My understanding is that LeticiaCampos is one of the owners of Davis Academy Driving School.

We have some schilling going on here. LindaCampos and LeticiaCampos are coming from the same IP address. We've had difficulties with LeticiaCampos using false identities before. Putting up Sockpuppet notices up now. —PeteB

  • Should the posts from Arturovergara be marked as well?
    • Different IP address? Last time she did this she ignored all attempts at communication. I would prefer dumping the LindaCampos/LeticiaCampos' posts altogether as they're obvious schilling??? —PeteB
      • Well, at one point in time, Arturovergara was used the same IP address as LeticiaCampos, which was why their user accounts were marked as sockpuppets (but we never marked the page). Now it seems as though LindaCampos is using the same IP address as LeticiaCampos (but different from the IP used before). So, it seems reasonable to infer that all three accounts are used by the same shill. However, I had so much fun doing this the last time that I'd prefer to share the fun with others. Perhaps a third or fourth editor might want to weigh in. —cp
        • Actually we did mark it and I think Leticia removed them. I think I'll mark them again. —PeteB

Perhaps just tag the whole entry with a bare, ver factual and condmning tag poining out the bs going on? If it jackassery, let it be bknown.-jw