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The Davis Bike Club is a cycling organization that supports and encourages cycling for riders of all calibers and interests. Membership ranges from bike commuters to racers and touring cyclists. The club also has its own race team. Rides are held regularly on weekends and weekday mornings for both fun and training, and longer multi-day tours are organized as well. In addition to weekly rides, the club sponsors the following well-respected events:

The Davis Bike Club publishes a monthly newsletter, sponsors an annual bike swap in conjunction with Foxy's Fall Century and holds regular meetings with guest speakers, presentations and equipment demonstrations. A calendar of events and expanded descriptions as well as times are posted on the DBC website, and a mailing list is maintained to keep the membership current on upcoming events. The race team also maintains both public and moderated list servers to keep team members updated; race team members are eligible for club discounts at local cycle shops.

See Bicycling Activities and Clubs for links to other bike-related clubs and teams.


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2008-10-20 11:41:40   This year during foxy's there was a really really good market set up by the high school and library. Lots of used stuff for dirt cheap, lots of campy and dura ace stuff for half off. All the people selling were very friendly, and were happy to answer questions. Definitely going again next year! yay altruism! —TheWigglyWizard

2009-05-10 22:05:42   I just wanted to give a shout out to Davis Bike club cyclists, Laurie and I believe his name was Bob. Some friends and I showed up in Winters ready for a ride and missing a front wheel. Bob was generous enough to loan me his wheel so that we didn't have to haul back to Davis to fetch mine. Anyway, please pass on a heartfelt thanks. It is nice to see such helpfulness between fellow cyclists. —CarenRoma