Passage meditation is a complete spiritual practice used to train the mind and find a life that fulfills. In this method, you meditate on inspirational passages, or texts, from the world’s great wisdom traditions. There are seven other spiritual tools you can use throughout the day to bring this wisdom into your daily life.  You can give passage meditation a try by going to this workshop.

The Davis Passage Meditation group has been meeting regularly in Davis for over 10 years.  All are welcome.  There is no charge.  We meet every Tuesday from 5:30pm - 7pm at Davis Community Church, 412 C Street, Davis Ca.  We are currently meeting in the Gallery Room which can be reached from the church side entrance on 4th St near C St.  Please contact Sheryl Flocchini at, 530-400-0342  for more information.  

Passage meditation was developed by Eknath Easwaran (1910–1999), who is respected around the world as an authentic guide to timeless wisdom. His translations of The Bhagavad Gita, The Upanishads, and The Dhammapada are the top English translations of these spiritual classics which universities and the general public are choosing. Over 1.5 million copies of his 35 books are in print. His 1961 class on the "theory and benefits of meditation" at UC Berkeley is believed to be the first accredited course on meditation at any Western university.  For more information about Eknakth Easwaran and the Blue Mountain Center for Meditation see their website.

People all over the world practice passage meditation, including people of different religions, cultural and social backgrounds. Our community represents the full spectrum of religious and spiritual beliefs imaginable, including those identifying as agnostic and atheist.