Memorial Union Room 336

Creative Media is a web and graphic design firm based at the University of California, Davis. Its mission is to help students and businesses with their publicity and communication needs through low-cost and memorable websites, eye-catching print materials, and creative marketing strategies. The Graphics office is located on the third floor of the Memorial Union next to the north elevator. The rest of Creative Media is down the hall.

This UCD program receives ASUCD subsidies.


Creative Media manages websites for:

Creative Media also handles:

  • Everything for AGTV
  • Calculating results for ASUCD Elections
  • Designing logos, fliers, posters, T-shirts, buttons, signs, banners, and print publications for ASUCD units and a select few outside organizations.

Current Staff

  • Director: Alex Park — the man on top; a career employee
  • The A Team (AKA Programmers): William Keller, Rory Trent, Cyrus Ghaffari, Charlie Le, Dhrubajyoti Das, Cameron Cairns and Joshua Basch.


Creative Media was the combination of two different former units of ASUCD: Network Services (name?) and AS Graphics. Thus it combined the normal IT department with the group that designed ASUCD's publications and publicity, and put under a staff director (Alex Park). The unit used to be called Media Link, but was renamed to Creative Media a few years ago. (Despite the name, it's still not considered a "media unit" in the ASUCD Bylaws.)

Due to the lack of checks or balances on the unit, Jonathon Leathers called for an audit of Creative Media during his winter 2005 senate campaign. Ballsy. He did not win a seat on senate, and the audit did not occur. AGTV spent some time under the journalistic microscope in winter 2005 after the ASUCD Senate passed a bill that would drop $33,000 on Apple G5 computers and plasma-screen monitors for AGTV. CM never actually spent the money, and ended up buying cheaper screens (~$11,000) from another Senate Bill.

Creative Media and the Student Government Administrative Office were the subject of an ASUCD Court complaint filed in March of 2004. The complaint alleged Creative Media and SGAO failed to update the ASUCD Website with documents. However, it's not actually Creative Media's responsibility, it's SGAO's responsibility to keep student government up-to-date.

Controller Paul Harms found an unused $8,000 line item in the Creative Media budget that past controllers had forgotten to remove. This sort of small problem is typical in ASUCD's finances and should not be considered a reflection on the Unit Director.


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