While the retail store closed shortly after her husband's passing, Fran still serves her clients as Cut Loose On the Move, and works out of The Sanctuary at 222 D Street, Suite 4. Her phone number remains the same at (530) 756-0422.

This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


211 F St , in E Street Plaza
(across from Baskin Robbins & next to Luci's Salon)
Tue-Fri 9am-6pm
Sat 9am-5pm
Sun-Mon closed

Cut Loose, Inc. has a beauty supply store on the bottom floor and a salon on the top floor. The beauty supply store on the bottom floor carries a wide selection of salon shampoos and conditioners as well as styling products. They also have one the largest selection of styling tools in Davis. Compared to Pure Beauty they have a larger selection of bleaching products (i.e. developer and powder lightner). It is also one of the few, if not the only, place that carries "alternative" colored hair dye. They have a fairly wide selection of Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dye. Most of the other places seem to only carry colored hair gel or wash-out hair color.

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How would you describe your Cut Loose experience?

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On a personal note, the man that helped me referenced owning the store for over 40 years. He was helpful but quite condescending; paired with his propensity to tell you more than you really care to know, he's an interesting character. If he's been there for over 40 years, I'm willing to bet that he knows his stuff. — KristenBirdsall

I went in here to have some highlights put in, and it ended up running me about $80. Too much, considering the fact that I had taken about 10 inches off my hair the day before, so it was really short. I asked some friends and they agreed that this was pricey for short hair highlights without a cut or anything else. They didnt even mention the price until tney were finished either... — AllisonEriksen

2006-04-28 17:43:55   POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS TAKE HEED!!! The man who owns the store sold me a crappy, overpriced hot air brush with a "30-day return policy." I went to return it to him 2 weeks later (as its quality was poor given what I had paid), only to be told it was "against State law" to return! There was no warning regarding the policy, and when I asked why he replied "Because everybody knows that" the item can't be returned. I like to support local business whenever possible, but this situation is part of the reason why people shop at stores like Walmart and Target—because they stand behind their merchandise. Think hard before spending your money here. —KristaSchreffler

2007-06-02 15:34:22   I will never go back to this store. Althought they have a good selection of hair products, the experience was awful. The man will talk your ear off, in a bad way. I once went into the store and could not even grab a product for about an hour. I felt too bad to leave because he is an older man but I had no want to hear a story about hair products from before I was born. Everytime I would try to take something to buy it he would tell me, "you will not like that." He would not let me make a decision for myself. For your own sake, don't go into that store. —rebeccap

2007-10-07 20:15:17   I regularly get my hair cut by Fran here, and find the experience many times better than other places I've gone to in Davis. Highly recommended... —ScottLay

2007-10-08 08:27:18   If I need to dye my hair a crazy color I will go here and buy the products to do it myself at home for way cheap. The owner is very nice, he likes to talk about hair products and you should have some patience with him because he is hard of hearing. He's been known to give free samples of products so that is a nice plus. —CalamityJanie

2007-10-19 21:22:52   Only go into Cut Loose when you have a lot of time on your hands. The guy who owns the store likes to talk, and for a LONG time, and often about things that have nothing to do with what you've come into the store for. It also seems like he's trying to talk you out of his products...? But it's fun to chat. Anyways, this store is awesome and highly recommended. They also have a large variety of wild hair dye colors, if you're interested. —vanessa

2008-07-31 07:47:19   There are so many salons and beauty supplies in Davis that it is hard to find a great array of products at the best prices. I have shopped at most of the stores and I find that Cut Loose always give me the best prices and a variety of the best products and they always have sales on large sizes which helps on a students budget. I dont find a need to go anywhere else and you will find the same thing if you go there. —villagio2009

2008-10-24 01:57:19   Years ago: I had bought some hair products there. One day I went in to look at what they had. I was kneeling down to look at some product (because it was on the bottom shelf). The older lady there was cutting some young woman's hair and actually made her get up while cutting her hair and walked her over to stand by the window where I was. Paraphrasing from memory, she said because "the light is better over here." I think she thought I might be shoplifting. I never bought from there again. Perhaps the woman should consider investing in some cameras or mirrors if she's concerned. The kind of behavior she engaged in can lead customers to feel as if they're being judged as criminals. —RonB

2009-01-16 10:53:19   I wanted to give this place a try for my son's 1st haircut. Had good recommendations from 2 sets of awesome neighbors. However, all the comments below are correct. I was on the phone listening to the very talkative owner for a good 15 minutes ramble about odd topics while trying to inquire about appointments and prices. In the end things just didn't work out so we'll be passing on Cut Loose, Inc. this time. —HeatherMartin

2009-12-08 17:02:27   When I am in a bind and can't order my usual Special Effects pink hair color from the 'net because of shipping time, I stop in here and buy some Manic Panic to hold me over. I have heard the same stories many times as has been others' experiences, but he's always been really friendly, if a bit straightforward. I wouldn't fault him for it, personally, but I can see how some people might be uncomfortable. —inu