Crafts refers generally to the process making things by hand. Davis is home to a variety of crafts and has a number of resources for people looking to learn a craft, get supplies, or meet like-minded people.

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Getting Involved

Davis has a number of crafting groups and classes. If you know of ones not listed here, please add them!


There are people out there making crafts with virtually every material under the sun, from lumber to macaroni to scrapped car parts. For some of the more typical tools and supplies, however, you might want to check out the following:

  • A Better Place to Bead - beads and jewelry supplies
  • ACE Hardware - between their various stores they have a wide variety of materials and tools
  • Hibbert Lumber - for all your lumbery needs
  • Farmers Market - vendors sell yarn and possibly other supplies
  • Target - not specialized by any means, but they might have some basics
  • Thrift Stores - a good place to look for more unusual supplies
  • Options outside Davis
    • Michaels, in Woodland, located in the complex with Best Buy and Costco. They have a much greater variety of craft supplies than anywhere in Davis.

Local Crafters

If you're looking for finished crafts, and possibly some crafting activities to participate in yourself, options include:

  • Farmers Market - Soaps, cheeses, jewelry, and sometimes some textiles
  • Square Tomatoes Craft Fair - A monthly event in downtown Davis
  • Harvest Festival
  • Target - The hands that made them are probably those of impoverished children somewhere in Asia, but some of the stuff is probably hand-made... right?
  • Whole Earth Festival - holy craftsalot, Batman!

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