Important Dates

  1. Tuesday - September 9, 2014: Spring 2014 season begins (Weekday league)

  2. Sunday - September 7, 2014: Spring 2014 season begins (Sunday league)

  3. Sunday - March 22, 2015: League Meeting (Sudwerk's at 12pm)


The Davis Adult Recreational Soccer League, or DARSL, is a co-op, co-ed adult soccer league in Davis, CA. The entire league is run by the team captains and volunteers. Each team must have a minimum of 1 female player on the field at all times. Players pay fees of about $80 dollars which go towards the costs of renting the fields from the city of Davis and for paying the referees and linesmen. There are 2 leagues, a Sunday league and a Weeknight league (Tu - W - Th). We play year-round, and the seasons run 10-12 week long. To join the league, you can either form your own team and join (given there are team slots available), or try to get picked up by a team currently playing. If you are interested in forming a new team or adding your name to the Free Agent List please contact us at: - [Please include name, cell phone number (if available), email address, if you're male or female, and if you are available for Sunday games, weekday games, or both.]

2015 Summer Schedule

Games are at Playfields Park: 2500 Research Park Drive.

Weeknight Teams

# Team Color Captains                                             
1. Arsenal Red  
2. Celtic Green  
3. Davis FC Blue  
4. Hooligans Black  
5. Humboldt Grown White/Blue  
6. Last Minute White/Black  
7. Los Galacticos Red and Blue  
8. Oldenfowl Blue/White  
9. Amigos -- Purple Haze White/Purple  
10. Supernova Red/White  
11. Tiger Bomb White/Black  
12. Wolfpack Soccer Orange  

Alternate color is white unless otherwise noted.

Weeknight Schedule

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


































Tue 7:00pm 8v4 10v7 10v4 1v10 1v4 8v4 8v3 3v10 2v5 5v10 9v10
Tue 9:00pm 10v11 5v1 8v2 9v6 6v10 12v10 2v10 11v5 8v10 6v3 4v5
Wed 7:00pm 9v7 11v4 11v1 12v4 11v12 2v3 12v5 12v1 1v3 4v2 3v11
Wed 9:00pm 2v12 3v12 12v6 2v11 2v7 1v6 7v11 4v7 7v12 9v12 7v6
Thu 7:00pm 3v5 9v8 5v9 5v3 3v9 11v9 9v1 9v2 4v9 8v11 8v12
Thu 9:00pm 6v1 2v6 3v7 8v7 8v5 7v5 4v6 6v8 11v6 1v7 2v1



Standings Through Week 10

Summer League DARSL Standings through week 10.xlsx

Sunday Teams

Free Agents Team
Jochen Michael Fiebig
Go Fatty
Eric Overfield, Angela Linderholm
Gilda Moadab
Sporting Davis
Leonardo Zamudio, Bill Ammon
The Strongest
Luca Cerati, Connor Fung
Dan Perlea

Alternate color is white unless otherwise noted.

Sunday Schedule

Sunday 10:00am
1 v 3
4 v 6
1 v 4
5 v 4
2 v 1
3 v 5
6 v 5
2 v 1
6 v 2
5 v 3
4 v 3
Sunday Noon
4 v 2
3 v 2
2 v 5
3 v 1
6 v 5
1 v 6
3 v 2
4 v 5
3 v 4
6 v 4
6 v 1
Sunday 2:00pm
6 v 5
5 v 1
6 v 3
6 v 2
3 v 4
4 v 2
4 v 1
6 v 3
1 v 5
1 v 2
2 v 5


Jersey Colors

Home teams have preference for shirt color; visiting teams wear a contrasting color. Home teams are listed on the left, visitors are listed on the right. (For example, “2 v 1”: team 2 is home and team 1 is visitor.)


Normally there will be three officials scheduled for each game. Each captain contributes $55 if three referees are present. If only two referees are present, each captain contributes $45. If for any reason one or both teams is not able to play (for reason other than rain or other league cancellation) and they do not notify the refs 24 hours ahead of time, the teams must still pay the refs as if they had worked the game.

Nets, Flags and Keys

Nets and flags will be kept at the fields. The referees will have the combination for the lock.

Rain-Out Policy

Games will only be canceled by the league if there is a safety risk (lightning, standing water on the field, or extremely bad air quality).

Playfields Park Regulations

A full list of rules for Playfields should be sent out along with this schedule. Unless otherwise noted, these rules apply ANYWHERE INSIDE THE GATES, not just on the turf. Key points include:

  • No liquids other than water inside the gates.
  • No pets inside the gates.
  • No food, gum, or tobacco inside the gates.
  • No bikes on the turf.
  • No spitting inside the gates.
  • Shoes must be cleaned of any dirt before being used on the field.
  • If the goals are not set up for full field play, two of the goals should be moved to those positions and the other two should be moved onto the concrete pads on the end of the field.
  • The first home team of each night is responsible for putting out the corner and half-line flags. These are kept in the equipment cage at the field, and will be unlocked by the referees.
  • The last home team of each night is responsible for ensuring that the field and stands are clean before leaving, even by cleaning up after other teams if necessary (but if another team leaves its area excessively dirty or there is evidence of rule violation, this should be reported to the president as well).

Captains who fail to enforce these rules may be suspended, and repeated or willful infringement will be referred to the Rules Committee for team penalties, which may include suspension or a permanent ban from the league. If the city finds us breaking any of these rules we can be banned from the field AS A LEAGUE, so we must take this issue very seriously. Also note that captains are responsible for controlling spectators at their games and ensuring that they follow rules as well. If spectators claim to be unaffiliated with either team, and refuse to comply when asked, captains should immediately contact the Davis Police Department.

League Philosophy and Rules


DARSL is a co-ed soccer league that emphasizes fun and recreation. Standings are only kept for entertainment and are non-consequential, and referees are encouraged to call the game closely.

Team Captains

Captains are responsible for controlling overaggressive play by team members. Captains may request that referees stop the game in progress for a brief conference with team members, referees, or captains of the opposing team. Captains must also enforce the rules regarding suspended and otherwise ineligible players. Failure of team captains to enforce these rules may result in the suspension of the captain from the next game and will count as an extra yellow card per ineligible player per game.

Team Status

New teams must be represented at the meeting that precedes the season, and whether to add them to a DARSL league is subject to a closed captain's vote after the meeting. Returning teams must be represented at the meeting to guarantee a spot in a league, and a captain's vote may allow them to join the league even if they are not represented. A new team will gain “returning team” status after it is added to the league for its second consecutive season. Membership in the Sunday and weeknight leagues is considered separately, except in the winter, when the two leagues are merged into a single weeknight league.

Player Eligibility

Before each game, captains must provide the referees with a team roster. In addition to names, the roster must include the ages of any players under 18 years of age, and any players who previously played for suspended or disbanded DARSL players must be clearly marked. Children between the ages of 16 and 18 are allowed to play ONLY if both captains agree and if a parent or guardian of the child is participating in the game, either as a player or as a referee. The parent holds all responsibility for any injuries that occur to that child and for the child's behavior. DARSL assumes no responsibility for the child's injuries or actions. No team may have more than 25% of its players in a particular game be previous members of currently suspended or disbanded teams.

Clothing and Equipment

Knee braces must be covered with padding satisfactory to both captains and referees or the player with the brace may not play. Potentially dangerous accessories (watches, heavy jewelry, etc.) must be removed prior to playing. Removable or long-stud cleats are not allowed at Playfields Park (and turf shoes are strongly recommended over regular cleats). Metal cleats are prohibited at all DARSL games.

Non-FIFA Game Rules

DARSL plays under modified FIFA rules. DARSL rules prohibit sliding tackles and charging the goalkeeper. Slide tackling a player to dispossess them of the ball is prohibited, whether legal under FIFA or not and is considered a direct free kick foul. However, goal keepers may slide to block or gain control of the ball when inside the penalty area. Any player may slide to play a loose ball if no players are in the immediate vicinity or are endangered in any way. If a slide to play a ball in any way endangers any opponent, but no contact is made, it will be considered dangerous play (an Indirect Free Kick foul). If contact is made with an opponent, it will result in a direct free kick foul and may also result in disciplinary action if considered reckless (caution) or done using excessive force (send off). Bicycle kicks are also prohibited.

Each team must have at least one woman player on the field. If a team fails to meet the minimum requirement at game time (at least one woman and at least 7 players total), that team forfeits the game and must pay all the ref fees for that game. A team may play with 8 men/3 women (a) only if they are short women and (b) only if the other team agrees to allow it. The other team is not required to do the same.

Team Probation and Points

Any team that averages more than one yellow card per game in a season, or fails to perform their volunteer duties for the league, will be automatically placed on probation the next season that they play in the league. If a team is on probation twice in a row, there will be a captains vote on possible sanctions (including removal from the league). The Rules Committee may also recommend a captains vote on team sanctions during the course of the season.

Direct Free Kicks

Fouls for which direct free kicks are awarded:

  • any slide tackle, whether legal under FIFA or not
  • charging opponent in a violent or dangerous manner
  • jumping at or tripping opponent
  • striking or attempting to strike opponent
  • kicking or attempting to kick opponent
  • handling the ball, except by goalkeeper in the penalty area
  • pushing or holding opponent
  • charging from behind
  • charging the goalkeeper

If one of these fouls is committed by a member of the defending team within his or her own penalty area, a penalty kick is awarded.

Indirect Free Kicks

Fouls for which indirect free kicks are awarded:

  • dangerous play (including sliding to pass or kick the ball if the slide endangers opponents)
  • goalkeeper holding ball for more than 6 seconds
  • playing the ball when down when opponents are near
  • intentionally impeding an opponent when not playing the ball

Yellow Cards

Misconduct resulting in cautions (yellow cards):

  • dissent with the referees' decisions
  • persistent infringement of the rules
  • unsportsmanlike conduct
  • failure to respect the 10-yard rule on free kick
  • entering or leaving the field without a ref’s permission
  • delaying restart of play

Player restrictions for receiving yellow card:

  • First yellow card in game: Player is substituted off the field until the referee grants permission to return to the field game (cool-down period).
  • Second yellow card in less than 4 weeks: Equals a red card: player is ejected from the game and receives at least a one game suspension, effective immediately.
  • Second yellow card 4+ weeks apart: RC discretion to treat as a red card or vote for no suspension.
  • Subsequent yellow cards in season: Player is suspended as described under red card, one-game suspension for every two subsequent yellow cards.

Red Cards

Misconduct resulting in ejection from the game:

  • serious foul play or violent conduct
  • abusive or foul language
  • persisting in misconduct after having received a Caution (committing a second cautionable offense)
  • spitting at anyone
  • denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by committing a foul

Suspension for red cards: Any player receiving a red card may not play in any other DARSL games during the week the player receives the red card or during the next week that DARSL games are scheduled. The Rules Committee reviews all red cards and may increase the suspension beyond one week, or in severe cases ban the player from the league. Captains may submit a game report to the Rules Committee, and will be notified if their opponent's captain has submitted a report.

The captain of the team receiving any card must confirm the name of the player receiving the card with the referee before play resumes, and present photo ID for the player upon request.

League Board

Greg Mitchell
Connor Fung
Juan Arredondo
Rules Committee Chair
Debbie Daniels
Gilda Moadab
Referee Coordinator
Jock Hamilton
Fields/City Representative
Alex Park
Miles Frampton
Website/New Players
Dan Perlea

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