I enjoy this picture MUGA & I from a while back

Is what the Jr Daubert goes by. He has a brother who is 4 years his elder and he had a rabbit named after the bowling alley which he used to frequent far too much. His first name is legally spelled with a PH in the middle but people liked to call him "Steph-en" and it's "Steve-n" so he has been using it with a V everywhere, except he has yet to get a name change from the courthouse... He enjoys eating things like breadsticks with cheese, wedge fries with jalapeno ranch and season salt, Super Giant's, D Taq (with potato), The Colossus Burger, hot and sour soup / # J, PadThai, salad, Mandarin Oranges, and things from the Educated Eatery. His favorite drink is a Shirley Temple, Sophias, bistro, and the Grad make apparently make the meanest Shirly in town, although he has had them in various travels to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica, and also the Nevada side of Tahoe. That's all the traveling he has done, except for random jaunts to LA, and SC. He has accused his good friend of being an uncouth plebeian. 3 Degrees of Davis is more likely than you think

Bicycling mostly on greenbelts is his main mode of transportation, it should be yours as well!

oh, he's a Davisite born1 and raised. He grew up next to SabrinaSimonton. He would agree with Schmalenberger on his claim that Davis water rules.

When he was 14 he learned how to play DDR from Robby Ziegler and later he lived with DDR Guy

Certain business register high on the Shadiness Factor in his book, he enjoyed patronizing many Departed Business while they lasted. His parents used to get milk from Crystal Dairy Home Delivery However he believes that the driver retired, you can see the milk truck with a different paintjob on Sycamore after the bend just South of Covell.

He used to enjoy listening to loveline, and is fairly stoked about Dr. Drew's AM radio show.

He created a page called Best quote about the wiki, it's probably not the best quote about the wiki thou... Then again hindsight is always 20/20 He is also engaged in the never ending quest for the coldest drinking fountain

You can find his local political viewpoints hidden on the Albertsons page!


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Did a former ASUCD senator get expelled for cow tipping?

||<bgcolor='#000000'>Debunked. See ["Cow Tipping"]||
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Those comments stand because nobody else knows more. I can't correct it because for all I know, the proprietor actually says "whenever Grandma is up" when asked for her hours. If you know more about the store, please don't complain about the wrong information, simply correct it. It's clear that not many people know much (one of the two comments is "Wish there was more info"), so please add what you know. In the absence of any real information, poorly informed opinion will always fill the void... that has nothing to do with the wiki and is purely a function of human behavior. All you added in your comment was opinion, no expansion or additional information about the actual subject (other than the correction of the name, for which I thank you — I've renamed the entry). —JabberWokky

The reviews you read here are worth what you paid to see them.

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2014-03-09 17:37:23   You put the "animal" in animal fries. —BrentLaabs

2014-03-26 13:33:33   I'm confused about the dental questions page, you have a question now and then somebody elaborates on your story saying he is 61. Sure you are not 61? —ConstantiaOomen

2014-04-16 15:37:53   Thanks bro. Too bad I didn't know you when I was still in Davis. You're a good dude. —Dozer

2014-05-05 13:11:45   I'm glad you liked the presentation! But nope, I've never listened to that repeater feed at all. —WesHardaker

2014-08-14 14:00:34   I haven't done much skating in a while, but I freaking love Labeda wheels, they are awesome. I pretty always get the hardest wheels I can find. —MikeIvanov

2014-08-22 12:05:33   Thanks - didn't realize it had its own page. —MeggoWaffle

2014-09-16 21:34:07   Yeah, I know what you mean about the sign at Safeway. I didn't notice it the first time though. Anyway, I hope you've been well. The paint job in Dilley's room looks good btw! I don't know if they ever told you, but I rent the room on the right. I'm hardly ever there these days though. We should catch up soon. —ScottMeehleib

2014-10-15 18:16:39   You are so right about that ('tragic events' > "Life is fragile. Cherish every moment. Don't take your health for granted. Et Al"). —ConstantiaOomen

2014-11-08 22:44:11   Dear Daubert, re: deleting my developmental writing coach Davis Wiki page. It's not spam. I wrote it. I live in Davis. Brian —BrianKenyon

2014-11-09 21:15:03   It might be a touch slow, but I really think that's just my bias from watching it, expecting it might be slow. —JabberWokky

2014-11-09 21:16:23   Cool... the "finished with server stuff" is probably why I didn't see anything. My last edit was probably before it, and my recent ones after it. —JabberWokky


1. He had to be born in Woodland because the Davis hospital didn't have a birthing center yet

2017-03-23 01:07:53   Pretty sure i saw you biking a few months ago near the old North D neighborhood! Hope all is good bud! —Patwells