209 G Street
Near 2nd & G Street
Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
Sat 9am-5pm
Sun 11am-4pm
(530) 756-1585

Davis Barber Shop is one of those places to get your hair cut. Service, as everywhere, depends on who you get but they all seems to at least spend a little effort and time to get your hair decent.

During the mid-morning hours, the line for Fuji's extends past their store front. People from line sometimes go and get haircuts while they wait but during that time it's usually quite empty.

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This barber shop has three regular barbers: The owner has the famous bamboo bicycles you see around town. Very unforgettable & cool.

Davis Barber Shop has the biggest toybox for kids, some in a glass case, books, cool jazz music and the floor is the classic black and white checker that gives it a great nostalgic look.

Along with the neighboring spot, 207 G Street, this location was formerly occupied by a two-story hotel until about 1950. For decades it was called Hunt Hotel but its name before closing down was Hotel Etna. Soon after, a barber shop took over one side of the two-story building. Although the original building is long gone, It looks as though this barber shop may have been operating in this same place for over 50 years. The text on the window states that the shop was established in 1919, but it must have occupied a different location at that point.

How would you describe your Davis Barber Shop experience?

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2005-07-07 15:35:45   My grandma would always take me here when I was a kid. The barber then was John and he would always give me Bazooka Joe bubble gum. He has moved to San Diego now and I think his brother runs the place. When John was there he would have this awesome bike made out of bamboo. —NickSchmalenberger

2005-07-30 14:46:44   I've been going to this place for as long as I can remember, so I reccomend it by default. —GeoffJohnson

2005-11-29 15:18:01   Went there for the first time today at lunch. Got a scissors cut from a 50-ish bearded guy. I couldn't really describe what kind of cut I wanted, but he did a great job nonetheless. I'll be back! —GrahamFreeman

2006-01-16 15:56:54   I usually get my hair cut here. The groovy bikes still make appearances. (I've seen two different ones made primarily from bamboo, very cool). At my stage of life, a hair cut is a hair cut. The do a nice and efficient job. —RocksandDirt

2006-03-09 01:38:41   Nice barbers, decent prices. They're great with kids. For students, if you just need a regular haircut, this is the place to go. Will definately go here for my next cut. —GunIk

2006-10-07 21:32:36   I always go here because they do a great scissor cut that it I can't seem to get at any other barber shop. The prices are good and all of the barbers seem to have plenty of experience. The haircut is always adjusted if I want more taken off from some spot and the barbers are very pleasant and accomodating even the time I didn't bring cash and had to run off to get money from the ATM. I would reccomend this business even if Renteria had a bummer here. It could happen anywhere...and cool bikes too.—JakeDiego

2006-06-04 00:43:54   I went in the other day and I got the long haired guy. He refused to use scissors on my hair liked I asked, and did a terrible job. It looked like I cut my hair with a bowl and a weedwacker while drunk. I had to go to another barbershop and pay for a whole new haircut just to get it fixed because it looked absolutely terrible. Avoid at all costs! —JasonRenteria

2008-02-06 15:29:45   I brought my 2 yr. old Toddler to Davis Barber shop to "repair" a very bad scissor cut from a salon in Vacaville. Jeff was a miracle worker and fabulous with my little boy (who is a major squirmer) We had a great time, got a great cut, and paid a very reasonable price ($13!) My son had a blast playing with the toys and trains, and was fully fascinated by the lollipop bucket that dropped down from the sky after the cut was done. We will never go anywhere else! —Catie

2008-02-12 18:22:43   I don't think you can go wrong here. I've been to nearly every barber shop in Davis and this place is only one of two that i'd recommend (university is the other). the barber who cut my hair did a great job with a scissor cut and is one of the nicest guys you'll meet. —joel

2008-03-13 16:12:04   Went here for the first time today, good people, great job —DP

2008-04-28 16:46:20   DON'T GO HERE! I got my haircut cut here yesterday because the place I usually go to was closed and I really needed a haircut that day, horrible job. I'm not the kind of person that worries that much about how their hair looks, a simple fade is all I need, but the haircut I got at this place is quite possibly the worst I have ever gotten. I had to ask the barber, some old guy with a long beard, to fix his final cut two times it was that bad. The worst part of it all is that when he was lining up my neck in the back, he couldn't get the line straight so he kept on going higher and higher so now I have that long neck look. I highly doubt I will ever go back here again. —IntegDC4

2008-05-28 10:06:47   I have been going here for years, always a good cut. Both of my kids have gotten their 1st haircuts here. Totally recommended. Support local family businesses!!! —Aaron.Curtin

2008-08-21 21:36:29   Jeff at Davis Barber Shop is the best person in town to cut boys' hair. He gave our son his first haircut and several since then. He's great with kids—and actually gives our son's hair a bit of style. Highly recommended! —LeslieMadsenBrooks

2009-02-10 00:29:39   The other shops in Davis can't compare to the family friendly professional service that you get from the Davis Barber Shop. From boys two years of age to gentlemen in there later years the Davis Barber shop is classic in style. Take a seat in one of their chairs and you'll understand why the Davis Barber Shop is the favorite shop in town. ***** —Fuellenbach

2009-06-03 16:35:21   Although I live 17.5 miles away in North Natomas, Sacramento, I have gone to Davis Barber Shop for my haircut for several years. Jeff is absolutely the best barber I have ever had. —Jimm

2009-11-30 10:46:47   I have my two grandchildren, who live in Santa Barbara, wait for haircuts until they come here. My one year old grandson just had his first haircut, from Jeff. His skills, his humor and patience make taking my grandkids there a joy...and they all get a lollypop at the end. —susanbc

2009-12-22 20:14:42   Davis Barber Shop is the only place I trust to cut my hair. As a member of the Armed Forces, I need a consistent, clean, and short cut. The barbers at the Davis Barber Shop can deliver that for me, even on Sundays which can be the only day off for me from time to time. —Scones

2010-05-01 16:55:52   Been going to this place for about 35 years, now. No, really, I haven't gone *anywhere* else, except for a rather unfortunate SuperCuts experience (they were the only ones open on a day I had a job interview). They're friendly, and remember the regulars. —Flynn

2010-05-24 13:42:09   Just went to this place for the first time today. It had been a while (6mnths) since my last cut, and I didn't really know what I wanted to get. The dude with the sweet beard and the tats hooked me up pretty good and was cordial. My hair looks good, I recommend this spot. —RichardNichols

2010-07-08 16:07:09   Sorry, but the quality of hair-cuts at this place is not so great. I asked the barber to cut a couple of long-hairs he had left behind my ears, and he wasn't so pleased. Maybe he wasn't having his best day, but you always have to check behind the ears (rookie mistake)!! If you are not too picky about your hair-cut, this is an OK place. Just run the clippers at one size or two and you're done. If you want quality, go somewhere else. —ilmlopez

2011-04-21 17:14:08   I can't speak for the other barbers, but if you go here, DO NOT get Russ. He was overbearing, obnoxious, arrogant, and after giving very specific directions as to the cut I wanted (which was not difficult at all!), he proceeded to give me the exact OPPOSITE of what I had asked for and expect me to be grateful he had had the initiative to save me from myself. He also had the nerve to insult what I was wearing! I will NEVER go back. Never have I been treated so rudely and disrespectfully. —GentlemanUp

2011-05-01 11:56:57   Best barber shop in town. Jeff is fantastic, —michaelgrippi

2011-10-10 19:52:49   I have been going to the Davis Barber Shop ever since I came here. I had pleasant experiences earlier with the lady and the younger gentleman with the long hair. This time I had the shock of my life. The old guy with the earrings has to be one of the rudest people I ever met. He charged me 20 bucks for a buzz cut which hardly took him 5 minutes, even though the price was clearly marked to be 14 bucks! On top of that, the cut was extremely uneven, and wasn't even cut properly behind my ear. Remember that this is a buzz cut we are talking about. The usual rule of showing the customer the hand-mirror at the end was deliberately skipped.

Disclaimer: I don't spend 1000 bucks a year grooming my hair. For those of you who are even somewhat cavalier with your hair, avoid this guy (not necessarily the shop) like the plague. —ParalegalAlien

2011-10-13 15:48:29   I totally agree with paralegalalien. The older man with the earrings is completely unprofessional and rude!!! he is far more concerned with getting people in and out of this place instead of doing a good job. He has NO patience with kids and even when he isn't the barber cutting the clients hair he feels the need to interject and tell his co-workers that "that kids hair is good enough". I will never take my child back to this shop and if for ANY reason you get stuck and are in an emergency and HAVE to go here, WAIT for someone else. Did i mention the haircuts are AWEFUL and expensive? —seanjones

2012-02-20 17:55:39   I didn’t get a chance to have my hair cut because they skipped me over in queue when I took a call while waiting. I took the call on their skate-bench outside in deference to the patrons and barbers, and made sure to keep an eye on my turn at a chair from the window. I waited there for over an hour with any acknowledgement, and then walked out. —NickKory

2012-03-14 19:53:33   I went here for a long time and I'd say they do an 'ok' job. I used to try to get Lily when I went but often settled for whomever I got when I was there. The difference was pretty stark. When I finally got the feeling she was no longer there, I looked on the wiki and found her over at Olive Drive and am now a regular over there. No offense to the guys as they do alright and they're great with the kids (esp. Jeff). But in terms of getting the best quality cut, I trust Lily significantly more. —BrettCoder

2012-03-21 10:42:15   I am very happy with the haircut I received here. I plan to go back. —DanielCordova

2012-12-22 14:01:15   I am starting to realize that it's more important to find a good barber than a good barbershop. I have had great experiences with Jeff. Twice, I have had my haircut by the older man with glasses and an earring. He doesn't seem to pay much attention to detail, and as a result I haven't had the best cuts from him. Sometimes my hair comes out looking uneven with him. Jeff takes his time and does a better job. I will wait a bit longer for him next time. —Profe

2014-04-28 17:39:05   This is my regular barber shop. I have had 1 bad experience there. Russ (the old guy guy with earrings and glasses) is my favorite and if you ever want to get a mohawk he is the guy. —CaedanAlba

2014-12-29 18:45:56   I went there for the first time today and they did a great job on my hair and that of my 11-year-old son. This is definitely the place we will go back to for haircuts. Nice, friendly barbers and the cut it the way you ask them to. —photofg

2015-02-22 23:48:52   The only reason I went to that "barbershop" today was because it was the only barber shop in Davis(I knew of) that was open on sunday. Big mistake. I had the utter misfortune to get the older gentleman with the earrings. While the hair cut he gave me was passable, it wasn't exactly what I've asked for. Additionally, it was cut hastily and it looked as though I could grow it out in less than three weeks(I.e. It wasn't impeccably trimmed/cut). When I've questioned his haircutting ability, he became offended and insisted that he done a "professional" job and can't do any better than that(He also made a personal attack in response to my criticism. So much for " Doing a professional job."). He is either seriously delusional, lazy or both as I had better haircuts than his mediocre handiwork. Because his work was otherwise passable and I didn't want to create a scene, I simply just paid him and walked out without a word. This is the worst barbershop experience I ever had. I wish I went to the Aggie's Barber Shop yesterday or waited until monday. Definitely not a "barbershop" I will be returning to. —Tybalt91