Name: David Eazy or David E-Z is David Quinn Erskine-Zilbert a Local Davisite who grew up in the deadly city after being moved there/here when he was one year old, from Minnesota. David can be seen most days sitting beneath a tree, bush or hat in the gardens ajacent to Hudson street in Village Holmes. His Name has been morphed into many different variations and chronologically they describe his character development. called "DQ" by his mother as a baby, Crazy Davy by his close friends in Patwin Elementary School, and after kicking back and chilling he became David Eazy.

Phone Number/texting address: (530) 757-6783 (Parents House) (530)268-5993 (texting address via Pinger (mobile access))

Office: David works in trees and gardens, and he considers the propagation table and garage (at his parents) as his office.

Personality David Eazy is sweet guy who is also pretty quirky and "weird" he likes smiling into peoples eyes, sleeping outdoors. He does have a restless side and is usually moving, scratching, dancing, hopping, rolling, shaking, spinning and just general fidgeting. He feels a close connection with wild creatures, soil,plants and the earth/sky/mountain/lake/ocean/beach/desert.