(Updated as of 5/4/2017)

DRAGON, which stands for Davis Roleplaying Activities and Gaming Organizational Network, meets Friday nights from ~6-10pm on the top floor of Wellman Hall on Campus. The main meeting room for Spring 2016 is room 226. People there play a wide variety of games. The core of the group plays Roleplaying games as the main event, but there are many other types of games around. You can expect to find:

  • Roleplaying games to join
  • Plenty of board games to borrow
  • Collectible card games (CCGs)

In general, people tend to play collectible card games (CCG) and board games in the early hours (5pm to 7pm) and role-playing games in the later hours (7pm till later), but there are always exceptions. The building has a new janitorial crew that insists on kicking us out at 10pm (instead of midnight, as was the normal cutoff time in past years), or 11pm if you beg. In light of this, it may be wise to move your game start time to 6pm. 

Membership within the club is not compulsory for attendance, and not all players at DRAGON are UC Davis students. 

One major "Selling point" of DRAGON is the lack of a compulsory club fee. 

They maintain a Facebook Group:  DRAGON at UCD (if the link doesn't work, just search for "DRAGON at UCD" on Facebook -- we're the only one!) 


A fun game of "Descent:Into the Dungeon."Among CCGs, Magic: The Gathering is definitely the most commonly played. In addition to this, various players bring a multitude of different board games in every week, including games like Betrayal at House on the Hill, Castle Panic, The Resistance, among many others. Bringing board games and card games to DRAGON is encouraged, and the members are always excited to try out new games. 

Tabletop RPG games are really the core of DRAGON, and most people in the club participate in at least one of the games. By virtue of pervasiveness, Dungeons and Dragons is the most common and most popular game to be played at DRAGON. But other Roleplaying Games have been played there as well, including Vampire: The Masquerade, BASH! Superheroes, FATE: Core, Dread, among many others. There is also a "Home-Brewing" scene where players will bring in their custom home-made games and ask members of DRAGON to help test them. 


New Member's Night

Intended to help inexperienced or curious players understand how roleplaying games work, DRAGON holds a "New Member's Night" every year. Usually in late September or early October, no experience is necessary to attend. The event is usually based around "One-Shots", one-session games that are designed to be New-Player-Friendly and engaging. DRAGON always accepts visitors and new members all year.

Club Leadership

DRAGON has a cadre of active officers who make themselves available for outreach and any questions new players might have. In addition to maintaining the Facebook page, they organize events and reserve rooms for DRAGON. In quotes are their informal designations, and in parenthesis are their formal titles. 

Linda Berryman: "Puppet" (President)
Oscar Sio: "Court Jester" (VP)
Ryan Danger Bahr: "Keeper of the Coin" (Treasurer)
Joshua Terry: "Court Magistrate" (Secretary)
Angela Sun: "Club Herald" (Public Relations)

Games' Schedule

Most games alternate weeks, with a session held either every "A" week or every "B" week. This is mostly done to mitigate the time commitment of most games and ensure that there are a large variety of games going on at any given time. 

Despite this list as it currently exists, people are starting new games at DRAGON all of the time, and most games are willing to accept additional players.

Week A

Sword of Dionysus (Vampire)

Reality Storm (D&D 4e - 7th Level)

Remise fith (D&D 5e)

Shattered Isles (D&D 5e - 10th Level)

Mythography (D&D 5e - 5th Level)

Week B

New Aerethon (D&D 5e - 10th Level)

Dresden Files (D&D 5e - 11th Level)

Out of the Abyss (D&D 5e - 14th Level)

Last Mines of Phandelver (D&D 5e - 4th Level)

Unity and Fire (D&D 5e - 2nd Level)


Week AB

Hell's Vengeance (Pathfinder)

After the Mind Wars (D&D 3.π)

Curse of Strahd (D&D 5e)

Magic the Gathering (and other card games)

Board Games

D&D 5th Ed.

Others (Ask around)


Spring Schedule 2017 (Subject to Change)

Players on a boat, deciding their next action..




 Apr 7th Week B First DRAGON of Spring Quarter
Apr 14th Week A  
Apr 21st Week B  
Apr 28th Week A  
Apr 29th Event

Gamer's Gift Charity Event -- 

Buy tickets under group "DRAGON" 

to donate 15% of proceeds to the club

May 5th Week B  
May 12th Week PD Campus closed
May 19th Week A  
May 26th Week B  
June 2nd Week A  
June 9th Week PD Finals
June 16th Week PD



Summer Schedule 2017 (Subject to Change)





 June 23rd Week PD Quarter break
June 30th Week B Start of Summer Session 1
July 7th Week A  
July 14th Week B  
July 21st Week A


July 28th Week B  
Aug 4th Week A End of Summer Session 1
Aug 11th Week A Start of Summer Session 2
Aug 18th Week B  
Aug 25th Week A  
Sept 1st Week B  
Sept 8th Week A



Sept 15th Week B End of Summer Session 2

"Week O" is for off-rotation games — people tend to play board games, one-shots, or simply recruit for more players into their games. 

In addition to the above list, DRAGON also maintains a "Player Registry"  and a "Games Registry" hosted on Google Docs, which are both public and editable to help players and Game-Masters find new games. 

Joe "The Pizza Guy" Senecal: A long-standing member of DRAGONClub President hard at Work

Additional Information


The club has been running longer than most student members were alive, and has changed names several times.

It started as the Davis Gaming Club in 1992, then changed to D.R.A.G.O.N. (Davis Recreation And Gaming Organizational Network) in 1993 and settled into a comfortable niche in Wellman Hall on Friday nights in early 1994. This gaming club has continued to this very day despite antagonistic university policies. Many years ago the officers of DRAGON, Davis Anime Club, and the English Country Dancers had some overlap.


Occasionally, when the Campus is closed, DRAGON will hold what is called "PsuedoDragon": an informal, unofficial gathering at Original Steve's Pizza instead of the regular rooms in Wellman Hall. They occur at the same time as DRAGON normally would, but simply switch location. 

If Campus is still open, but Wellman Hall is unavailable for whatever reason, DRAGON will instead meet at Olson Hall. Check the Official Facebook page for details.