The Davis Covell Greenbelt is a beautiful system of parkway that weaves through the neighborhoods of North Davis, CA. Much of the greenbelt resembles a golf course fairway so there are naturally endless options for creating holes for disc golf. The Covell Greenbelt Disc Golf Course was designed by a couple of greenbelt locals who wanted to create another way to enjoy this beautiful area of Davis. Much like the UCD Frisbee Golf Course , this course uses existing landmarks such as lamps, benches, trees, hills, and trash cans for its hole creation. The majority of the holes end with bike path lamps to create the option of playing the course at night (though using a light colored disc and wearing a head lamp is recommended). The best time to play the course is weekdays during normal business hours as this is when the greenbelt will be most empty. With all the holes linked with bike paths, this course is perfect for using your bike as a 'golf cart'. Check it out and go enjoy the greenbelt !

The course guide can be downloaded at the link below:

Covell Greenbelt Disc Golf Course Guide.pdf


"Disc Golf" is hard to say, the "c and the "g" butt up against each other too close for comfortable utterance. Almost as hard as saying "East Street." Or "Shuz." (rhymes with "buzz" or "ooze"?) Why not call it "Frisbee Golf," a much happier sounding appellation. Besides "Disc Golf" sounds more like a bureaucrat or marketeer coined it, whereas "Frisbee Golf"? I can imagine a kid just making it up for a game he just invented. —SolidSender

  • The "sport" term for it is a "flying disc", not a "frisbee". Frisbee is the brand name of the Wham-O produced flying disc, plus the people who are hard core into disc sports use different, higher quality flying discs. It's a bit like asking why it's called a Hamburger rather than just a McDonald's sandwich. The most popular and well known brand may be Frisbee, but it's still one company's brand. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards, who prefers armored sports.