Cupcakes are a dessert. Like Frozen Yogurt, you can find these wee pastries scattered through town at a variety of venues. The typical cupcake in the modern style consists of a puck of cake in a paper wrapper, topped with a large swirl of frosting. The frosting is often half the height or more of the cake portion. Expect to find vanilla or chocolate cake, with an assortment of buttercream frosting choices. Carrot, lemon, red velvet, or other specialty cake flavors may also be available.

Bakeries Specializing in Cupcakes

You can also buy cupcakes at:

Grocery Stores with Bakery Sections

Do coffee shops sell cupcakes? What about other bakeries, like Konditorei or Ciocolat? Does Hostess Cupcake or Sno-Ball qualify as a cupcake? Would frosting:cake weight ratios of basic cupcakes be useful, in the way that Pizza had extensive research done?

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