David Howard
129 E St. #C-1 in Orange Court
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Friday
For appointments with Owner David Howard (530) 758-6670

At David's Haircutting they work very hard to make your style the best it can be. With over 65 years experience between them they can do whatever you want for that perfect color, cut, or styling need. David's offers Men's barbering, Men and Women's haircutting and hairstyling, as well as haircolor, hi/lo-lites, block color techniques, and color correction.

$35 minimum for a haircut, and appointments are required (no walk ins).

David Howard, owner of David's Inside David's Haircutting

Past Stylists

Thomas Lea, formerly a stylist at David's Haircutting, has moved to his own salon, Hello Gorgeous Salon & Spa. Thomas Lea, former David's Haircutting stylist

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I highly recommend David Howard (owner of David's). He really knows what he is doing (been cutting hair for like 30 years). Also, he's a good deal - a hair cut is $35 (as of 5/07). People with this kind of experience usually cost ~$40 - $50 for a hair cut. Another great thing about David's is it is a barber shop, as well as full service salon, so everyone feels comfortable. David is also a really nice guy.

2006-05-10 08:52:29   David does a fantastic cut. He's a professional who listens to what you want, offers suggestions, and gives you a cut that you are happy with. His basic cuts are still $30 (early 06), and you get what you pay for: $12 at gets you a technician, $30 gets you a professional. His cuts would be $50-100 in San Francisco. —NickGorton

2006-05-22 22:44:03   David does a great job. I came out a much more handsome man and had a great time talking with him too. He is definitely worth the $30. —JasonMoore

2006-07-10 10:19:18   David is friendly and easy to talk to, he makes going for a haircut enjoyable and he certainly know his stuff. He's been cutting hair in Davis for roughly 30 years and has the experience to prove it. Try him out, you won't be disappointed. —ManiGandham

2006-09-05 16:45:36   Excellent haircut from a really nice guy. I highly recommend —PedroLaredo

2006-09-21 09:30:41   I've been going to David's for fifteen years! He's a wonderful man and an excellent hair stylist. —LouiseCraven

2006-10-09 17:14:26   Without a doubt, David's Haircutting is by far the best cut I've had. David spent extra time on my difficult hair. I think $30 is really low but he seems really caring, especially for students. Highly recommended. —DanielHoang

2006-12-23 08:25:47   David is incredible. He takes the time to listen to what you want (even when it takes a couple minutes to describe what it is when you don't know the terminology), makes you feel great about your appearance as well as yourself. I've never had my hair cut and left feeling great about life before I went to David's. He definately has a regular customer now. —SunjeetBaadkar

2007-04-25 16:30:49   David has been cutting my hair for a couple of years. They are usually great, and he's really fun to talk to while he's doing my hair. Highly recommend him! —DavisGradStudent

2007-06-04 22:19:16   David Howard cut my hair last week and did an awesome job. You get what you pay for and a haircut from David is definitely worth it. He's also really friendly and easy to talk to while cutting your hair. Give him a try —12volts

2007-06-16   I highly recommend David Howard (owner of David's). He really knows what he is doing (been cutting hair for like 30 years). Also, he's a good deal - a hair cut is $35 (as of 5/07). People with this kind of experience usually cost ~$40 - $50 for a hair cut. Another great thing about David's is it is a barber shop, as well as full service salon, so everyone feels comfortable. David is also a really nice guy. —

"2007-06-22"   Got my haircut from David yesterday and he did a fantastic job! He was really fast too, and I was done in like twenty minutes, and I had a lot of hair! The place in small and quaint and really makes you feel at ease there. I recommend it to everyone! — atelander

2007-07-12 16:19:10   I just got back from getting my hair done here and loved it. Fun to talk to, very energetic, and what I liked most is that he took time to discuss the multiple ways to cut my hair and we decided on what I felt most comfortable with. I will definitely go back here again. —RohiniJasavala

2007-08-17 18:36:12   Had my hair cut by David. Very friendly guy. Gave me good advice about my hair and tried to honestly change it up while work with the natural behavior of my hair. For haircuts in the ~35 to ~40 price range, I thought that he was above par for the course (I've had many places that were worse). If you'd like a more hmm... hip/modern experience, try haircut places around Hamburger Mary in downtown Sac. They use brands like Bumble and Bumble and the scap massinging stuff. +Tailored haircuts for people who live in Davis +Friendly +Great attitute -He's got a bad phone. So if the line is busy, chances are it's just off the hook. You'll have to "drop" in. —atwong

2007-08-20 23:01:15   I have been going to David's for the the last six months and he knows how to cut hair. It is really worth the extra cost compared to supercuts. I really want my hair done properly and he delivers. As a guy I can not complain one bit about his shop yet. —DonGibson

2007-11-24 22:48:43   After all the positive reviews from Wiki, I decided to try David. I just went and got my hair cut and colored. I love it! David is a really good listener, and cut my hair really well. The color is fantastic, he sat with me and looked at the colors helping me decide. I highly recommend him! —Idunitt

2007-12-12 13:35:04   Because of the positive feedback here, I called this salon when I was ready to donate my hair. Some salons will style after the chop for free or for a reduced rate because you are making a charitable donation. When I called to inquire if his salon participated in the program, he was short "I'm with a customer so I can't talk" and told me if they did this then "everyone and their mother would come in looking for free haircuts". As this is at least a year's (or in my case 3 year) commitment to grow your hair to the required 10+ inches, keep it one length and never chemically treat or dye it, I doubt that everyone is jumping at the chance to take advantage of a free haircut after you give it to an organization that helps children with cancer. Maybe I caught him on an off day but there was no need to be as rude as he was to a polite inquiry in the season of giving. —dandysgirl

2008-01-03 10:52:08   Went to David (Howard) back in the fall. Definitely liked the haircut. I have tough hair to deal with, and most haircuts end up looking OK but don't stay looking good after a few weeks. However, David's haircut grew out and even after 6 weeks didn't look bad. If I could tolerate hair in my face, I wouldn't need it cut again. Alas, I need maximum visibility through the hair for little things like flying planes safely.... Going back tomorrow for another haircut! —AndrewLeonard

2008-03-04 15:17:45   Just got a haircut at David's. Definitely knows what he's doing. I've never been as satisfied with a haircut before. Very freindly, very helpful. I'm one of those guys who usually just waves their hands and asks for it shorter. David talked through different possibilities with me, then did a great job on the one we'd picked. Great hair advice, great haircut. Will be returning. —WilliamWilson

2008-11-18 16:51:50   I paid $140 for a highlight/lowlight that left my roots red while my highlights were blond. I have been to upscale salons that do a perfect cut/color/blow dry/straighten for $130... this price did not include a cut and he half blew dry my hair and sent me away with hair that had to be put in a ponytail it looked so bad. He is a very nice guy, and he cut my hair very well, but he is very overpriced for women. The environment of the salon is friendly, but unprofessional. I will be returning home (all the way to san diego) from now on to get my hair done. —radioheadlvr

2009-03-13 23:05:18   Good haircut, okay for the price (around $60 w/ tip). —ladygodiva

2009-06-09 15:39:12   I got the cutest haircut today, I mean that literally. I'm shocked because I went in with a few pictures and wanted the length of this picture but the layers of that picture... I asked for a lot but didn't really know exactly what the final product would look like. The haircut David gave me actually works with the (bizarre) texture of my hair rather than me fighting against it (I have thin, puffy, wavy blonde hair but I want thick, straight, asian hair). For $45 I am very very pleased. I would be pleased with this haircut at any price. —Stefphanni

2009-09-25 23:37:13   I love this place. David knows how to cut men's hair (unlike 99% of other people). I try to save money where I can, but a bad haircut isn't worth it. David is a sure thing, I walk out of there looking good every time. —Devonian

2010-05-20 13:58:22   I started going to David's at the beginning of this school year and have never regretted a single haircut. I was really hesitant at first because of the price, but I assure any guy reading this that IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY. First time I was there, David sat me down and spent 10 minutes just trying to get an idea of what kind of style works for me. Being an asian guy, it's hard to get a decent haircut with the "coarse" hair that we're known for. However, David managed to tame my hair and give me a hairstyle that's very easy and most importantly attractive. He won't give you the typical "buzz and spike" cut.

Most importantly, David truly cares about how your hair turns out. He usually spends about 45 minutes to an hour cutting my hair, and I'm a guy. $35 is truly a bargain for this kind of attention.

I will never get my haircut anywhere else. I even plan to commute to Davis when I move back home to get my haircuts by him.

2010-12-17 16:55:10   Awsome! Went to get a spiral perm from Thomas. He made the experience enjoyable, did a wonderful job on my hair and was very good about explaining everything. I would highly recomend David's! They even have student discounts that make it very affordable. 8) —sarahbea

2011-01-27 11:42:09   Thomas is truly the "Master Stylist Extraordinaire". I just popped in to get a quick trim and BAM. I look fabulous with a sharp, crisp even cut. Love him and his passion.

2011-03-30 15:04:09   Best place to get a hair cut. Period. —PavelZastava

2011-03-31 11:45:10   Today was my first time here and it was a great experience. David knew exactly what kind of style would look good on me and talked me through what he was thinking. I'm an asian guy and my hair usually turns out wrong at other places (probably cause I only have to pay $10), but my hair turned out great after coming here. David is incredibly nice and I would recommend him to all the guys out there. I'll definitely be coming back. —iAteHere

2012-01-25 14:30:53   Got my hair cut here a couple hours ago. I'm sold — I'll be coming back for as long as I'm living in the area. —ChanS

2012-02-10 12:19:31   Went to David's Haircutting today after making an appointment on Wednesday. Being a guy, I was kind of reticent to go to such a snazzy haircutting place, but I'm glad I did, as I am very impressed. He spent ten minutes or so discussing what kind of hairstyle I might like, and asking me what I wanted to see if he could work with it. I've never had this kind of attention paid to not only what I want, but also what is feasible, when getting a haircut. Sure enough, by the time he was done, it looked fantastic. Plus the fact that he uses a straight razor to shave the neck area-unlike, well, everyone else i've ever been to—was pretty cool. It was $35 (+ tip) well spent. He's also good at making conversation, nice fellow. —Ergo-the-Qualmed

2012-05-18 12:57:32   Great haircut! One of the best I've had in a while :) David listens and communicates well, and you end up with exactly what you ask for. And very affordable too! —mezb20

2012-08-14 17:37:50   This guy's the real deal passionate about what he does. I will be coming back —ChrisRadecke

2012-09-20 09:59:26   I have been going to David for 8 years now and have always enjoyed the exoerience and the cuts. he offers a very comfortable atmosphere, great result, and great service. If i have specifics i want done he is great with them offerring suggestions to my specifics, or if i just want something different but don't know what, he will come up with somethign great and check with me and make it great. —Shinsa

2012-10-04 12:38:18   $35 minimum for a haircut. No walk ins —SydnieMcGuire

2012-10-30 11:05:40   Had a fantastic cut from David yesterday. So glad I finally found someone local who is competent with men's hair. David is a really genial guy, too - that's an important part of the package. —jamesegraham

2014-02-19 19:22:56   I usually recommend David to men who care about their hair. He offers a pretty good salon experience without any of the pomp and pretense. You won't hear loud house music blaring here but you'll still get a shampoo and good cut. Prices are a bit high now ($40 in 2014).

But on my last visit, I left disappointed. I had been growing out my hair for a few months to achieve a new trendy haircut. This style should be getting somewhat common now. I went in with pictures and some questions about weighing my options; I didn't have all the vocab then to explain precisely but we talked through it. David ended up cutting off more hair than I wanted. So I lost several months worth of growth on some parts of my head. Now I have a haircut that's too short and juts out in some parts. And it is uneven on the sides and back. I'll be fixing the sides and back myself. But thanks to this experience I now know a bit more of the vocab I'll need for my next salon visit — I was looking for an "undercut." —StuckInDavis

2014-05-30 15:18:11   David is the best in town. You get what you pay for! You won't be sorry —BrettPhinney