Cobalt Salon & Gallery, day of their grand opening a shot of David in one of his blue phases

Owner of Cobalt Gallery,
master stylist, color specialist, educator (retired)
former color advisor with ISO and Joico color,
and former contributing writer for Davis Life Magazine
Cobalt Gallery is located at
132 E Street, Suite 350
David opened Cobalt Salon & Gallery February 1st, 2010
on the third floor of the Mansion Square center.
David has received advanced training with:
ISO color and cut workshops and training
Kenra color training
Modern Salon advanced training
Paul Mitchell Advanced Academy
and David mentored for 4 years with
Bunny Jean Cunningham,
probably the best haircutting training available!!
Linkedin link
Blog, a good place to
learn about David and his passion for hair
other interests
member and coordinator, Davis Hairstylist Association
see below for some of David's artwork
or visit his website






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Most of the below information is for historical purposes.

David Martin is the owner of Cobalt Salon & Gallery. David is a full service hairstylist, specializing in color, color correction, color education, wet and dry cutting techniques, and photo styling. Everything David does is %100 guaranteed! ("If you don't love what I do I'll fix it or refund it, period."-David)

Wedding in San Luis Obispo David has worked in Davis for over 30 years. He started as an apprentice with Bunny Jean Cunningham, of J. Cunningham Hair Salon at her downtown salon, J. Cunningham & Co., on the second floor of the Mansion Square Center, in 1987. David worked with Jean for 4 years before moving to the salon that he would work in for the next fifteen years, All That Jaz. He owned All That Jaz under the name All That Hair Artistry for the last five years he was there. After selling All That/Hair Artistry, David moved back downtown and worked briefly with Roxie Battaglia in her downtown salon, Roxies, before leaving to work with his friend Tenaya Freitas, at David's Haircutting, in the Orange Court Center. David and Tenaya moved to Salon At Maple Court the following year. Here he would work with his old friends and mentors from J. Cunningham & Co., Sharon Jackson, and Cecilia Scott. When circumstances forced them out of their H Street location David opened his own salon, Cobalt Salon & Gallery and invited his friends Tenaya, Sharon, and Cecilia to join him.

David specialized in:

  • haircolor (both permanent and semi/demi permanent techniques depending on the clients style choice)
  • color correction
  • hi-lighting, lo-lighting, paneling, baliage, ombre, and block-color techniques
  • (very rarely) styling for special occasions such as up-do's and/or wedding hairstyles (full or half day packages if within a few hours drive) or for a night out.
  • both wet and dry cutting and razor techniques. "I love Curly hair, too!!"

David was one of the best haircolor artists in town, and his haircuts were always perfect, guaranteed!

Please visit David's website at for more information.



David works mainly in oil on canvas; abstract and realistic portraits are his specialty. David has shown at All That/Hair Artistry in July of 2006, and his work can be viewed by appointment in his studio in Sacramento, or at Cobalt Salon & Gallery.








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How would you describe your experience with David?

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2007-05-15 18:44:11   I've been going to David for longer than I care to remember. He's taken great care of my hair, and he makes it look nice even when it (the hair) suddenly adopts a new growth pattern! Last summer I got some strange new waves to my hair when we cut it short for a trip. It looked good even when I didn't blow it dry. He also has good advice for keeping it healthy. —Christal

2007-06-23 13:19:46   I've been going to David for a haircut since I moved to Davis. I have always been happy with the results! —DanWillenbring

2007-11-03 21:31:03   I highly recommend David to all my friends. I LOVE my new haircut. I always had long hair as a child so I was very nervous about having short hair. I brought in pictures and told him roughly what I wanted. I ended up having a hair cut that was EXACTLY what I wanted. He will listen to how you want your hair and tell you all you need to know about what would look best for you. I am very excited to show everyone my new hair cut. —tessa

2007-12-10 12:53:49   I went to David for a cut last week. I have curly hair and usually wear it short. Most barbers/stylists don't know what to do with it. David did a great job! In addition to the great cut, the overall experience was wonderful. I felt very comfortable and relaxed while there. —CharlesMcLaughlin

2008-01-05 07:30:49   David always gets it right! I leave his salon loving my hair. Thanks David! —CaryArnold

2008-03-19 16:20:23   I LOVE him! He does such a great job. I went to David to have may hair cut short and it turned out amazing. I would definitely recommend him. —atnuech

2008-11-04 09:36:22   All I can say is WOW! David is amazing! He performed magic on my hair for my wedding. He made me feel like a total princess. He not only did my hair but did 5 bridesmaids, 3 moms and two flower girls (with lots of help from my friend Sharon Gamble!!-David). He is totally professional and I can't believe how much he was able to do in a few hours! I would highly recommend David to everyone I know! Thank you David - you helped turn my day into a dream! —CaraJones

2008-11-14 19:02:01   I went in for anything different. David talked with me and was quite funny and friendly. But most importantly, he gave me the most amazing haircut. It's different from what I had before and totally me. I DEFINITELY recommend him. —Tanguera

2009-01-23 20:54:30   I have difficult hair to work with and I want some pretty challenging cuts. I asked him to mimic a photo of a previous cut with some alterations. He was able to handle the cut and do in 1.5 hours what took 2.5 at a high-end salon in Austin (at a lower price too). David Martin is an artist. —Stefphanni

2009-04-13 09:56:27   I had my first appointment with David just over two weeks ago - the cut and highlights were exactly what I wanted, the colour is particularly gorgeous! He was great to chat with, would highly recommend. —LizA

2009-08-07 06:56:43   I was referred to David by a friend. He did an outstanding job on her hair, especially on the color. Now it is two weeks after my own appt. with him and I am very happy with both the cut and color. I also appreciate how he 'gets' his clients. He listens. Really listens. My husband was, and still is, thrilled with David's work. He doesn't typically comment on my hair, but he calls me "glamorous." There have been subsequent date nights and a romantic weekend on the Mendocino coast. With a three year-old in tow, but what the heck. I recommend David without reservation, especially if you have fine hair and want to work with a true professional. —MrsC

2009-08-11 17:28:18   I've worked with David for years. He's great. Very conscientious. He listens and finds out exactly what it is you want. —TenayaFreitas

2010-01-09 19:24:04   David is fantastic. He is an extremely talented hair stylist and colorist. And a super nice guy too! I highly recommend David. —EBP

2010-04-16 21:14:24   I have been devoted to David's hair styling since I moved to Davis and feel that I was so lucky to have chosen him. I trust him completely and he never fails to put a smile on my face when I get out of his salon. Not only he is in total command of his craft, he completely devotes himself to make his clients happy. The quality of his professional work is exceptional. —

2010-04-29 22:05:59   Had my first appointment with David today and must say that I love the work that he did with the color and cut. Super professional and knows what he is doing. I highly recommend him. —Yuriko

2010-09-29 16:01:11 David is WONDERFUL! I got a hair cut with him as a gift from a friend and I couldn't be happier. He is professional, funny, kind, and really knows about hair! My boyfriend decided he finally needed to cut off his pony tail but was nervous as he hadn't had short hair in nearly a decade. He went to David for a consult and cut and came away with a great cut that works perfectly with his type of hair. I would highly recommend David! —SaraRoscoe

2011-03-23 08:26:19   I try to search for a good salon in Davis. First of all, I chose Luci salon because my friends said they know how to style your hair. However, as I went online, I saw lots of good reviews about the Cobalt salon, so I decided to change my mind and go to this salon instead. It turns out that I got the worst haircut ever from this place. Although I brought the picture with me to the place, my haircut turns out so short and not even looks like the picture. It is completely a crazy short hair without any styling or any creative,or not even look like the pictures that I brought ( I brought 2 pictures, but if it's not possible to cut as the pix, just tell me before the process, and don't say that it's possible, but then it turns out to be worst at the end)The fullness of the hair in the back is also weird; the half top is flatted, and the half bottom is having fullness. My mom and aunts also agree so. I was crying whenever I look at the mirror.

I have to go to my regular stylist to ask if he can fix it for me, but it is impossible because if he fixes the hair, it will even shorter. Afterward, I had to go to Sally to ask for a shampoo to induce hair grow so it can grow faster and i can fix it. This is the first time that I have to pay for an expensive haircut and I don't like it at all. I'm so disappointed, upset, and sorry for my self for not going to the suggested salon or stay with my stylist in my hometown.... So, Be careful with all the good reviews online. PS. the owner, Davis is nice and friendly, he's just not a good hair stylist —ChauDoan

Ms. Doan, I am so very sorry for your bad experience with your haircut. As I stated in the email I sent you, I would be happy to refund your money if you do not want me to fix any problems with your cut. — David Martin, owner

2011-03-24 12:10:14   I'd like to take a moment to come to David's defense regarding the above comment. David is wonderful and kind and has obviously tried to make things right with this unsatisfied customer. I've had bad hair cuts before (never from David) so I know how upsetting it can be, especially if you get a really short dramatic hair cut. But David is a very talented stylist and I think her rant is unwarranted. Also, he's only received one bad review in years of amazing styling, don't take it too hard David. —SaraRoscoe

  • How do you know her rant is unwarranted? Everyone has a bad day, even the best of us, at what we do. Perhaps she really wasn't satisfied with her hair and ya know what, that's alright in the grand scheme of things. No one business is going to please everyone.-OliviaY

2011-03-24 13:12:31   I'm in agreement with Sara on this one also. I've been having David cut my hair for over a year now and have bringing my mother into him for nearly as long. Both of us have loved every single hair cut. He's been a great listener, very knowledgeable, professional, and is funny and kind as well. Before David I was terrified of every little snip of my hair and now I look forward to working with him every time I get my hair cut. David, please don't let one bad review get you down because the rest of us think you're amazing! —ElysiaFrink

2011-03-25 03:07:55   I call shannigans on Doan's post. You're so upset that you're going to create 5 new accounts on different sites and copy and paste your review in 5 different spots? And then refuse to take a refund? People lose creditability imo when they specifically reference other stylists/salons in a review. Nice plug.

While I do appreciate Brett's defense of me, I don't believe the salon referenced in Ms. Doan's edit had anything to do with her review.-David Martin

David is a good hair stylist. Maybe he's not good for you (hmmm). But you can't generalize for everyone else. Or try to discount all the good reviews for one bad (laughable).

Not only is David one of best cutter/stylists both me and my gf have ever been to. He's pretty bad-ass at color too. I should know cause i've had two-tone mohawks and we've had all sorts of styles and colors.

Bottom line. David rocks. —BrettBretterson