Tricycle dog.

There are 3 dog sculptures along the Covell Greenbelt. The middle one is configured with a water nozzle that will spray a stream of water out when you touch a foot button near the dog. In theory you could give your dog a drink with it. Or get yourself wet if you're standing in the wrong place.

I was bicycling along the covell greenbelt a few weeks ago when I noticed these odd new additions to a section of the path. I know that my pictures are not that great so if someone can take better pictures of these statues, that would be awesome. I don't know why they were commissioned or who designed them. JC

They are, as are most works of dogs behaving like humans, thouroughly creepy.


Sprinkler dog.

Photo by JenniferChu

Photo by JenniferChu

Whiskers Lion on Davis Greenbelt dog by CO

Whiskers Lion on Davis Greenbelt dog by CO