113 E St Davis
Hours of Operation
Monday 11:30am-10pm, Tue-Wed 11:30am-9pm, Thurs-Sat 11:30am-10pm, Sun 11:30am-9pm
Phone Number
(530) 564-4315
David Roberts

In 2016, Davis Creamery reoponed downtown

The Davis Creamery is an ice cream parlor. Until early 2011, it was located at Oakshade Town Center, a few doors down from Dos Coyotes. That location used to be a Marble Slab Creamery. The Davis Creamery now resides downtown.

Former News Headlines for Davis Creamery lovers, from Wendy Weitzel's "Comings and Goings" column in the Enterprise:

Davis Creamery, also home to Cupcake Craving and Cookie Connection, is moving from South Davis to downtown, effective in May. The owner has leased a space at 113 E St., in The Lofts, last occupied by Yogurt Shack.

It will serve ice cream, cookies and cupcakes. Once it moves, plans are to be open seven days a week, from 11 a.m. until 2 a.m., according to a news release from Davis Commercial Properties, which handled the lease.

    Regular ice cream flavors included chocolate, blueberry, vanilla brown sugar, peanut butter, salted caramel, chai tea, chocolate mint, banana, and honey. They also offered also seasonal flavors, such as pumpkin and egg nog. In December 2007, "liver and onions" was listed as a flavor, although it was conspicuously absent from the display case. Mix-ins could be added to the basic flavors, with the mixing being done on the now-common cold slab.

    The Davis Creamery made its own ice cream in the shop, and handmade cookies and cupcakes are also available. Their motto is "Udderly Delicious," and their logo features a cow riding a bicycle.

    Udderly Delicious

    As of February 2009, they also offered cupcakes from Cupcake Craving. There were a wide variety of cupcake flavors such as Bavarian Dream, Monkey Mania, Caramel Comfort, Raspberry Reward just to name a few. Different combo deals for ice cream and cupcakes are available like the single combo which is $5 for any cupcake and a scoop of ice cream. Starting in July 2009, the Davis Creamery began carrying cookies from Cookie Connection out of Sacramento, which are also The Cookie Company cookies from Woodland. They now offer about 24 different varieties of gourmet cookies, and the cow-pies (ice cream sandwiches) are available both pre-made with these cookies and kept frozen, or made to order to fit to your specific tastes.

    They have also been spotted at the Farmers' Market, serving up some of their specialty flavors, such as avocado coconut, honey vanilla, peach brown sugar, lemon basil, and many more. The farmer's market flavors are made from fresh ingredients purchased from local farmers, so the flavors vary based on what is available for purchase at the market. These flavors are available in the store, but only upon request as they are kept in the back for the market.

    They want you to join the Davis Creamery or follow their blog, Twitter, and Facebook to hear about the newest flavors, biggest deals, and special sales.


    Daily Specials

    $1.50 scoop night (5-10PM), 
    $2Cupcakes (All Day)
     $6 Ice Cream Quarts  (All Day)
    $3.00 Cow-Pies (ice cream sandwiches: 2 cookies and a scoop of ice cream) (all day)


    $4.00 Milk Shake Happy Hour (4pm-7pm)


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    The also give out blue coupons for "$1 off a regularly priced quart of ice cream".

    2007-12-23 18:45:15   You can tell you're getting the real stuff here. For example, the chocolate peanut butter ice cream has chunks of peanuts in it, and the banana ice cream — a flavor I don't normally like — actually tastes like bananas. There isn't a huge supply of mix-ins, but they have the standard ones; don't overlook the homemade brownies off to the side. Now I just need to save up some calories for a Cow Pie. —CovertProfessor

    2008-01-27 16:03:08   I've tried their Cow Pie. The Vanilla ice cream was delicious and had good flavor and consistency (not too hard, not too soft). However, the Cow Pie was more than I could handle because I wasn't able to finish the second cookie! I do wish they would make their cookies chewy, instead of crunchy, so that it would be easier to eat along with the ice cream. I am looking forward to going back and trying their other flavors. —at86

    2008-02-01 10:49:55   how are the vegan options here? mixed berry sorbet sounds cool... —PxlAted

    2008-03-06 22:50:12   Saw a coupon in the California Aggie for $1 off... also saw that students get a 10% discount with ID? I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask! —at86

    2008-03-13 16:46:59   The Cupcake ice cream was great, but the blueberries were bad. It was obvious they were frozen, not fresh, and were hard in the center. I'm also not a big fan of frozen strawberries in syrup which they had in lieu of fresh strawberries. Next time I'll pass on the fruit toppings. —GraceAn

    2008-03-18 15:34:09   Had just cones today, a chocolate and a raspberry. Nothing totally unique but nearby and good quality. Will be back for sure and likely going to give the Cow pie a try. —loneshark

    2008-03-26 17:52:08   Have to say this place has the best ice cream- hands down. In response to at86, I've heard that they've changed their cookie making processes and it shows. Every time I've had one, the cookies have been perfect. I recommend the cowpie to absolutely everyone! Oh... and be sure to ask for the chocolate chip peanut butter cookies, best kept secret of the store! —blitzcatt

    2008-04-28 18:11:12   They had great customer service and fantastic ice cream! Love the Chocolate Peanut Butter! Definitely recommend it for summer time blues —LizDarko

    2008-05-01 10:58:20   I had a good experience with Davis Creamery a couple months ago: good ice cream and good service. Then I went there with friends yesterday and was very disappointed at the service. Even though we had a coupon that explicitly said $1 from the Aggie with no fine print on it, they wouldn't let us use it on single and junior scoop, frozen yogurt (basically everything we wanted to get!). I don't know why they would put a coupon in the newspaper if they're just going to add in all these stipulations last minute. It's a shame because they're ice cream is pretty good quality. Well, they lost our business that day and I'm sure we won't be going back very soon in the future either. —AmberHMa

    2008-05-04 19:27:41   Best ice cream in Davis without a doubt. Ice cream is by far my favorite food (how could anything else possibly be better!!) and after my first taste of DC ice cream I was hooked. Try it yourself just once, like CovertProfessor said, you will instantly be able to tell you are getting the real stuff. The ice cream here is supposedly made in Davis and they have a huge selection of things to order. You can get Froyo (the natural kind), ice cream + mix-ins, "Cow Pies" (ice cream sandwiched between two cookies), milkshakes, and other menu items I neglect because I always get vanilla ice cream + strawberry/raspberry ice cream + strawberry toppings. Try the milkshakes though they are excellent! Their milkshakes have that heavy ice cream flavor and yummy ice cream chunks you might be familiar with if you've tried some milkshakes from upscale restaurants. Another thing I like about Davis Creamery is that it has some interesting flavors... for example yesterday they had blueberry flavored ice cream. Never seen that flavor before and it was a nice rich purple color. Cool. I made this daviswiki account just so I could comment on Davis Creamery. Yes, I know it is a bit sad. Cold Stone just closed down and I hope my beloved Davis Creamery doesn't follow the same fate. Oh yea by the way, Davis Creamery has very reasonable prices. 3.95 for two ice creams and a mix-in (that's without coupons/student id also) and every time I go my cup is overflowing from the top. Can't give this place a better recommendation. Go out there and try it, guys!

    P.S. About GraceAn's comments on DC's use of frozen strawberries as toppings — I agree. The frozen toppings are no dice and my only gripe about Davis Creamery. They taste alright on the outside but the inside of the fruit is still frozen and it doesn't go too well with the ice cream. What's up with that, DC! —DavidLiu

    Hi Guys! Thank you for taking the time to provide comments and feedback about DC. We're glad to see many of you enjoying our ice cream. We feel we've got the best stuff in town! :D We also appreciate your patience as we continue to figure some things out, like balancing fresh fruit vs. frozen fruit and training our team members to provide consistent and excellent customer service every single time. CP- Thanks for getting the ball rolling! at86 & PixlAted - We were playing around with our cookie recipe when we opened, (you wouldn't believe how challenging it was to find a quality cookie that could be baked consistently by whomever was working that day), I think we've found the right one now! The only vegan or non-dairy option we have at the moment is the mixed-berry sorbet. Give it a try with a granola mix-in... I think you'll enjoy it. GraceAn- I totally agree with you on the fresh vs. frozen strawberries. We're committed to fresh strawberries as the choice for our topping since we believe our ice cream deserves it. We don't want to blow it for the sake of 'convenience' with frozen berries. blitzcatt, LizDarko - Thanks for the great comments! AmberHMa- I'm glad that we managed to not disappoint you with our ice cream! We appreciate your feedback and hope you'll give us another shot. We've had a 'chat' with our team members about honoring our coupons and have worked on revising our Ads to make them clear and enticing. How about you come by and try out Spicy Chai Tea flavor? DavidLiu - Thanks for the great enthusiasm! If we can make everyone feel the way you do, we'll be sticking around for a long time to come. We're committed to keep on trying our best and bringing you locally produced, innovative ice cream flavors that are delicious! Check us out on FB and join the DC Fan Club!

    2008-06-11 22:19:54   I LOVE DAVIS CREAMERY! —davisrox

    2008-07-03 20:44:40   I just had the Spicy Chai Tea ice cream and it is excellent! The other flavors are all great too, but the Chai is perfect. Every time I've been into DC, the customer service has been great too! —RMC

    2008-08-09 20:38:38   Service and ice cream were great. Cookie was still a little crisp, though not enough to deter my next first. Great place. Will be back. —Sar58

    2008-09-04 18:07:55   It's listed for sale on craigslist. —BradBenedict

    2009-02-01 16:23:06   Went by today during business hours, and it was closed. Is this place still in business? —jsg718

    • I read in the Enterprise that they were closing temporarily for the winter, but that they would be reopening very soon with a slightly more focused business. I think they really want to emphasize their specialty flavors, which makes me very, very happy. Their blueberry ice cream is out of this world — keep in mind that this remark comes from someone who usually doesn't bother with dessert that isn't chocolate. —CovertProfessor

    2009-02-11 15:26:40   are they opening a cupcake place in this spot? —Yesenia

    • I read that the Creamery will offer cupcakes in addition to the ice cream. —CovertProfessor

    2009-02-11 20:14:17   They have reopened and showcase off a nice variety of the cupcakes by Cupcakes Cravings. All looked incredibly yummy and it was hard to make a choice. Ended up with a Koo Koo for Macaroons and a Dulce de leche and they were both really good. The Dulce was super yummy with very silky frosting. You can see the cupcake flavors at http://www.cupcakecraving.com. Nice edition to the Creamery and a very satisfying desert option. —loneshark

    2009-02-12 17:19:15   The ice cream is great, but a bit pricey. Now, for 1 scoop and a mix-in, my total came out to $4.04!!! The red velvet cupcake isn't very good, either. The banana ice cream is amazing. —TY3

    2009-02-14 17:21:09   DAVIS CREAMERY IS NOW RE-OPENED!

    We closed the store for a few weeks for renovation, and to bring in our new partner, Cupcake Cravings. They are a privately owned and operated business out of Sacramento, and we are pleased to have their hand-made and hand-decorated cupcakes to offer along with our ice cream. The ice cream is the same and prepared fresh here in the shop, with a few new flavor offerings, such as the salted caramel and 100% organic flavors. We have changed sizing and pricing to hopefully make it simpler for both our customers and ourselves, and are open to any feedback. The prices have raised on both the banana and honey ice cream, since they are now 100% organic, but we have simplified everything to make it a better experience overall for every customer that walks through our door.

    Thanks to all of you for your comments, keep them coming! We rely on feedback to continue changing and improving to offer you the best service and experience possible every time. Be sure to come and check out everything new we have to offer you, we feel that both our continued products and our new additions are delicious and we will do everything possible to make sure you are not disappointed! —hjermstad

    2009-02-21 13:39:54   What are the hours? I'm about to go bike all they way over there to check it out but I don't know if it's open. —KellyM

    2009-02-21 22:39:02   They're open until 11 PM on Saturday —OrofinJackson

    2009-03-14 15:58:32   Had to post after I just had an incredibly disappointing experience with this place... Went in wanting a cowpie and first off the cookies they used were out of a plastic package (like the big stale inedible ones you buy at Safeway near the bakery section). Maybe I'm imagining this but in my memory these cowpies used to be made with fresh baked cookies and I'm pretty sure the cookies were warmed up or something when I got my cowpie. So this kid sticks these sick cookies into a cup after informing me they only have chocolate chip, then puts literally the smallest scoop of ice cream I've ever gotten in between them. I was too stunned to even say anything... I will say the person I was with got about 2.5 times as much ice cream I did, so either the scooper hated me or was just being really lazy. I can't believe I just paid $3.50 for a thimbleful of vanilla ice cream and cookies that I wouldn't even feed to a pigeon. :( I will definitely never return to this place. —soledad101

    2009-03-18 11:52:26   really cute locally owned place. love that they make their ice cream instore. pints and quarts are a little pricey, and some of the cupcakes don't really taste like a huge step up from safeway cupcakes that you could get across the parking lot, but some of them are awesome. bavarian cream and red velvet rock! they have giant snickerdoodle cookies that are REALLY good here... soft and chewy. the ice cream is great too. it's so hard to pick because they all taste so good. there's cute little asian girl that works there knows her stuff and has really good recommendations when you don't know what to pick. service was great. some asshole in front of us was giving her a really hard time but the whole situation was handled really professionally and i was actually surprised. usually places like this have barely-old-enough punks who look like they'd rather be somewhere else. —houndstooth

    • Out of curiosity, how can you give somebody a hard time over ice cream? —jw

    2009-03-25 22:09:17   I finally made it back to check out this place after the re-opening. Some comments, in no particular order, partly in response to comments above: We also had the experience of very different portion sizes for the same price, from the same server, one which was very small and one which was reasonable (for the price). Very odd. The cookies we saw were definitely homemade; perhaps they run out occasionally? I am consistently drawn to their fruit-flavored ice cream, in spite of the fact that I don't generally like fruit-flavored ice cream. It is that good. (I think I had raspberry this time). We split a cupcake, and it was yummy — they have some sort of one scoop/one cupcake deal (sorry, I don't remember the details). Last but not least: Please bring back brownie as a mix-in option!! —CovertProfessor

    2009-03-28 17:12:37   third time to try cupcakes and my partner and I were both very bummed that the cake wasn't moist and seemed a bit stale or air exposed. Case full of great options but doesn't mean much if they aren't really fresh. Made my own brownies today. —loneshark

    2009-04-25 17:22:48   Always been very pleased with the ice cream/milk shakes! Since the remodel, the wait is much shorter when there's a line and the addition of cupcakes is great (although some of the flavors are more consistent in quality than others). I highly recommend it! —cfb

    2009-05-19 08:08:08   Bought a few cupcakes here for the first time last week. Very disappointing, very cheap Safeway-like taste, especially the frosting. The cake didn't taste much like chocolate, either. I couldn't even finish my chocolate cupcake—a first ever for me. Try the cupcakes at the Nugget in North Davis instead. —LeslieMadsenBrooks

    2009-06-01 14:56:49   I love this place, and the staff is so friendly. Now that the weather is getting hotter I know I'll be trying more of their flavors. —nkristis

    2009-06-01 22:53:41   YAY for dollar Mondays! I went there tonight for the first time, and got a scoop of peanut butter icecream mixed with chocolate ice cream. They were both delicious, and I finished my meal wanting more. My friend had the pomegranate raspberry and enjoyed it. I'm going to try to chai next time I go in.

    And their cupcakes looks absolutely divine, but I haven't tried them yet. My friend said they looked better than they tasted, but I'll let you know when I try one myself.


    2009-07-06 20:26:35   I love Davis Creamery!!! They have unique flavors and I love how it's so creamy... most of all, I'm so thankful for dollar scoop Mondays! For once I have a reason to not hate Mondays! —JanetHung

    2009-08-31 16:11:29   Best ice cream in Davis. Especially their blueberry, raspberry and banana is extremely good.


    2009-09-14 15:19:27   Weekly specials are the best — find myself there on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. See above for the specials. —DerrickUm

    2009-09-17 01:57:26   I went here on Monday and it was really good. I plan to come back next Monday, and maybe get a cupcake. —NickSchmalenberger

    I'm with Nick. The sorbet I tried (mango) was awesome. For a buck a scoop, you really can't go wrong. =) —wl

    2009-09-18 19:16:32   They've killed Marble Slab! We will never be going here again. $4.75 for a Dixie cup full of ice cream (and they call that two scoops?) with one mix-in. They were out of the mix-in my wife wanted and also out of waffle cones (how does an ice cream place run out of cones?) I miss Marble Slab. —Chuckles

    2009-10-17 21:27:08   I have an idea for you: Ice cream cupcakes. They would be more "gourmet" than cake cupcakes, could be sold for a reasonable price, etc. —SteveDavison

    2009-11-11 11:21:44   I love this place. It is well-priced, the customer service is always great, and their hours are convenient. They often have a couple of unique and interesting flavors of ice cream that I try when I am feeling adventurous. Yay for a local business! —GJC02

    2009-11-11 20:57:12   I absolutely love the ice cream and cupcakes, etc. Such a pleasant staff and really local feel. The daily specials are fantastic. I love the ice cream sandwich, especially with oatmeal raisin cookies. Also, I like the music they play. I will keep coming back. —GarySaylin

    2009-11-18 23:00:58   The ice cream was really really good. The texture is appealing and consistent while the ice cream flavors are true; very bright and intense without any hints of manufactured chemicals. If you like pumpkin ice cream, Davis Creamery's version is sublime. —ZachStednick

    2009-12-29 13:39:04   I don't often go to South Davis, but this place is worth the trip! The "salted caramel" ice cream is amazing! —EmilyHughes

    2010-01-20 12:00:28   I love this place. The daily deals are amazing. The cupcakes are super tasty and the ice cream is delicious. I had a cowpie last night and it was good, but i recommend going early so you can get a fresh cookie. They had run out of them, so we picked from the day-old cookies. Even then it was tasty. I think everything here is good and for the most part, the staff has been friendly and helpful. I'll definitely be back for the deals. —emmaleanne

    2010-01-28 17:50:28   My favorite ice cream in town and the best peppermint ice cream I've ever had! Also love the cowpies and their nightly deals, however, the cupcakes leave something to be desired... —5thAve

    2010-02-03 14:42:21   Recently tried Davis Creamery for myself — I love it! I've gone twice in the last 2 weeks. The employees are really nice and helpful, which is great especially because I have a terrible time deciding which flavors I want to try. The cupcakes are alright, but something about them seems a little off to me. Really love the daily specials! —AliceW

    2010-02-05 14:56:06   The ice cream here is very, very good. It has a smooth creamy homemade texture. The vanilla brown sugar is a nice unique twist on a classic flavor. The cookies are also real good. I don't care much for the cupcakes but I dont like cake much at all. The caramelo cookies and smores cookies are awesome. The best cowpies are the caramelo with the vanilla brown sugar. The best deal is by far Tuesday night $2 cowpies it is such a great price for the quality that you get. I often feel guilty only paying $2 for those things. As of June 2010 Tuesday deal is $2.50 cowpies, still a great bargain. —DagonJones

    2010-02-22 16:07:56   The ice cream is very good, and homemade. The yogurt is also very good. With this said it is very expensive. —GiulianaWasHere

    2010-03-18 18:28:56   this place is BOMB! such good ice cream, tons of flavors, really cheap and open pretty late. No complaints! —cj2012aggie

    2010-07-14 22:06:25   Crackle - enough said. —BamCam

    2010-08-16 00:18:08   No more $1 scoop nite. =( It's $1.50 now, which I guess is still good for the taste/quality, but still....damn. —TheShah

    • Also, their new Pineapple Blast is awesome! —SS
    • 2010-08-18 00:23 Had a cow pie today, went up to $3. I had a macadamia nut cookie and chocolate chip/M&M cookie, and they weren't that great. I'll stick to the ice cream and cupcakes, I guess. —SS

    2010-08-19 14:37:18   I've had their avocado coconut ice cream at the farmer's market and it is delicious. This is my favorite place for ice cream in Davis. I went into the shop today and sampled the bubblegum and salted caramel flavors, and they were both tasty. I got a sugar-free chocolate cupcake and it was very "meh", but my guess is the regular cupcakes will better, so I'll be back another time to try one of those. Service was friendly and polite. —DanaSullivan

    2011-03-31 15:49:01   Drove by this morning and the place is GONE! Sign has been removed and the store has been cleared out. The ice cream was good the cupcakes not so much. —loneshark

    • As noted above, they were supposed to move to 113 E St. in The Lofts in May, so maybe they're not really gone. —CovertProfessor
    • Yes, they are on E St. now, two doors north of the John Natsoulas Gallery (on the same side of the street). —eganio