West Davis
1260 Lake Blvd. , Ste. 106
In Westlake Plaza by Chuy's & Westlake Market
Mon-Fri 6am-1pm, 3:30pm-7:30pmSat 8am-12pm
(530) 297-0812

Curves is a fitness circuit training program designed for busy women teenaged and older. The local Curves is part of a large gym chain, Curves has over one franchise location per every two McDonalds in the United States. There are 10,000 locations in 67 countries to work out in. A complete workout takes just 30 minutes because of the efficiency of the program. They base their membership in part on gender. Their intent is to create a welcoming environment for women. They are also famed for their "no mirrors, no makeup" policy.

Free Weight Management and Nutrition Classes are also available. Curves Circuit with Zumba has been available since January, 2011. It is a perfect combination of strength training for all muscles and bones on the Curves hydraulic resistance equipment with the exciting fun cardio of Zumba.

The local Curves fitness center is a franchise. This local fitness center is owned by a local owner who pays the Curves company to use the Curves name. The Curves company gets a percentage of the profits.

Community Service

== Curves donated hundreds of dollars of personal items for Mother's Day Baskets of Love project in May. This is the 4th year of supporting and encouraging the women who are in the homeless and domestic violence shelters of Yolo County. 32 baskets were filled with chocolate, tea & coffee, toiletries, jewelry, journals, books, mugs, makeup, and gifts to brighten their lives on this special day.

== Curves donated over 3,000 pounds of food and dollars to STEAC, our local food bank, in the 14th annual Curves March Food Drive. This was 68% more than last year's total donation!!

== Curves donated to the Yolo County Animal Shelter in January, contributing towels and blankets, detergent, food, toys, beds, and other needed items.

Curves Davis West Adopts 18 people for Christmas

Curves members adopted eighteen people in the STEAC Program for Christmas and owner Ann Arneson would like to ask readers to join them. STEAC can always use help with cash and food donations. You can contact STEAC by phone at (530) 758 8435, by email at steac@steac.org, or online at http://steac.org. Each year STEAC helps provide food, clothing, and holiday help for over 400 low-income families, including more than 800 children right here in Davis. Curves put together 45 boxes of food and gifts in November and December 2011 to give back to our community to help those in need.

== Curves member, Marie Risley, created a beautiful fall colored quilt that was raffled to raise money for Thanksgiving food and needs at STEAC, our local food bank. Over $1200 was donated to help local families have something to be thankful for!

== Curves Davis West was the top fund raising team for the 2011 DAVIS RELAY 4 LIFE.


Curves donated $500,000 to Haiti to help with the relief efforts there. Every March they donate millions of pounds of food to help stock local food banks like STEAC. The Curves Davis West Club has donated to these projects as well as the schools, abused & homeless women, STEAC, Foster Families, Progress Ranch, and other local causes.


There has been some public fallout and controversy, and a loss of members in recent years, when it became public knowledge that the CEO and Founder donated money to some very vocal, anti-abortion organizations, although he also donated to a variety of other charity organizations and pregnancy crisis centers in various parts of the country. A religious convert, he is proud to run his company with the same "biblical principles" and is outspoken against abortion (link). Curves Davis West lost 1 member because of the previous implication and has grown from 62 to 262 members. The Curves founders support organizations they personally choose with their personal money, just as all of us do. That is a freedom we all have.

Please note that Curves is a franchise. A local owner owns the local Curves fitness center. As a franchise the local owner pays to use the Curves name on her fitness center and pays a percentage of the profits to the Curves company.


Davis used to have a Curves in East Davis, but it closed unexpectedly in late June, 2008. A sign on the door said that it closed suddenly due to unforeseen circumstances, and members were encouraged to contact the West Davis or Woodland locations about transferring their membership. However, Woodland also closed in Oct, 2008. The owner of these two Curves was very ill and has since passed away. He was not able to sell the businesses unfortunately. Curves Davis West has adopted members from these two clubs as well as Winters Curves. Travelling members from any Curves around the state or world are welcomed to use this Club for free with their travel pass!

Please note that the first comments below do not apply to the current Curves Davis West owner & club. Read further down to get an accurate picture or better yet, just come see for yourself! The staff are mostly Exercise Bio majors or graduates from UCD and are also well trained by the owner with proven & researched Curves procedures & principles.

Curves Davis West renovated and moved into a bigger space in Westlake Plaza Shopping Center (#106) over Labor Day weekend, 2009.

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2004-12-21 14:15:57   Yes, I sadly quit Curves when I discovered that a good percentage of the profits went toward anti-Choice organizations. - BevSykes

2006-04-02 16:49:39   Being a guy, I've never been to a Curve's before. I have seen many injuries from patrons at other Curves franchises including shoulder and knee pain that can last for several months. I've also known an instructor from Curves who was one of their "sucess" stories (lost a lot of weight). Other than that, had no exercise training whatsoever. Don't keep doing exercises that hurt, no matter WHO recommended them. —UsetheForce

2006-09-13 16:46:23   BO-RING! This is a good place for women who really are starting from the beginning in terms of fitness (moms, older women mostly). But I found it to be dull and got bored doing the same routine to the same music over and over. —RachelCakes

2007-02-28 01:24:57   This is the most sexist gym ever. I thought this would be a great place to go to train my voluptuous body, but they didn't even want me in the gym let alone let me join. —BradBenedict

2007-04-30 15:12:50   Curves is a niche business and it's not going to appeal to everyone. Yes, the company may have some objectionable practices, but I challenge anyone to find a company owned by someone who is completely politically correct for all potential customers, whether it's the charities or causes they choose to support or their personal philosophy. If you like to demonstrate your political and religious beliefs in your commercial activities, Curves may not be for you. I joined Curves West Davis last summer when it came under new (and the current) ownership after it nearly failed in early 2006, primarily because it was close to my house so I knew I was more likely to go. The current owner is working very hard to rebuild the club and is very open to suggestions. Not being Christian, the religious overtones don't motivate me but as a member of a religious minority that's the story of my life. There is nothing pro-life there either. —JanCarmikle

2007-04-30 22:49:08   I only see people doing star steppers and the aerobic blocks, and thats about it. Me and a DDR guy would a try the movements we observed people in curves doing and didn't feel much of a workout, Curves became a running joke because we would see it as we stopped by the new nugget before work —StevenDaubert

2007-07-07 22:33:18   The new owner is very positive. Many times she's worked out with us. They are very involved in how you are doing. You get weighed in once a month and they send postcards. I love this place. New owner has replaced some of the music but if you don't like it, take your own. Great place, I love it! I'm not religious and the owner does not press her religious views on me. I found that to be such a relief. —intangible

2008-02-23 12:29:25   Does anyone know the monthly fee to join? —HeatherFlood

2008-02-24 16:34:38   It is $99 every three months. —JackkiCox

2008-07-23 15:44:28   I lost 4 inches in my first 2 months. The 30 minutes workout is great for busy women, esp moms. The rate is $44 per month with a 10% discount if you pay for a year. I don't know where the person thought it was $99 for 3 months. Also, Curves East Davis just closed so this is the only Curves in Davis. —musicamyl

2011-04-04 09:40:32   Boy, do you folks have it wrong about Curves. I'm not talking about the politics, but about the workout and safety of the fitness center. I've been going over almost two years and have lost (and kept off) 40 pounds, eliminated 2 of the 3 blood pressure medications I was on, and prevented the need for a cholesterol medication. I'm stronger, having converted fat to muscle. There are many of us feeling successful and much healthier; that's why women continue. The owner Ann is professional, safety conscious and a strong supporter of the Davis community through food drives, participation in the cancer relay weekend, STEAC, clothing and cosmetic bags for homeless women and much more. I will say the owner of the Curves in east Davis was the exact opposite which is why I left before it closed. Curves Davis West has recently added Zumba to the 30 minute circuit, which has eliminated much of the potential boredom for some. What I like about Curves is that it's all women, the machines are hydraulic resistance (you don't have to change each machine as you do with weights), the staff watch and coach you every time, it's community-spirited and I can either take my time there and socialize, or get in and out in 30 minutes.

For the month of April women can bring in a $30 bag of groceries for the food drive which waives the $150 membership fee and the first month's $44 fee. You will get a free health evaluation and be taught the circuit routine. I encourage women of all ages to give Curves in Davis a try! —Laurie

2011-12-26 21:17:05   I have to agree that while the founder of Curves may be anti-choice he has much of his Curves related merchandise (they sell dozens of Curves brand schwag items) manufactured in China and since we all know that countries abortion policy it sort of begs the question. This location is truly great, the owner is top knotch and the rates are affordable. If you are needing to workout and lose weight this is the place because it is not intimidating and will yield results. Woman of all ages with weight to lose will benefit. A few things to keep in mind; you will have someone watching you workout ALL the time (for safety and form) and that can get sometimes be annoying when you know your body and how it feels. Don't do ANY moves that hurt no matter what. The girls at this Curves currently have almost no fitness background apart from Curves, Zumba and CPR training so just take what they say with a grain of salt. The Zumba classes which are totally FUN and are scheduled for a five days a week take precedent over the floor which means if you want to do the circuit you HAVE to do the Zumba class or wait until it ends. you have to donate a dollar to do Zumba but it is SO worth it! —MaryCarroll

2012-03-12 11:20:47   I personally don't care who the CEO/founder supports or doesn't support as long as nobody tries to make me feel like I have to do the same. Since each Curves is an independent franchise, each gym is only as good as the owner/manager and Davis is very lucky to have the best. For those of you who had a negative experience years ago, please come back and give it another try. If you're just watching through the window, it looks very slow and easy. The fact that you can be in and out in 1/2 hr. might make you think it can't be very effective, but you would be wrong on both counts. Ann and the circuit coaches train every new member on every machine, and everyone is watched to make sure they're doing everything safely and properly to avoid injuries. The whole atmosphere is very warm, supportive and friendly. The food drives for STEAC, the collections of towels, blankets, food and treats for the animal shelter and the collection of toiletries and personal items for women in shelters for Mother's Day make us all feel like we're giving back to the community. And, thanks to Curves, I've lost 60 lbs. and hope to keep it off by spending 1/2 hr. there every weekday morning. —JoyceTrujillo

2012-04-17 09:25:19   The people here are so friendly and always remember your name. I had to go in there and cancel my membership due to moving, and they were so helpful and made the entire process very easy. The trainers are always there to help you and the owner is always around talking to the customers. I always felt very welcome here. —KMcGuire

2012-05-09 15:56:57   As a person who generally avoided all kinds of physical exercise (though I loved mental exercise like crossword puzzles, cryptograms, etc.), I worried that I doing unseen harm to my body because of my couch-potato ways. So I thought I'd give Curves a try, since it was close to my house and I could go on my own time-schedule. What a success! It certainly suits me more than any other form of exercise I have tried, and I've now stayed with it for about three years, going three times a week. I appreciate the convenience, the shortness of the workout, the combination of aerobics and weight training (I've definitely gained strength in my arms), the friendly welcoming atmosphere, and the kindness of the staff. There's even information about proper nutrition available, and I learned how to modify my diet with a resulting weight loss of eight pounds. (I now weigh 120 pounds and am 5'4" tall.) The owner even challenges members with weekly quizzes and puzzles, so I get my mental exercise as well! Barbara Drushell —BarbaraDrushell

2012-05-11 18:07:22   I found Curves as I sought a place to exercise. I'm sorry to hear the founder of Curves has different values from mine, yet my workouts at Curves Davis West seem quite distant from the corporate headquarters. Sure, I guess ultimately I am contributing to his ability to donate to his political causes which may be in opposition to mine, yet I'm not convinced a boycott by me would have much impact on him. My physical well-being as well as the friendships I make at Curves which could open doors to further sharing of my values could ultimately be more effective than my boycott. The owner, Ann A. has done an outstanding job in creating an open, extremely accepting, warm, friendly environment with a strong emphasis on getting a good solid workout under the supervision of her trainers. This gym is well utilized daily by women of all sizes, shapes, and I suspect a wide diversity of political and social viewpoints! We come together to meet our needs to exercise in a safe, clean, inviting environment. Members enter with a smile and leave with a smile and a wave! All clients are welcomed, introduced, and acknowledged daily by first names while they exercise, building a wonderful collegiality that keeps you coming back. (Ann also stays on top of her members so that postcards or phone calls come in if you haven't been in for a while!) Ann also puts a high value on giving back to her community through the various service projects she organizes and encourages her members to participate in, STEAC, Women's Shelter, women's health awareness, etc. If you're looking for a friendly, supportive place for women to exercise together, check out Curves Davis West! SCole


2012-07-09 15:02:20   "yet my workouts at Curves Davis West seem quite distant from the corporate headquarters. " What an odd statement. You support Curves, you support Curves-end of. Curves is a business with countless items made in China and I will not support CEO Gary Heavein and China's liquidation of the world's last Rhinos, Tigers (and God knows what else), that's not Christianity that's corporate greed under the guise of "just locals helping locals". Truly happy switched Peak Performance. The girls who work at Curves are appallingly rude and what's the point of being jazzed about fitness with someone staring at you constantly? Great that the bulk of their charity work goes to help folks in Europe though.... —MaryCarroll