All are welcome

Corner of 8th and B Street (Davis Lutheran Church fellowship hall)
Worship: Sunday Mornings 10:00AM July 18 and August 22
All are welcome to come by for some music and fellowship

Alternative worship & music and young adult fellowship

Jazz, Blues, Hymns and Rock n Roll

Crossings Alternative Worship is an alternative Christian service. One of Davis' many Spiritual Organizations and a part of the Emerging Church movement, Crossings is a deliberately experimental service, focusing on God's love for us every day.

Music: Music is an integral part of the service, and the Crossings Band plays everything from traditional hymns and country-gospel to modern Christian rock tunes. Some of their songs are available for free download on their website.

Gatherings: Worship time during the summer is Sunday Mornings at 10:00 am at Davis Lutheran Church. Davis Lutheran Church is located on the corner of 8th and B streets, the parking lot entrance is located off 8th street. Crossings is deliberately shorter than many worship services (about 45 minutes), making it convenient for people with busy lifestyles such as young families and college students. There is also a young adult fellowship that supports and plans activities.

Services like Crossings utilize ancient to twenty-first century spiritual customs to create a unique worship experience. Songs range from those written in the middle ages, to throwbacks to the mid 1900s, to those written this year. Candles, incense, pillows, and other sensory objects are often used to enhance spiritual communion.

Other Community Activities

Exploring Faith Members of the Crossings young adult fellowship do a lot of other things together. Here's what we are up to these days.

"Dinner and A Scripture:" With a bobblehead Jesus as our host, we get together to explore faith, the bible, religion and life on Monday nights @ 7:00 in the Davis Lutheran Church youth room. Come on over and join in the conversation. All are welcome.

Prayer and Meditation

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On June 11th this band played live on Nexus Stage (DCTV, channel 15) and they completely blew me away. When Cliff Gamble (the producer) books bands it is rare that they play for the entire two hour show but the Crossings Band came prepared and energized to wow the small audience that formed in the studio. Ever since I started crewing on Nexus Stage last year, we have had very few bands that make me so happy. I especially loved the variety of songs from different genres and I hope they return to Nexus Stage in the near future. If anyone from the band reads this, I just want to thank you for performing a great show. I know this is the wrong reason to attend one of your gatherings but I would totally go just to hear you play. - Jennifer Chu

~Thanks Jennifer! I just noticed the comment. We definitely plan to do Nexus Stage again! - Janelle