The Federal Communications Commission is overseeing a transition from analog TV transmission to Digital TV transmission. The transition occurred on June 12, 2009.

If you watch broadcast TV, and your TV set is old, you will need to get a converter box to put between your antenna and the TV set. Converters can be purchased locally at both Rite Aid locations and RadioShack. You can also buy them at Wal-Mart and Target.

If you have cable or satellite service, your TV should work normally without modification. TVs manufactured after March 2007 are required to have digital tuners, so if your set is new, you won't need to do anything, either.

If you need more information on the switchover, visit .


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2008-11-06 21:25:41   We had trouble getting KVIE (channel 6). Then we noticed that KVIE is DTV channel 53. We tried tuning to 53, and it turned into 6-1, and it worked great, and after that we got 6-1, and also 6-2 and 6-3. Like magic! —Prof.Spice