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Dateline UC Davis, a unit of the Office of Strategic Communications, delivers news, features and announcements to faculty and staff in two ways: on the Dateline UC Davis website and in the Dateline UC Davis electronic newsletter. The newsletter originated as Friday Update, April 11, 2008; the name changed to Dateline UC Davis on Sept. 10, 2013, in conjunction with a switch to Tuesday publication. Your email subscription is automatic.

Dateline UC Davis originated as a newspaper on Nov. 6, 1987, combining Staff News, a mimeographed publication (first on goldenrod paper, then on white paper), and the faculty’s Campus Record, the “green sheet,” a listing of seminars and colloquia, and some brief announcements.

The last print edition of Dateline came out April 30, 2010, switching to online only.

Our mission, then and now: to provide news and features of interest to the entire campus, official announcements, the latest research findings and UC Davis-related content from other media. All of Strategic Communications contributes to Dateline, and we also welcome content from our schools and colleges. Event listings are often taken from the online campus calendar — so we encourage you to use it.

Deadlines for the Dateline UC Davis electronic newsletter:

If it is something we are being asked to write — Noon Monday of the preceding week.

If it something we are being asked to link to — 10 a.m. Thursday of the preceding week.

Deadlines are subject to change during and around holiday weeks.

For the Dateline UC Davis website, content will be considered as it comes in.

For more information, contact editor Dave Jones by phone at (530) 752-6556 or email,

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