The “Crying Girl" (aka: Jill Johnson) as confirmed below by various users. The photographer states she hurled the chunk of concrete in her hand at him right after he took this photo. If you've been scammed by her too, let us know.

Jillian Johnson a.k.a. Crying Girl has a bench warrant out for failure to appear. If you see her, call the police. The case is FCR266269 in Solano County.

The "crying girl" is a particularly prolific and notorious scammer who has been victimizing people in Davis. She is described as a normal to slightly overweight Caucasian girl in her mid to late teens, with blond (dyed) hair wearing heavy, tear-smeared make-up. She frequents the downtown area and near grocery stores, clutching a train schedule and approaching people with one of two stories. She alternates between a story involving her mother stranding her in Davis and another involving her boyfriend dumping her and then stranding her in Davis. She will quite frequently cry during these stories to lend legitimacy. The amount requested for "train tickets" will generally be around $40 dollars, give or take a few dollars, also to lend legitimacy. Reportedly, she has also begun telling people a new story wherein she purports to be homeless. She has been known be become aggressive when people make her mad, and confrontations with her should be avoided.

Sightings: Downtown corners; shopping plazas (outside Nugget Market, Co-op, both Safeways, U-Mall, Save Mart, Target, the Dixon Walmart, etc.)

Seen: November 2009 (?) – Present

Follow-up information

The Crying Girl and two of her accomplices as shown on her brother's myspace page

A wealth of information about her has been uncovered since reports of her first appeared on Daviswiki in March 2010. People claiming to have known her personally identified her as, 20 year old, Jillian "Jill" Johnson of Vacaville. A myspace photo gallery showing her name along with pictures (one of which is included below) was uncovered, (the gallery has since been set to private). Wiki users who had encountered her in person verified her identity in those photos. Other witnesses also reported a number of accomplices that she works with, two of whom have been ID'd in the myspace photo. One accomplice was identified by name, Caleb Holcomb, and is purported to be her boyfriend. The name of the second accomplice is currently not known, but a clear image of him appears in the myspace photo as well. Additional female accomplices have been reported, but not currently identified. These people typically wait in a car while she runs her scam, and when she gets into trouble, they either jump out as backup, or drive in and pick her up. Two vehicles have been cited as getaway cars, a black Chevy Tahoe with a plate number of 4GDY921 along with a red Toyota. A comment was also posted to a Davis Voice article by a person claiming to be her, stating that she was an actress/model. A Facebook account (no longer active) was later found, again showing her name, and included a profile picture of her from an unknown beauty pageant holding trophies. Many witnesses again, claimed that the girl in the photo was, in fact, the crying girl.

For Your Safety: If you see her roping someone in, be careful when warning the victims away. She has been known to follow whistleblowers for blocks, threatening and shouting at them. You may have a piece of concrete hurled your way if you try to take a picture of her (see below).

Everyone who has had an interaction with her should file a police report using this form (pdf). They don't need to catch her in the act, they just need reports and witnesses of the crimes to arrest her and have her convicted. So take a few minutes to report her if she conned you.

Scam Alert Flyer: If you want to help alert the community, there is a handy flyer (pdf) available for you to download and print.

Media Coverage

Social Networking Accounts

For some background on how this all got discovered and sorted out, check out the discussion page.

  • Her MySpace (her brother's MySpace album is now private). While these people closely resemble the person in question, and while they also show activities that comments attributed to the person in question bragged about, it is important to note that no action should be taken against the owners of these profiles. They should remain here only for informational purposes and to assist in further investigation by both the police and davis-wikians, but not as a tool to cause mayhem, to spread libel or slander, or to harass.
  • Unverified- This could be her facebook page1. (Note: This facebook account was listed under the name Jill Johnson up until June 9, 2010, a week after this link was posted to Daviswiki. Since then, the account has been listed under various different names.)
    • Facebook page has been deactivated (9/11/10)
  • Please please please do not try to contact her or her family through Facebook or Myspace. They are definitely her profiles, but it won't do any good to try to contact her this way. You could get in trouble for harassment if you don't choose the right words, and she could potentially retaliate against you. I learned from someone who knows this girl that her family is already well-aware of the situation and gets several emails each day about it. They do not talk to her, and they are very upset by the whole thing. No need to upset that family any more than they already are. -StephanieRobinson


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2010-03-22 06:04:33   So it would appear that I've talked to this girl... She said she was from San Diego and her mother stranded her, she needed 37 bucks for an amtrak ticket, but she already had the ticket slip which meant that she rode the train one way already. I was at an ATM at the time so I found it weird, things weren't adding up. She had just gotten off the phone and was crying as well. Funny now I see a page, Daubert

2010-03-22 07:00:55   Tried to hit me up on the corner of 3rd and F. Had a female partner with her trying to get $35.00 for train fare to San Diego saying she had just recently been kicked out her home by her live-in Boyfriend. Sad really that this is somehow becoming a lifestyle for her and that she has somehow convinced her friend to help her do it now. Hair was reddish Blonde and her friend was brunette. Both appear to be aroun16 or 17 years old. —WesOne

Yeah she had reddish blonde hair when I saw her, it was also around 3rd and F. —Daubert

2010-03-22 16:50:18   Oh No! I was at University Mall Bank of America ATM I think last month and was scammed $5 by this girl!!! She was crying (real tears I thought I saw) that "she and her boyfriend had a huge fight", she was chased out of the apartment and she needed $35 for a motel stay. I was with my kids so I didn't bother to offer any help beside the $5 :( Thanks so much for this page - this needs to go into the Enterprise and reported to the police!! —LeeY

2010-03-22 17:17:46   If one of you guys could post a better description, I would appreciate it. I only saw her once or twice in the dark. —EdwardNiemand

  • The description "dark haired girl, dyed hair reddish blond, heavy, tear-smeared make-up, aged approximately 16 to 20" above was very accurate, I recognized her immediately. Also add "smoky eye makeup" and somewhat skimpy (not too skimpy) clothing.

2010-03-22 22:46:56   She is targeting parents with kids too with her sob stories, yes - got another report from friend :( —LeeY

2010-05-17 05:30:55   So last thursday, May 13, I was stopped by someone fitting this description. She had bleached hair, lots of mascara and the same story (the one about being stranded by her mom). She was also holding a train schedule. I managed to get a picture. (She didn't like that at all. Notice the chunk of concrete in her hand? It was thrown at me a second later.) Wanted to see if this is the same girl others have been stopped by. I don't want to accuse her, but the experience was a little too similar to what I'd read on here. —JamesMadden

  • Concrete snowball fight, sounds fun. Do you recall where this took place? —EBT
    • It was at the Safeway in South Davis. — JamesMadden
    • Wow, that sounds...sort of like assault, to me. —JoePomidor

2010-05-17 06:34:43   Yeah, I ran into the Crying Girl in front of G Street Pub a few months ago. I directed her towards the Davis Cold Weather Shelter, since it was dark, and I knew that odds were slim on her getting a train out of town that late. —Flynn

2010-05-17 18:01:08   i've seen "the crying girl" on multiple occasions at the marketplace in west davis. i called the cops on her and she ran away. i can positively identify her in the picture of her. that is most definitely her. —cjoe

2010-05-18 04:31:00   That picture is definitely the Crying Girl. I've seen her in South Davis a a little more than a half dozen times starting around Novemeber and ending around February, though apparently she's showing back up. She doesn't work alone by the way, she usually has a car waiting for her, with a male driver. —TonyAhr

That level of preparedness is pretty telling about how serious this thing is, isn't it? —ebt

2010-05-18 14:41:08   I can confirm that girl in the picture is the crying girl. She conned me and my fiancee last Friday in the parking lot by fex-ex/kinkos. —ChrisDietrich

2010-05-18 17:11:21   This is the crying girl. She tried to get me to give her money in the Save Mart parking lot and when I refused she got into a big black tahoe/suburban with a guy. She was not very convincing, her bus schedule was way to old for her to actually be trying to get a current train. I hope something can be done about her, she is ridiculous and should feel horrible about what she is doing. Will the Aggie do an article about her to spread the word? —gilmore518

2010-05-18 17:18:23   she approached my girlfriend and I outside North Davis Safeway a few months ago. Glad we didn't buy the story. —patrick82

  • Yep, same with me. She made a point of asking both my boyfriend and me individually if we had any money we could give her. I found it a little suspect at the time. —JenniferCook

2010-05-18 18:22:11   I'm really surprised the DPD hasn't seemed to be involved. Sounds like this girl is a public nuisance. —jsbmeb

2010-05-18 21:32:47   Thanks for the responses people. To TonyAhr's questions on my user page, that photo was taken toward the north end of the Safeway parking lot. The time of night was about 10pm. Hopefully there's a security tape of her. She was stopping a lot of people out there. A few people have also mentioned a black or dark colored truck and a male companion. I think I actually encountered him too. In fact the truck can be seen in the background, (unfortunately it's somewhat obscured). As I was taking that picture a guy jumped out and began making threats to me. Figured he was just taking the side of a random girl. I didn't want to stir up a fight so I split as soon as I got the picture. All this could have been coincidence, but now it makes me wonder a little bit. Maybe someone can get another picture. :) As far as the Davis Police Department goes, I would love to see them get caught. Unfortunately, I think the police need to catch her in the act. In the meantime, this will hopefully get people on alert. Calling the police is definitely a very good idea if you spot her running this scam. If the police physically see her doing it, they would have a good case. —JamesMadden

  • Now that you point it out, yeah, I see the truck. Too bad the license plate isn't clearer.
    • The license portion of the photo doesn't contain enough information to extract the plate letters. But it does appear to have a yellow registration sticker on the top right. (Yeah, that should really narrow it down. ;-) ) —IDoNotExist
  • I saw the truck when she got me...the dude was trying to pull all the way through a space to the other side (where we were trying to park). He was wearing a red shirt and a red hat. He was very apologetic when he realized he was pulling through to where we were parking. —ChrisDietrich
  • JamesMadden, I gotta thank you again for risking life and limb and getting that awesome picture of her in our parking lot. I posted a facebook note about her, "Crying Girl Con Artist in Davis" with that picture and linked it to a bunch of my Davis friends' walls, so that picture is spreading fast. The more people that recognize her, the better. —TonyAhr

2010-05-19 07:53:37   By request, I have just uploaded the original file. WilliamLewis was correct about the original file size being bigger. Unfortunately, I had cropped down that photo to get a better view of the crying girl. I also resampled a bit to reduce the file size, but it didn’t change the resolution around the license plate too much. However, the original file is up and maybe people can find it useful. I should also add that I can’t confirm that the guy had any relationship with the girl. Maybe if they can be seen showing up together on a security tape, we could have some more solid evidence, but at this point the guy could have been coincidental. William was also correct about the timestamp. I did set a time on my camera at some point, so the 10:22 pm should be about right. I also wanted to make a clarification to Tony about the location. This was in the north end of the parking lot between Rite Aid and Yolo Credit Union, not the area around House of Chang or Round Table. Tony, I also liked that you posted to facebook, I think that’s a great idea! —JamesMadden


Click image to see the full resolution original.


2010-05-20 02:11:01   Pump the brakes here internet detectives, John Neves (and by extension DPD) are more than aware of our crying girl! Her name is Amber, and she has been stopped by him and warned if this persists she will be arrested. Both license plates of both involved vehicles have been recorded, one is the dark Chevy with male, the other is red Toyota with female. If you have any further contact with crying girl / Amber please contact DPD post haste. If you were bilked please fill out the PDF that is linked on this page. Thank you for your time Daubert

2010-05-19 23:56:52   I have walked into the stranded neighbor twice, and have been trying to bring her down! The first time I gave her some money and then realized I had an unused Amtrak ticket in my wallet so offered her that instead which was worth a lot more (they can be exchanged for credit on another journey). She told me they wouldn't accept it, which isn't true at all which is when I realized her story did not seem truthful. I asked her what time her train left and told her it was too late for that line and that she was wrong. I took everything I gave her back and walked away and she abused me. The next time I saw her before she even opened her mouth I told her to go away. She is a scam-artist through and through. Since then I have hoped to encounter her again and take a picture - well done to whoever did. Her MO is to target young men for obvious reasons. —thomwoodroofe

2010-05-21 00:10:49   Wow. I don't think this girl knows about daviswiki. I actually ran into her again tonight! I saw her standing in the Kinko's parking lot this time. I was so dumbfounded, I parked my car, and she actually approached me again! I tried to take another picture and this time she opened my car door and tried to grab my camera. I had a tripod with me and she backed off when I grabbed it, but she got on her phone and called her friends. The nice guys at Kinko's were very helpful and were quickly on the phone to the police at this point.

Two guys ran up shortly after. One was white with dark hair and had a short, thin goatee. He maybe 5'-6", wore a red baseball cap and baggy clothes. He had a spray canister that he said was mace. Tried to spray me with it but it was either deodorant or cologne. The other guy was taller, maybe 5'-9", was either white or hispanic, and had dark curly hair under a green baseball cap. He wore baggy clothes as well. I could definitely identify them again. They both made a lot of threats but didn't want to go near Kinko's where there were witnesses. The crying girl (at least I think it was her, as she'd disappeared by this time) had grabbed the same black Chevy, which the two guys jumped into before driving off. Who ever said is was a Tahoe or Sububan was correct. Its an SUV type Chevrolet. Unfortunately I couldn't get the plate number or pictures.

An officer came up shortly after and I filed a proper police report. He was very helpful and said the police department were well aware of her. Apparently the district attorney is putting together a case against them as well. He said calling the police was the best bet if people she her again. He also mentioned that they are turning up in Natomas and Vacaville too, and said he thought they were from out of town. The pictures I got tonight didn't turn out so I have nothing to post on that end. I wish I did! She is still working the City of Davis however, so please keep your eyes out. —JamesMadden

2010-05-23 17:24:20   I've been had! i gave her 20 dollars! Definitely going to file a police report. What a jerk! —christinag

2010-05-24 09:39:04   Well, after thoroughly checking the tapes from Thursday 5/13, I can safely say that the cement toss is not on tape, it occured too far out of range of the cameras. She was back again tonight though. I was in the checkstand and a customer was getting cash back and just happened to mention that there was a girl outside who needed it for a train ticket. After I warned him about her scheme, I relieved myself from the checkstand and called Davis PD but she was gone by the time they got there. The officer mentioned that they have been recieving a lot of calls regarding her.

I checked the tapes shortly afterward and she's on it. Her apperence was slightly different as she had her hair in pigtails, but it was very clear on the tape that it was her, and also clear what she was doing. The tape catches her approaching 3 different shoppers as they exited their cars to run her scam. Her male accomplice parked himself near one of our cameras too, so I was able to get a descent look at him. The guy looks like he's about the same age as her, late teens to 20 years old, hispanic, medium height and was hearing a dark hoodie over a dark baseball cap and was holding a cell phone. It was quite clear on the tape that he was providing lookout.

So basically, stay vigilant because she's still around and probably not going anywhere until she's caught. —TonyAhr

2010-05-24 23:00:40   Ok, these guys are just plain dumb. You don't even have to look for them. Just show up at the South Davis Safeway after ten! Sure glad I'm a late night shopper. I watched them get out of their car and hit up some more innocent victims while I took a plate number. 4GDY921 —JamesMadden

  • Good job, James! Did you pass the plate number on to the police? —IDoNotExist

  • It won't last long (this page will be indexed soon), but that plate number has zero hits on Google. -jw

  • I got a hit. California Smog Check database IDs the car as a 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe with 4-doors. —HarrisonM

2010-05-25 18:01:39   UGHH!!!! this girl completely scammed me and my boyfriend back in May. She said she was kicked out of her boyfriends house and needed money for the train to San Diego. I believed but had had some skepticism in what she was saying but i figured it was the truth. So i gave her $40 and shook her hand and made her promise that she was using the money for that reason and that she wouldnt ask anyoneelse for money and be on that train in the morning. So much for thinking people could be honest! how can she look someone in the eye and lie to them and then repeated ly use this scam on other people! NO conscience! Well i defineately hope she gets caught and i WILL be filing a police report! —tleann

2010-05-25 19:23:52   Crying girl is almost certainly well into the grand theft range under California Penal Code sections 484 and 487. "Every person who ... shall knowingly and designedly, by any false or fraudulent representation or pretense, defraud any other person of money, labor or real or personal property ... is guilty of theft." CPC section 484. The threshold for grand theft under 487 is $400 aggregate value. As grand theft is a felony, an officer of the law can arrest her (with probable cause) even if he has not witnessed her performing the act. In other words, if enough folks come forward and state that they've been screwed out of over $400 total with sufficient corroborating detail for probable cause, she can be arrested and charged.

C'mon, DPD! Investigate and act. —TomGarberson

2010-05-27 02:23:04   This was posted on The Davis Voice comments section by someone purporting to be "Crying Girl":

yah ive been stopped by the cops three times and walked away. i bought my truck for $4500 a 2 bedroom house! 
THANX EVERYBODY for being so generous with the GREAT amount of money you have given me thanks again because
im going to hawaii in 2 weeks also for an acting job. i saved up $12,538 not including my truck or trip! thanx guys love ya
and lol thanx for making me FAMOUS!!! HA HA
look for me on the movies soon because you guys doing this showed my entertainment agency just how really great i am
and i have 3 jobs lined up including one in HAWAII! this was all part of my project for my agency to see how great i can
act and u citizens definetly paid for my beautiful portfolio!
p.s camera man we kno where u rest yur head good luck

2010-05-26 19:58:49   My wish is that the DPD does a quick undercover thing to get Amber and the 2 guys she works with. They could stakeout a parking lot that they're in, get approached by Amber, take her down while other plain clothes officers get the 2 guys before they can drive off. —jsbmeb

2010-05-29 23:22:16   The Crying Girl has approached me twice in the parking lot of the Fairfield/Green Valley Safeway. Once around 9-10pm outside of Safeway a couple of months ago and again tonight in front of CVS in the same shopping center about 8pm. I didn't quite believe her story the first time (her and her boyfriend got in a fight and he ditched her there and she needed money for a hotel room). I told her no and she moved on. Tonight I heard her crying as I was walking back to my car. I think she had just approached a man who turned her down and she moved on to me and my kids. I told her she's unbelievable, this is the second time she's approached me. She sobbed "I didn't" but walked away quickly. Thought later I should have gotten a picture of her or called the police. —JessiG

2010-05-30 16:04:37   I was approached by Crying Girl about 10PM on May 16th, 2010 in the Davis Marketplace parking lot in front of CVS. Her story was that she needed train fare to get to her mother's in San Diego. When I declined, she got beligerant and said "you don't have a heart". It seems like she's the one that does not have a heart. —TurboCat

2010-05-31 11:49:28   My roommate and I were tricked by this crying girl a while back. :( Makes me sad, because this makes it hard to interpret who needs help and is being truthful these days. >_< —PaulV

2010-06-01 00:37:40   Hey I found another lead... check out her brother's myspace. She's in this album. Apparently her brother is a bad apple too — arrested for robbing banks in the area. Lovely family. —GregMed

  • Incredible detective work, all of you. We now know her name is possibly Jill Johnson. I never imagined, when making this page and writing the blurb about this woman, that my little article would get on the news, in the newspaper, and arouse the entire wiki-detective squad to ferret her out. Amazing. Daviswiki is simply amazing. - Edward Niemand.

  • Yes, amazing!! Now hopefully all these media attention would encourage the DPD to act - according to the news articles they can't do anything unless an officer caught her on the act (and it's has to be violent?) I don't understand..

2010-06-01 08:44:06   Scott Johnson, the robber? Check this out. He was wanted for credit union robberies, considered armed and dangerous. $250,000 warrant for his arrest as of Nov 2009. The followup, turned himself in in December. Booked on three counts of bank robbery and one count of attempted robbery. Good to see he's moved up in the world. More seriously, isn't what he's doing with his sister some sort of violation? I know James filed called the police about the girl, but if this is the same guy that was spraying "deodorant mace" and threatening him...can't the police do anything about that? —EdWins

  • I can see why the cops didn't do anything about the "deodorant mace" incident, but I think throwing the concrete slab would have got her arrested. Did anybody ever put that in a police report? By the way, if he's a bank robber who was arrested in late 2009, doesn't it seem a bit early for him to be out of prison to help his sister with this? Somehow I find it hard to believe that he was able to scrounge up $250,000 for bail money. —ScottMeehleib

    • After looking through the links above, I'll concede, her brother may not have been one of the accomplices I encountered at Kinkos last month. I was pretty preoccupied with the skinny guy (Caleb) and the second person seemed a little scared and held back a bit. The body type and size was approximately right, but I shouldn't confirm him outright. The skinny kid was DEFINITELY there. He's the deodorant mace guy. I'd testify against him. The police, btw, should have a record of the rock throwing. They've been getting a bit of bad press out of this, so hopefully they'll step it up now. In the meantime, I'll update the picture. — JamesMadden

      • Well, if the police have no official report of assault, it would go a long way to help explain why no action has been taken. The recent news articles make it pretty clear, that without any documentation of assault, the police position is that she can't be arrested. —ScottMeehleib

2010-06-01 13:43:19   Crying girl approached me twice in one night a few months ago. I felt like there was something fishy about the situation. I thought she was trippin on drugs. When she first approached me on the corner of F and 3rd Street she pulled the whole homeless pitch, needing a train ticket to get to her mom in San Diego. I gave her a dollar from my wallet and told her that was all I had. She pointed at my ATM card and proceeded to ask me to get her more money. I said no way. She got more aggressive telling me there is an atm across the street and she will walk with me. I said no way and walked away. After spending a few hours in Bistro I proceeded to walk back to my car in the parking lot near kinkos/fed ex. She approached me a second time and pulled the same story. I told her she already approached me that night. She told me no she didnt, the jacket she was wearing was just the same as lots. I said no. She wailed into the air PLEASE and tripped over a curb. At this point I thought she was coming off some drug induced high and was desperate for money to buy more drugs. Who knew she was an actual con artist. Karma will come back and get her and when she needs help most no one will be there. —melibelly83

2010-06-03 01:18:59   In my experience with the crying girl the guy on the far right of the picture was the suburban driving guy, I know because he tried to pull through to our parking space and nearly hit our car and then appoligized to us. He is also in on it. Anybody else seen that guy? If so, I think we should note that in the picture—ChrisDietrich

2010-06-02 11:23:24   Crying girl is totally ruining my game. I fly a sign over by CVS pharmacy in North Davis either saying "Dogfood" or "Cany all rent anything helps" and I'm NOT lying. I work at Tuesday Morning in South Davis and make like $150/two weeks, that doesn't cover $500/mo. You know? Crying girl is making us all out to seem like liars and it really sucks because I don't want to end up homeless again, yes, I am looking for a second job with no luck. That girl pisses me off, will she be arrested soon? I hope. —Mogitha

2010-06-02 13:16:03   Come on guys, I reviewed the myspace pictures and the facebook pictures, they look EXACTLY like the girl who was hucking cement. —EdwardNiemand

2010-06-03 07:45:18   It wouldn't be a major problem for most of us being scamed for $5 or so. Even $35 is not a lifetime error if given to this abuser. It could be for poor people that are, nevertheless, compassive and give help to her. The scary thing is the "guardian angel" she seems to work along with. This tells things about level of organization, premeditation and so. I don't usually blame scammers when they catch a greedy person who agrees on go beyond the limits to get an advantage... but this is not the case. This girl (and people of her kind) target on the most beautiful thing we have in our hearts: compassion. The guardian angel and the loss of compassion are the major threats I feel here.


    2010-06-03 11:55:28   I was approached by the Crying Girl/retard in February, at the Safeway in North Davis. She was sobbing big crocodile tears, telling me about how her boyfriend kicked her out and she needed a train ticket, blah, blah, blah. I could tell she was full of shit, so I gave her a dollar just to piss her off and suggested she find a new boyfriend. She didn't get mad, though. Just walked away. —janellemacdonald1

    2010-06-04 14:24:24   I ran into this girl in March at the University Mall. I was waiting in the car when she approached me, bawling her head off. I said, "Sorry, no cash," and she walked off. This is very similar to the story a woman in Sacramento tells (repeatedly) about her car breaking down and she needs Light Rail fare to get home...she even shows a previous ticket to convince you of the correct fare...she will refuse a ride home, however.

    In regards to "Crying Girl," my husband said he saw her at the South Davis Safeway a few days ago, claiming to collect donations for Amnesty International. I know the police have said that there is no law against her pretending to need a train ticket when she doesn't, but aren't there laws about misrepresenting oneself as a non-profit organization? I'm wondering if she is trying a different plan of attack due to all the recent publicity? —Tawny

    • There most certainly are! This might actually get her arrested and prosecuted if it's true. —OliviaY

    • Amnesty International representatives were at the south Davis Safeway a few days ago. They were in pairs (one in front of each entrance) and had name tags. One had a vague resemblance to Crying Girl but I am pretty certain it was not her. —DagonJones

    2010-06-04 15:44:39   Good going guys. I've seen fliers about here at Illusions, the Avid Reader, and a few other downtown businesses. My guess is that by now she's gotten wind of the press and media attention surrounding her escapades, so she'll move on to other towns for a while. —EdwardNiemand

    2010-06-04 21:36:46   I have a viedo on my phone of Jill Johnson (the crying con artest) flashing her boobs in a gas station for a pack of smokes just after stuffing her purse with a bunch of stolen stuff. You can hear Caleb in the background cheering her on. These two are like Bonnie and Clide, Although she it atractive, I can assure you thea these two are low life criminals who have just beguan their career.


    • I am of the opinion that this needs to get posted. —poophat

    2010-06-07 09:32:19   I first saw CG in the Marketplace parking lot about a year ago. I was waiting for my pets who were being groomed in Petco and watched her for about 30 minutes. After it was clear to me that she was definitely a con artist, I called the Davis PD. I identified her accomplices in a black Honda (Civic or Accord). About the same time I called the PD, they started getting nervous about me and one of the guys in the car whistled. The CG started slowly working her way toward their car. Just as she got near the car, the PD arrived. I walked out and flagged them down just as the CG's car was pulling out of the parking lot. I identified the car to the officer and he pursued them down Covell toward CA-113. I don't know the outcome of that pursuit.

    This past winter, I saw CG working downtown Davis at 2nd and G streets. I promptly called the PD and they arrived quickly. Again, I don't know the result of that incident. —commodore

    2010-06-07 17:14:29   I already updated the section for her social networking accounts, but I want to make sure people see this... Please do not try to contact her family through Facebook or Myspace! They are very upset by the situation and they really can't do anything to change it since they're half-way across the country. No need to disturb them with more messages. —StephanieRobinson

    2010-06-14 02:28:58   She used to hang around the Safeway on Cowell. She tried to tell me and my friends the same story twice—obviously she's not very intelligent. I haven't seen her there recently, so she probably got in trouble with the Safeway establishment.

    Later she followed my mom and I around downtown, screaming and crying in the most unbelievably fake manner possible. I was pretty scared, actually—she seems somewhat deranged. My friend once tried to confront her, but I pulled him away because I didn't know if she had a knife on her or something... I've ran into a lot of people like this when I lived in SF, they'd do anything for your money :/ Her skin is pockmarked and sallow, and she's rather overweight—signs that a) she's probably taking drugs, and b) she isn't in need at all. When I first saw her I assumed she was a prostitute, but I guess not.

    Thankfully I've never given her any money, but I'm sorry to the people who have.


      2010-06-18 22:10:14   She was in Vacaville a few weeks ago. Weirdo. —Modena

      2010-06-19 10:42:15   Wow! Months ago, she approached me in the FedEx/Kinko's parking lot. Not a very good actress, and she didn't get a penny from me. —Zippypickle

      2010-06-20 22:17:43   Unfortunately it seems that my boyfriend and I were scammed by her. If I remember right it happened at the beginning of winter quarter. My boyfriend and I were loading his car up outside the north Safeway and she approached us using the "my boyfriend threw me out" story and asking for 30 dollars for a hotel for the night, and my kind boyfriend gave her forty. The she gave him a hug, which I now think is pretty gross, as she just scammed us =/. At that time she had blondish hair, not dark, but she might have changed it since then. This is so upsetting because people in Davis are so nice and for someone to prey on them like this is so cruel. —AmandaD

      2010-06-21 13:05:18   saw her in the Savemart parking lot. she really should stop using up all my oxygen. —ketan

      2010-06-22 13:59:59   Is this a joke? Seriously, this girl has supposedly been doing this at roughly the same location, at roughly the same time of day, with the same set of accomplices for months... and she's never been arrested? Come ON, people. How difficult do you think it is to track down someone like this? This whole story smells very much like an Urban Legend. —GreatRewards

      • Arrested for what? As noted on this page, the DPD do know about her, and Officer Neves appears to have the case. It's an issue of the individual acts being so trivial. They run her off, she comes back. Proving the scope in a court of law is difficult. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

      2010-06-22 14:07:47   This wiki page has now been reddited (but not by me) —RogerClark (and boingboing,

      2010-06-22 19:45:43   Saw her around Christmas at the North Safeway. My boyfriend and I gave her a couple bucks. Got the "my boyfriend kicked me out" story. Funny thing is I was wondering just last week what happened to her, like, if she got a warm room for the night or whatever. Wow, I am a sucker. Anyway, my boyfriend and I can confirm that is MOST DEFINITELY her in the photo. —spectra

      2010-06-23 02:16:15   i saw this on reddit and just a heads up i think i saw this girl in Berkeley a few weeks ago holding a sign that said homeless and pregnant —wyatt

      2010-06-23 04:14:23   Can anybody verify this comment from Davis Voice:

      "Alan Quoizel says: June 22, 2010 at 1:50 pm If you’re a friend of you-know-who, tell her that the Davis Police have officially issued a warrant for her arrest for 9 felony fraud counts and 7 misdemeanor public nuisance counts, and a single count of assault with a deadly weapon (a piece of concrete). Better stay down in Vacaville for a few years."

      I hope it is true! —mperkel

      2010-06-23 11:23:00   Wow, so yesterday my friend has just drove up from San Jose and stops in Dixon to pick up some stuff at a 7-eleven. A girl with make-up streaming down her face, completely sobbing, boobs falling out of her shirt runs up to him and begs for money. He doesn't exactly rememeber what she said, mainly the boobs part, lol. So I ask him if he gave her 5 bucks or something, and he said he didn't. I thought, what a jerk! Right?

      But then, today, he sends me this link - - through facebook. It's THAT GIRL, and I was surprised to see Daviswiki cited on an east coast-based website! So we learn new stuff everyday, don't trust people asking for help, and sometimes new yorkers care about what's going on in Davis.

      [This situation is too bad though, recently I forgot my wallet at the train station, I had my ticket but no wallet. I had to ask some guy for some money so I could get a bottle of water for my 8 hour train ride. I wonder if something like that happens again, if people will be so nice to help me out without thinking I'm a grifter] —someday909

      2010-06-26 08:59:00   An African-American guy who looks like he could be in college has twice come up to me at the Village Bakery (near train station) and asked for a specific amount of money to get home. How exactly is this different from the Crying Girl?

      Perhaps what the "good people of Davis" are really being "defrauded" of is the opportunity to play the hero to a blonde, busty princess in distress. Look inward a bit and see if some of your outrage shouldn't more properly be directed at yourself for having your assumptions challenged: white girls don't always tell the truth. —joro

      • See also: Con Artists. Crying Girl gets her own page because she is fast becoming infamous on the Intertubes, largely because her section of the general con artist page got so big it needed its own. Not our fault this particular white girl plays her con so frequently (and poorly). —BrettHall

      You're right to call me out for finger-wagging, Chronoz. The tone of the comments gets to me, and their emotional tone feeds more emotion. And thanks, BrettHall. I didn't see the Oakland guy reference and now I can see that he's not been left out of the mix.

      I can state this much more simply: Crying girl gets tons of attention. There's a lot of emotion in people's comments. Why?

      AmyOhe has an answer below. — JoRo

      2010-06-26 11:13:20   @ Joro You're making an awful lot of assumptions - some of them racist and sexist - about this situation. People help her because they think she is in need of help, not for the sake of fulfilling some save-the-white-princess fantasy like you claim. Her skin color has nothing to do with it.

      When I ran into her in November I thought her story was fishy (told me her boyfriend had kicked her out on the street) but I have known people who have actually gone through what she told me, so I took pity on her and gave her $5. I didn't immediately think "yeah, I saved that girl!" rather I thought "wow, she is in serious trouble."

      It's not cool to pretend to be in abusive relationships just to add legitimacy to your begging-for-cash story. She is obviously okay now, she dresses well and seems healthy; she doesn't need to be out on the streets extorting people. I'm guessing she has a drug problem. And anyway, I'm not going to go hunt her down now that I've learned she's a con-artist, I just now know not to give her any more money. She has her own con artist page on Daviswiki simply because she is probably the most persistent/constant con artist in Davis.

      So, Joro, I don't know why you are smugly wagging the finger at the rest of these comments for trusting "a white girl" because it could have been anyone of any gender/ethnicity doing the same crying routine and people would still be fooled. It's Davis, we are more compassionate than most towns, which means we get taken advantage of frequently. I've seen these kinds of grifters all over San Francisco and Sacramento, it is just less expected in Davis (like how we barely have any homeless).

      Please keep your racism to yourself, thank you. —Chronoz

      2010-06-26 20:25:02   Dear NYTIMES, boingboing, reddit and cetera readers,

      This is not the best of the daviswiki. This is a use of the wiki in that it is a compilation of information that is related to Davis, but some much better examples of how this wiki is AWESOME and useful include its extensive listings and more positive community-building aspects. They are too many to number, but feel free to poke around some of the links on the home page. A couple example pages are local edible landscaping and places to go for pretty bike rides .

      A much more exciting story is the prospect that this format could show up as a local wiki in a town near you someday. If you haven't checked it out already, follow the link that is highlighted in pink across the top of this page for more information. —Angel.York

      • Angel.York, although this is far from the best of Daviswiki, it does finally get it some larger attention. I'm not sure how useful the national attention will be, but definitely more people in the area will now know about the daviswiki as well as its other uses. And frankly, if you want the NYT to do something on those causes, you should send them an article, or contact the SF branch of the NYT. The only reason they got this story in the first place is by word of journalism (Daviswiki => Davis Enterprise => SacBee => SF => NYT (via the SF Branch)). And in regards to the below comment by AmyOhe, I agree that the Daviswiki shouldn't get lumped in with being a way of getting back at others (individual or business), or outing people or groups, or becoming a vigilante site for circumventing the law. The Daviswiki is supposed to be an information source, but like anything can be abused and distorted for the misuse of individuals. Hopefully this all just doesn't spiral out of control. —SunjeetBaadkar

      2010-06-27 00:11:53   @Joro: Multiple instances, multiple people, with a highly aggressive (read the article if this is questionable) con will obviously aggravate people to the point where they might come onto a community's website to talk about it.

      All I hope is that Davis doesn't get lumped in—or even evolves into—the other instances of Internet vigilantism. So far the primary intent of this page is to keep people informed, which is the primary objective of a wiki of information. —AmyOhe

      It appears that crying girl's brother Scott is/was a suspect in the Davis credit union robberies!!!! See Link---> -Davisite22

      2010-06-28 13:55:37   Also JoRo, I think the Oakland train guy doesn't get as much attention because his story isn't nearly as sad. His car supposedly broke down, and he approaches you calmly instead of in tears. I don't think he's scammed nearly as many people either, so less Davisites are angry about him. I appreciate your follow-up comment though.

      Looks like sighting are getting less and less frequent... Maybe she's starting to move on? —StephanieRobinson

      2010-06-28 14:01:09   None of my contacts have seen her in weeks. —EdwardNiemand

      2010-07-10 17:48:09   @Chronos- Barely have any homeless? Are you insane? I mean, obviously not as many as in Sac, but Davis has quite bit. If you're just going to count the ones in shelters, that's not even half. Roughly guessing (low) 50-60. Possibly hundreds. I was homeless for a while (borderline if I can't get my rent paid because of my crap job.) I mean, what I've noticed with you Davis-ites is that you refuse to see poor people. And if you're poor you refuse to admit it. It's not like that where I'm from. :/ —Mogitha

      2010-07-13 20:17:21   I GOT SCAMMED!?!!!! Whenever someone I don't know helps me out I make it a point to pay it forward. When she approached me I thought it was my perfect pay it forward moment because clearly this girl is distraught. I told her about how I was helped out earlier that week and told her that at some point in the future to please pay it forward and she said she would. grrrrr. Mogitha, don't know if I've ever helped you but I won't let her suck the compassion out of me. I always stop if I have something to give and that won't change. I just feel used. About to file my report.... **Edit: This was at the North Davis Safeway parking lot at night in April or May.—DanielleV

      2010-07-13 22:45:18   I finally met the crying girl about 2 weeks ago at the Dixon Walmart! I assume she's not hanging around Davis anymore after seeing all those fliers of her at the bus stops. —IRonin

      2010-07-14 07:55:55   Somebody should approach her about donating to the wiki. —JabberWokky

      2010-07-17 16:20:47   She and her accomplices were seen around Allegre Apartments last week, scoping the place out by "selling magazines". Our maintenance guy IDed her and scared her and the guys with her off. If anybody sees her around the complex, PLEASE notify the office (530)750-2200 or any one of the Allegre staff. We want to take her down now that she's targeting our community. On top of that, I'd just like to see how far she gets if she chucks concrete or anything else at me. Haha! —RickJames

      2010-07-19 22:11:27   I HATE THIS GIRL! I'm unbelievable pissed! —JasmineMassoumi

      2010-08-13 17:36:11   Yesterday afternoon I saw the unnamed accomplice in the above photo at Starbucks downtown. He sat at an outer table and then asked a girl next to the store if he could share her table out of the sun. He started up a conversation with her and she was polite. Soon she was answering questions about where she lived, what she did, those kinds of things. I figured he was just trying to hit on her, so what the hey, but being that he's associated with Crying Girl there's no telling what his intentions were. I left before I could see how it ended. —Alex1der

      2010-08-22 06:33:14   The people of Davis are a creepy, petty, greedy, malicious bunch. —EthelRobertson

      • suspected to be either Jill Johnson herself or an accomplice.

      2010-08-28 15:33:32   awww how unfortunate of me. if only i got the chance to meet her and her so called accomplices with threatening notices. they woulda got a good ole ass whupping —nopostage

      2010-10-01 18:47:46   She got $20 from my girlfriend. Good tears. Left quickly when I offered to take her to the Amtrak station and by the balance over her ticket. —YogaBhoga

      2010-10-01 18:58:07   Wow! Somehow I knew I was being scammed but she was really good and recognized me as a Mom and took me for $20. I really feel foolish. She ran off as soon as she had the cash in hand. She should channel her talents into acting. —bikegirl

      • funny you should say this as she has already claimed it began as part of a portfolio of her "acting" credentials. — Wes

      2010-10-10 14:59:09   I don't know if this is relevant to the crying girl incident but it seems like her and her accomplices are starting to get more crafty or there is a new set of con artists that are scoping people's places in Davis. They have hit up the Allegre apartments and Lakeshore apartments trying to sell magazines. A brunette girl, pretending to be from the East Coast in competition with others selling the same magazines, goes door to door selling over priced magazines. Once someone demanded their check back and she refused and took off running towards a getaway car. The magazines are sponsored by this bogus company called ERC Inc. I thought I would mention this since someone said that they saw these con artists near the Allegre apartments. The reason why these people have not been caught yet is because the Davis police keep blowing it off with excuses and are too busy giving people bicycle tickets. Even if these people scoping out the inside of apartments were to come back and burglarize the place, and some one called the police, the police would arrive too late anyway. This story seems to correlate with the rising burglaries occurring in West Davis as well. Oh well if it was a bunch of scruffy looking males,the police would have caught them by now. —jimmyneuter

      • When and where did you see her at Allegre? I will take her down immediately if I can figure out where to find her, because I have yet to run into her. —RickJames

      2010-10-13 13:51:34   The Magazine Crew scams are probably unrelated. These crews tend to travel, and hitting a college town early in the school year when the students are relatively flush with cash is a business choice for them. I fell for one a long time ago. In my case wasn't really a scam in that I got the subscription, but that looking back on it, I paid more than I would have if I had just gotten an issue at a news stand and used one of the subscription tearouts they had inside. Then again, this was back in the day when identity theft wasn't as much of a issue so paying by check seemed safer. This article in the New York times had a pretty good rundown on the crews. Maybe this should be a new addition to the Con Artists page? —RogerClark

      2010-10-26 23:55:48   So the other day, my friends and I were walking downtown to get froyo over at cultive and this african american male comes up to us with a pity story claiming that it took a lot of his courage to come up to us and ask for $18 for a train ticket to the academy of art university in san francisco. FYI BUDDY, we are all from San Francisco, we know how much the train ticket costs and it didn't make sense that you are up here when classes are going on back at home. So you know what buddy, you get nothing. (At least he didn't attack us...) Did anyone else have this experience?

      And then the following day I went to the bank parking lot (B of A) and this elderly caucasian male approached me to ask for money claiming that he was hungry... he kept groping my car too and I knew he was saying the same thing to the lady before so it frightened me. I gave him some pocket change and he left me and my car alone, but how crazy is that?!

      Two in a row? —lovelovelove

      2010-10-01 16:47:11   My girlfriend got taken by this girl for $20. I didn't buy it, but she's very maternal, and the tears act was pretty good. I told her I'd walk her to the station, and knew for sure she was a scam when she looked away and said, "Oh! My friends over there at the Baskin Robbins! I need to meet with them now!" She walked away rapidly and disappeared around the corner. We decided to walk to the Amtrak station to check fare to San Diego and the train fare was not $40. My girlfriend was miffed, but she really got taken in. Haven't seen her for a while. —YogaBhoga

      2010-11-09 23:01:34   crying girl was seen in san diego with her boyfriend caleb holcomb in oct 2010; caleb holcomb was just arrested on oct 29th for robbing a us bank in san diego it is not known if she was an accomplice —johnsmith1980

      2010-12-02 22:09:29   I encountered this girl a while ago at the South Davis Safeway. She gave me the story about how her boyfriend kicked her out and said she needed money for a hotel room... I was immediately suspicious because everybody has at least one friend they can stay with if they get kicked out, right? Also her fake crying is not very believable. I gave her 1 or 2 dollars and a hug to be nice even though I didn't really buy her story, and I am sort of glad that I did, now that I've read that she can get violent! Scary to think about, I was all alone in the parking lot late at night. Strange that so many people have had encounters with her but she hasn't been caught. —Whit

      2010-12-22 09:56:09   People like her have no consern. Its always im the vitim and everybody else is wrong. they dont think "i might be hurting people by doing this. I might make people homeless because of this. What would my parents think?" —casplat

      2011-01-20 13:30:29   @JSBMeb and others wishing the DPD would do something: you are attributing way too much good will to our broken and misdirected police. Have someone try to break in, call in about mobs of teens fighting in the street, get conned by suspicious people? You're out of luck with the DPD, if they come at all. But let your registration expire on a car parked in your own driveway? Ohhh, you'll pay. Suddenly they have all the resources in the world to commit. I heard they cornered a jaywalker last week and only called in 3 cars for backup. Clap-clap. —YesItsMe

      Local law Enforcement has done everything in it's power to aid and assist everyone in town. Ihave never personally had any adverse interactions with them and they have always been prompt and professional. As for the Jaywalking... doubt this is true at all since local ordinance on jaywalking is very loose and very rarely enforced. — Wes-P

      2011-02-28 09:37:49   While not directly related, we have experienced a disturbing trend in theft in our neighborhood, which is the impressionist areas at the intersection of road 102 and Covell. Last summer a car was stolen in broad daylight and eventually turned up in Lodi about 4 months later. There are have been a break next door to us last years and last week the tires and rims were taken from a sporty honda in the middle of the night in a cul-de-sac driveway. The car was thrown up on blocks. I suspect these activities related to similar out of town people from sac, vacaville or wherever who see Davis as sitting ducks. The panhandling situation is getting out of hand and in my opinion, should not be encouraged with any monetary dontations, depsite ones charitable instincts. There is a growing community of professional grifters in this town that see us as easy prey. Once they start showing up in your home at night, things get really disturbing.

      -S —srdueker

      2011-02-28 12:47:09   I wouldn't really say panhandlers in Davis also commit residential burglery (I think they're different problems) but I agree that Davis panhandlers are not homeless/hungry and should not be encouraged by giving them money. I have offered food to some of them and have been yelled at. They panhandle for extra money or thats how they make their living. I have also seen an increase in hitchhikers/panhandlers near the Richards Blvd/Dowtown. exit, at the S. Davis Safeway and a "new" guy at the CVS on Poleline. —jsbmeb

      2011-03-08 02:53:59   Has there been any further developments on her, or is she laying low and avoiding the town that now knows her name and face entirely too well? —Flynn

      • While it seems she hasn't been around recently, I wouldn't stop keeping an eye out for her. She seems to pop up as soon as you stop looking (don't all the cons?). Then again, maybe we're lucky this time and she was finally arrested for aggressive panhandling, which is illegal in almost every city I know of in California... Who knows.. Wes-P

      I knew this girl. She is Jillian Johnson, daughter of Leigh Johnson of Vacaville. Her brother has done time in CSP Vacaville for various crimes. Her and her family used to be our friends while we leaved on TAFB, years ago. No longer. She has been groomed by her mom to milk the system for all it is worth. PWT.

      2011-05-02 15:36:07   I was parked at First Northern Bank around this time last year when she came up to me and asked me if I had any money for a train ticket to San Diego. She was supposedly on the phone with her mom who wouldn't help her, and all I had was a dollar. Then she pointed to my ATM card and asked if I could withdraw some money and she would go with me. I told her I had nothing, sorry. Right after that she hit up some dude who was waiting to use the outside ATM and it looked like he gave her a $20. —HannahFolkes

      2011-06-18 16:23:03   She is now running same scam in a wealthy area of Dallas. She has added a crying boy in her back seat. —ElaineKellan

      • I don't think so. How do you know? Nothing on that link gives any indication this is the same person... — jsbmeb

        • I was going to say the same thing. Hair color is different, for one, although I suppose she could have dyed it. —WilliamLewis

      2011-06-19 11:27:56   Maybe it isn't the same girl, but it sure LOOKS like the girl pictured on this page. She has auburn hair with darker roots showing, so it is definitely colored. Her complexion wasn't as good. In fact, she resembled her brother closely. She is driving a dark, later model, SUV. The stories are similar/evolved... boyfriend kicked her out and needs a plane ticket home (can get more money than for a train ticket). She has a warrant out for her arrest in your county and hasn't been reported running her scam on this blog since 2010. A similar woman in a similar car running a similar scam is reported in Dallas beginning in February of 2011.

      Also, I think this is her brother's new facebook page. You actually have to click on the photo link to see his photo.!/people/Scott-Johansten/100000437336178?sk=photos


        This isn't a blog it's a community based wiki that keeps track of everything pertinent to Davis, Ca Daubert

        2011-06-22 16:02:43   I apologize. I posted on the wiki because I thought an update on a con-artist from the Davis, CA area would be pertinent to the Davis community. —ElaineKellan You have nothing to apologize for, I just take umbrage cause wiki != blog... Thanks for the info either way keep us posted... Daubert

        2011-09-17 16:12:26   "This isn't a blog it's a community based wiki that keeps track of everything pertinent to Davis, Ca Daubert " Ouch? —ScottMiller

        2011-12-23 11:41:34   Hey peeps, has anyone considered checking White Pages for this person?

        There are two results for the same Jillian Johnson, age 25 - 29, in Winters and Davis. Both have addresses and phone numbers.

        Davis: Winters:

        Another "Jillanne" F Johnson in Vacaville. Don't know if it's the same person as the two entries above, but it could also be this woman. Note that the name is not Jillian, though.

        I know there was mention on this page of the same person in Texas. There are several Jillian Johnsons there, though my hunch is the Davis + Winters person is probably your woman, if no one else. —carbonprevails

        2012-08-02 19:45:13   I possibly saw her today in San Luis Obispo while eating at a restaurant. I didn't get too good a look at the woman but she came in asking patrons for money with a story about needing gas money to see her daughter. It didn't occur to me until the waiter mentioned that he had seen her in San Jose doing the same thing. If it was her, this would be my second encounter...awesome! —GregWebb


        1. "I didn't think it looked much like her either or her brother, until I noticed the brother's profile picture on facebook was also one of the pictures on his myspace. From there I was able to make the logical connection."