340 G Street Suite B
Monday - Friday, 2:00pm - 6:00pm
(530) 759-0464
Leticia Saez

This long-windedly named, DMV-accredited driving school offers drivers education and drivers training for many of Davis' teenagers and also adult students. This business casts a wide net, functioning under different names in Davis, Woodland, Dixon, Vacaville, West Sacramento, and even out to Stockton.

The Mustang convertibles that the owner uses on behind-the-wheel training makes this company a favorite among high schoolers, not to mention DADS students' high pass rate.

It was previously located at 520 2nd Street.


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It should be noted that multiple false positive comments have been posted throughout this page from the same IP address. There is suspicion one of the owners is responsible for the false entries.

2006-01-24 09:42:49   true that, I always saw the Davis mustang driving around The Ville when I was in high school and driving aimlessly around. —MichelleAccurso

2007-09-29 20:29:18   I wish my son would of had a better experience with his driving training. We switched to T.J.s and had an excellent experience. Debbie —glanderdebbie@yahoo.com

2008-04-17 16:52:16   I've gone to Davis Academy Driving School for behind-the-wheel training and they're professional and friendly. I'd recommend.

In reference to the post that mentions TJ's driving school, it should be noted that the co-owner has been accused of molesting one of his students. No word yet on whether or not he's guilty, and TJ's is still open for business. Article: http://www.sacbee.com/101/story/868579.htmlDucky

2008-06-27 20:25:00   I've been doing TJ's since January and was supposed to schedule my second driver's training appointment for July 3rd. My dad tried all of their numbers and they're all disconnected. The websites are still up, but I think that TJ's is pretty much dead now. So because of this, I have to go through the hassle of finding a NEW school that will train me for the next two appointments. That's alright, though; the woman whom which I was driving was a complete...you know. —HannahFolkes

2009-08-28 14:51:37   I agree, I've tried all the driving school #'s and TJ's is out. The only ones I could get a hold of were Davis Academy and All Stars. Academy is much cheaper than All Star's for me and my age, though both seemed very nice on the phone. Academy quoted me $270 for 6hr. and All stars said b/c I am an adult it's a higher rate of $400 for 6hr.s I think I'll go with Academy. :) —Ilovetacos

2010-05-06 12:49:04   If you are always home and ready to be picked up half an hour early, an hour late, or not at all, this is the driving school for you! If that doesn't work, you can get another appointment three weeks or more later and see if they show up then! —MUSECYCLE

2010-05-29 12:23:50   They have good driving teachers, I was trained well. Monica is more laid back and patient while you learn, but Salvadore is a little aggressive and leaves little room for error. I recommend requesting Monica for the first and third lessons (she likes to do a mock test), and Salvadore for the second. —scrizer

2010-06-07 00:36:18   I was suppose to take my three lessons with this school, ended up taking two lessons because my permit was expiring soon. I told them about my problem and they wouldn't try and squeeze me in their schedule for my third lesson a few days sooner. I transferred to ACME, and they were VERY accommodating. With the davis driving instructors i felt tense, but with ACME it was very FRIENDLY. The driver even bought me a large soda!! in the end this driving school may be one of the few in davis, but not the best at all. —melamazing

2011-07-28 15:24:05   If the instructors turn up, they're probably adequate teachers. It's the turning up part that's hard for them. Class #1: 90 mins late. Class #2: amazingly on time. Class #3: No showed for an am class. The school rescheduled for a class later that same day when we called about the no-show, and then that second instructor called, 15 mins AFTER that class was due to start, to reschedule for the NEXT day. That day, we spent a total of four and a half hours waiting for no-show instructors. If you value your time at all, go with a different driving school. —AmandaCorocoran

2011-11-09 14:49:33   Hey I looked up T.J. driving school it is close, wasn't a good school after all.if you find out why it close, Davis Academy has its problems like running late trying to make every one happy,as we know it isn't easy to drive now a days. One thing i can say they are very professional and they were able to get me to drive since i was so scared because other school took me to the freeway and i didn't know how to drive but Davis academy treat me so good and had so much patience with me they even took me to DMV to past my test.i want to Thank Leticia and Monica for being there for me.cant wait to go back and drive in New York this I owe to Leticia she was the best. —lindawoods

2011-12-28 02:41:28   This is the worst driving school in all of california. the drivers are always late or never show up and when you call the office no one ever picks up or if they do they just lie to your face and say the driver is on the way when there is no one to come pick up your child. the driver was an hr late for the first lesson and yelled at my son most of the time so he didnt learn anything. Also the driver asked my son for $20 for gas for his lesson bc if he didnt pay for gas then he wouldnt be able to drive. What kind of school is this?? i scheduled the second lesson and they did a no call no show and when i finally got through to the office, they claimed that i never called to schedule then when i spoke to "leticia" she claims that they made a clerical error so my son's lesson had been scheduled for the wrong day. which lie is it?! i rescheduled that second lesson and they picked my son up and had him drive to jack in the box across from their office and then the driver got "sick" so that was the end of that lesson. I called to get a refund and thats when they started dodging my calls and constantly hanging up. Eventually i had to file a police report and complain to the BBB to get a refund from these scam artists. Dont even bother with this company bc they are obviously terrible at doing business. —iamlisa

2012-05-16 19:56:11   I was reluctant to use the services of this provider due to the bad reviews here, but went ahead and registered my son for the teens program. I have no regrets. The instructors were on time, they were very helpful and gave my son the information he needed to pass the test first time. I recommend it. —AChaves

2012-06-22 13:33:22   @ iamlisa is obviously a fake review —GracieLou

2012-09-20 17:56:02   Wow!! these comments are hell of old and also looks like this is a cut throat business as if some of the comments are coming from their competetors, well i went ahead and booked my daughter and she is happy first lesson she learn to stay in her lane and she learn how to hand over hand she now is making good turns. stopping behind the cross walk looking left right left they do teach like the teen parent hand book and more i would say they have lots of good ideas if you don't have one pick one up at DMV, I thank them for their patience and their good teaching skills oh and they were on time.also they do call back i had no problem, oh yes for the competetors out there just do your job and leave others alone shame on you. once again Thank you Davis Academy my heart goes out to you, for everyone else keep your Dollars in your city.Keep in mind Davis Academy is in Davis, By,Art —Arturovergara

2012-09-20 19:46:27   Davis Academy is proud to say we have a high passing rate both drivers education online and behind the wheel. —Arturovergara

2012-09-20 20:20:29   I Went with Davis Academy Driving School and they taught me every thing I know Today I would highly recommend this School,They even took me to DMV and made sure that I went through all the Questions and prepared me for the Test. GUESS WHAT I PASSED! So I've recommended family, friend's and anyone interested. They made it very easy to understand, and made me feel very comfortable,


2013-02-04 14:09:49   I was reluctant to use the services of this provider due to the bad reviews here, but went ahead and registered my son for the teens program. I have no regrets. The instructors were on time, they were very helpful and gave my son the information he needed to pass the test first time. I recommend it, a little advise don't wait for your permit to expire book and be responsible its easy to blame someone else.of course the school is booked two weeks in advance ,Its a good school, they are not going to stop to buy you a soda to win you over, wast your time, also there wasn't any police report!! so were is this all coming from ,Davis Academy is in Davis the only school in Davis yes they have problems, I assume cars may go down and employee may get sick once in awhile.I never had a problem when I called because i called them from 1:PM to 7:pm best time to call, even the owner is there at times.I also know the driving school has a high passing rate, You may be asking your self why am i saying all this will I think competitors have something to do with the bad reviews, 1. no air conditioning in November! know one needs air in November.so who care's 2.always late and they live in Davis 3. Asking for gas money, they can call the owner which also lives in Davis, Lets keep in mind this company pays tax's in the city of Davis, look it up am not lying, People its time we work with our small Business in Davis.Keep your Dollars in Davis. Keep in mind other schools do want them out: as its says below, looks like this is a cut throat business.Davis Academy Thumbs up!! —LindaCampos

2013-02-05 15:35:15   Anyone know why they are talking about TJ driving school on Davis Academy driving School web page, as you know there is no relationship They were Davis Academy driving School competitors who give them a bad time and did their best to give them a bad name.Lets think who is still here, with a high pasting rate, would be nice for people to remember the good things and not just the bad. oh by the way Salvador isn't working there anymore this says a lot about the owner she takes action.as soon as there is a complaint the school has been in Business since 1996 they are doing some thing right. keep in mind Packages are not refundable you don't have to buy a package, buy a 2 hour lesson no need to buy the package,since its non refundable.go to drivingacademyonline see for yourself.it all there. keep up the good work Davis Academy Instructors!! —leticiacampos

2013-08-13 00:02:42   I'm not trying to be snotty, but as a suggestion: all the typos on the company website don't inspire confidence. —zombiek

  • Maybe so but if you have some time, it's definitely worth exploring the website. Great stock photos and some very confusing sentences. My favorite parts are "It's time to ride the car", "we have some premises to refund", and the rotating testimonial. - Mikey

2013-08-26 13:20:33   Davis Academy Driving School was able to fit us in, when AllStars was short-staffed and scheduling five weeks out. The lesson went well and I appreciated their customer service. —CarinLoy

2016-10-01 15:17:41   There is a problem with these people -- look at all the Yelp reviews. Today, my 16yrold daughter is learning to drive a stick shift and stalls once coming off the red light. Two seconds to restart and go, and the INSTRUCTOR for Davis Driving Academy flies through the bike lane on the right to pass. Illegal, unnecessary, and dangerous. Some one with this kind of hormonal imbalance should NOT be teaching teenagers to drive. One look at him, and I wouldn't even let me teenager get into the car with him. —nmp

2019-05-30 12:40:00   My instructor texted me at 9:24am to cancel our lesson at 9:30am because the driving school didn't leave him a car??? I even got a confirmation phone call from the office the day before. Yeah I know, it sounds so ridiculous I can't believe it actually happened lol. I'll attach a screenshot of the text messages I got from the instructor. I'm just panicking because my test is coming up in ten days. My questions are: 1). Don't instructors have access to the cars even when the office isn't open? If not, don't they have keys to the garage that has all the cars? 2). When students cancel a lesson, there's a $65 cancellation fee. However, when instructor cancels on students, is there a compensation fee paid to the students? If not, it's super unfair to students. Other than that, the instructor David, the instructor that cancelled on me, is a really good instructor. He's the one that can prepare me the best for my behind the wheel test. I would recommend! The other instructor talks too much when I'm driving. As a new driver, I get super anxious when people are constantly talking to me when I'm driving. He also criticizes me harshly (some may call this "yelling") when I make mistakes. The office is generally helpful even though could be more responsive or have longer office hours —ranyubo