Dan performing at MorganFlores's grad party on June 16 2006

Dan Macht talks funny, rocks funny, but makes an excellent latte with a stone cold face.

I removed the R.I.C.H.A.R.D. pic because I'm tired of all the sexual predators confusing me with him. -Dan


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2006-07-12 05:31:27   I haven't been in Roma lately so I haven't seen you in awhile. That's awesome that you're going to play at the wiki fundraiser, I'm really looking forward to it —BrianAng

2006-10-11 08:27:57   Hey Dan. You are awesome, and I'm apologizing cause I was a moron last time you saw me. You rock despite my ridiculousness! —DanReilly

2007-02-21 22:00:48   With Roma closing, I don't get to enjoy watching Dan make me lattes anymore :( —NatalieKitchiner

2008-11-15 16:40:15   Hey Dan, I'm the new owner of Ali Baba Restaurant. I'm remodeling the restaurant and I want to start spoken words nights, comedy nights, theme nights of that sort. Since you already have experience in conducting such events at the used to be Cafe Roma, now 3rd & U Cafe, I was hoping you would be willing to help me out. You can drop by the restaurant anytime or drop me a line at: alismoghaddam@gmail.com. I would really appreciate it. Thanks man, -Ali —alismoghaddam