1850 East 8th Street
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(530) 756-1800
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Payment Method
(Medicare and Medi-Cal)

A skilled nursing facility with 124 beds. The least expensive facility in Davis.

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2008-04-10 11:09:17   I would not recommend this facility to any who cares about their elderly family members and friends. My grandmother "was" in this facility. I went to visit her and caught the nursing assistant flushing my grandmothers food down the toilet. Come to find out, she had been done this for quiet some time, then writing it down that my grandmother had finished eating all her food. I couldn't believe this!! They do not take proper care of their patients. My grandmother was always soiled from lack of them changing and bathing her. PLEASE, look into a different facility. Management does not monitor the care being given to the elderly, or does not care.


2011-12-03 23:34:46   They have since changed owners and DO NOT act that way anymore. I have friends' relatives there that we visit often and the staff is really nice, they do a lot of rehab for the patients, and bingo. :) It is inexpensive and you can also pay privately, and hospice. —Mogitha