and Hutchison Drive.

Road 98 between Road 31 (Covell) and Woodland was closed in early August 2013 for major construction, until Spring 2014, as reported in the Davis Enterprise. Access to local addresses in the construction zone is being maintained, e.g. take Road 29 to reach Plainfield Station.

Places on County Road 98:

Places on Pedrick Road:

Bridge over Putah Creek, somewhere on County Road 98