DMTC Performing Arts Center

607 Pena Drive , near 2nd St.
2:00 PM matinees
8:00 PM evening shows
(530) 756-3682
November 2005

The Davis Musical Theatre Company built this new 240-seat theatre, also known as the Hoblit, in East Davis in 2005. The performances originally took place at the Varsity Theatre. The newer center has stadium-style seating (so audience members can more easily see over the head of patrons in front of them), convenient parking, a larger lobby, and larger restroom facilities than at the Varsity. The company produces six mainstage, Broadway-style musicals and four Young Performers Theater musicals every year at this center.


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2007-11-06 00:31:20   My girlfriend and I always had enjoyed seeing the DMTC musicals and plays at the Varsity. Man of La Mancha some years back was one of our favorites ever, even when compared to much larger productions we've seen in San Francisco! We liked the Hobbit Center setup - the seating was nicely spaced, the stage was great, just all around an upgrade which was to be expected. It was also fun to see them take advantage of the new setup, such as they did for one play, where they had actors come down from the audience section to challenge the people on stage. The forced audience interaction (turning in our seats to see what's going on) really helps make you feel as if you're in the middle of it. But I'm not impressed with the lobby set up if there's even a small crowd. And I was especially disappointed with the entrances! There's a big staircase taking up half the hallway, and it forces a bottleneck situation which I think should have been completely avoided. Especially since right across from it is the alcove to get to the bathrooms. I really don't know why they didn't plan those with more foresight. Otherwise, as I said, the inside is spectacular. —EdWins