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Dan M.
"Your Davis Local"
Summer 2011
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Dan's Cab is your Davis local cab / taxi company, founded by Dan who is born and raised in Davis, driven by locals with an emphasis on prompt nighttime operations. Dan's Cab prides itself upon providing a clean, on-time cab ride.

"That's me Dan in the photo so you know who will be providing your personal transportation" :) -dnm12

Dan also prides himself on the insane amount of music he carries, odds are fantastic he will have the tunes you enjoy, and the audio system in the cab will help further the enjoyment.

If you happen to catch a ride and don't fancy the meter Dan would love to quote you a flat rate, you can even run the meter just to prove that the quote given winds up a few bucks less.

Email us for Reservations & Airport Flat Rates

Dan's Cab is proud to support local business as well as donating to local causes such as Proud Sponsor of Davis High School wrestling, Davis High School Lacrosse, and Rider Down Fund

Yolo County Weights & Measures #485Davis Business License- 0035951/11-00040561Sac Airport Permits- 1146



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2011-07-19 19:40:56   One thing is for sure: Dan is the man with the van and the master plan I can't wait to put some more scratch in his hand!

all kidding aside Dan's is my go to cab in town... He showed up a little before he said he would (he guessed 15 minutes) and it turns out he is indeed an Audiophile the sub in the cab thumped nicely on the ride downtown! The cab itself was clean, and Dan was super nice! —StevenDaubert

2011-07-21 13:03:55   Dan runs a quick, clean and well organized cab. He showed up on time, was super polite and got our group downtown in a flash. Definitely my new goto cabbie!!! —KayceM

2011-08-03 11:07:47   Dan's cab is awesome. He was scheduled to pick me up at noon and arrived a few minutes early. Very reasonable flat rate price to take me from Davis to the Executive airport in Sacramento (cheaper than the other places I called). He's a cool guy and easy to chat with. Highly recommended. My new "go to" cab services in Davis. —aroach12

2011-08-13 15:59:31   Have seen Dan's Cab around the bar scene quite a bit. I have never ridden in Dan's Cab but the majority of people I have heard talking about cabs in front of the bar I work at are beginning a lot of buzz about it. It's usually call Dan's Cab, if he's not available then let's try (insert cab name here), but it beginning to be Dan first, everyone else second... That says a lot. Dan is a nice guy when you speak to him, reasonable and, thus far, has not been involved with any of the other cab drama I've seen on the wiki or in real life.

I will still call my friends company first, but if they aren't available it will definitely be Dan's Cab that I call right afterwards. —Wes-P

2011-08-28 08:23:49   I called Dan for a 6am ride to the Sacramento airport last week (at Daubert's recommendation) and had a great experience. Dan arrived early, knocked on the door, and said to just let him know as soon as luggage was ready to go out to the cab, then waited for us to finish getting ready. The ride was quick and easy, and Dan was entertaining to talk to. The fare was quite a bit cheaper than a ride for two on the Airporter would have been. While I didn't do any price shopping beforehand, I'd be a little surprised if other cab companies were much cheaper. —TomGarberson

2011-10-31 10:26:39   great service, great attitude. I'll recommend to my friends —dorothy219

2011-11-27 22:56:37   I got a ride from Dan's Cab a few nights ago. It was a very nice ride, clean cab, nice conversation. I would highly recommend this cab company. —DagonJones

2012-02-14 02:26:02   After some of the cab drama, both on and off the wiki, I began calling Dan first, every time, for everything from bar pick-ups to personal rides. Have to say that it has been a pleasure each and every time. Extremely fare rates, rapid service, and honest estimates on arrival times. Probably the best cab in town at present. Dan is a good guy to run into, even if you aren't in need of his cab, and I find it a pleasant experience each time we randomly cross each others paths. —Wes-P

2012-02-21 17:45:24   I want to say thanks to all the clients who have taken Dan's Cab!!!! I really do appreciate it and hope to be able to continue to provide great service to Davis residents —dnm12

2012-02-21 22:13:08   We had friends in town this weekend and used Dan's Cab to get downtown so we wouldn't have to pick a DD. Not sure how punctuality would have been if we weren't such early birds, but he showed up early for getting us there and back, so we weren't left waiting. The minivan was comfortable and clean (this might be partly due to the warning of a $250 fee for puking!). Our need for taxis is very limited, but we will call Dan again if the occasion arises. —MeggoWaffle

2012-04-08 21:55:52   Although I have not yet had the chance to become a patron of Dan's Cab, I can definitely offer a few words as to the man's character. This morning I woke up and could not find my wallet. When I headed outside to look in my car I noticed a business card had been slid under my door with a note on it. Apparently I had dropped my wallet in the road as I was getting out of my car last night and didn't notice it. Dan did though:) He picked it up and left the note under my door. After I called him, he offered to drop the wallet off to me asap! I even offered the money inside + a little extra to him as a show of appreciation and he wouldn't take it. Might seem like a minor thing but had he not picked it up and someone else had I could be looking at the major headache of replacing/canceling all the cards inside. Thanks Dan! Definitely a stand up guy and next time I need a cab I know who I'm calling! —WHutch

2012-04-20 08:38:45   Dan you need to drive a bit slower. You almost got in a car accident today coming back from Woodland/the airport!!! I know you were in a hurry as I could see you weaving in and out but slow down man, your life is worth more than being on time. —YogiJen

2012-04-20 12:33:38   I apologize yogijen my driving should reflect my service which is safe, reliable, and on time. Please accept my apologies as I will continue to make an effort to improve and be the best I can be as your taxi driver —dnm12

2012-05-20 15:21:25   Best cab ride I've had in Davis. I called several different cab companies at 1:30am Saturday morning and was told the wait would be over 30 minutes for a cab. I called Dan's Cab and was told the cab would show up in 10 minutes—it actually arrived even sooner. The van was spacious, Dan was friendly, and the ride was quick. I need to program this number into my phone because this will be the cab company I call first from now on. —AlexHirsch

2012-06-08 03:48:59   Dan was on time, friendly and allowed me to transport my dog to the Davis vet school. I really needed his help and he was there. He also was not judgmental nor afraid of my very friendly pitbull terrier like most people are. Thank you Dan =) —mshymes

2012-09-23 20:52:09   We were extremely pleased with our Dan's Cab experience, both to and from the Sacramento airport. He arrived on time, was polite and friendly, and helped us with our bags. We were bringing our dogs with us — that was no problem. The van was clean and in excellent condition. We will definitely call on him again the next time we need a ride. —RobertaMIllstein

2013-01-10 17:33:09   We've used Dan's Cab a few times now for SFO trips - Dan, Steve and Adam are great guys, friendly and helpful. They've even stored our children's car seats while we've travelled and had them ready on pick-up. Highly recommend! —LizA

2013-04-24 15:07:46   Love Dan's Cab! My friend even dropped her purse inside his cab one night downtown and he returned everything back to her the next day without an issue. Trust worthy, affordable, and great service. —ChardaeJones

2013-06-17 12:25:47   A+ service! While I prefer to ride my bike ;-) a recent injury has necessitated me to find an alternate route to the station. I chose Dan mostly based on the comments here and I am happy to report these good comments are genuine! One of the reasons I love living in Davis is the honest, friendly, helpful people that live here. Dan is a great example of why we like Davis! —JohnWallis

2014-12-04 14:29:11   my comment is much more recent than others listed below. We are certainly pleased with the service - on time and available when needed. Drivers are courteous and adaptable . We are seniors and not driving as much so appreciate having such service available to us . —CarolSconyers

2015-06-19 04:43:09   Thianks Dan's Cab! You quoted me a great flat rate from the Sacramento airport , had your driver Alexander call me to let me know he was coming out from Davis, estimated time there, and later directions to the taxi area for pickup. Clean and safe ride, and all this at 2am!! Thank you! —JeffWood