Area Served
West Davis
Unitrans Hutchison Bus Terminal
410,000 trips [2004]
Phonetic Code

The Unitrans D Bus Line leaves from the Unitrans Hutchison Bus Terminal. It serves West Davis via Highway 113 to Russell, up Lake Blvd., and down Arlington Blvd. to make a loop.

The D line stops at Arthur Street when leaving campus but does not stop at Arthur when going towards campus. Likewise, the D line stops at the University Extension Center stop leaving campus but does not stop when going towards campus.

Check out the schedule and route map at the Unitrans website for more information.

Prior to 2007, D-MU served one union and D-Silo served the other. As of August 2013, the D Night Service follows the same route as Day Service and does not take La Rue Road to Russell Blvd.

Destinations on the D Line

Apartment Complexes Served

D Bus Line (Weekend- Discontinued)

Starting August 8th 2015 the D line weekend service will be replaced with the K-Line.

Weekend service was expanded to the D Line for the 2013-2014 service year

Rider Comments

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This is the best bus line ever. D-Line Pride! - BrentLaabs

Seriously, I hate to break it to the rest of y'all, but there's something a little bit awesome about anyone that rides the D-Line, a certain je ne sais pas... -KrisFricke

Excellent bus line.KenBloom

I've ridden most of the bus lines at some point or another, and I gotta say that my fave is the D line. It's by far the most beautiful and relaxing ride (West Davis, baby!), it's not too long and not too short, serves both the MU and Silo/Shields,

AND there's tons of hot guys. What more could you ask for?KayRide

U R TEH STUPID! P/Q ROXXORZ!!!!!1BarnabasTruman

2006-03-15 16:34:54   D line is awesome. For the most part, it is on time, quick, and always running. —MarkMcDermott

2013-10-05 22:27:54   I love to ride the D —MilesThomas