Davis Farmer's Markets
Saturday and Wednesday market hours
Web site
Price range
Individual pastries $1.75 - $4.00
Payment Options
Davis Dollars

What could be better than a hot cinnamon roll? Also sticky buns, Danish pastry, bear claws, coffee cake, cookies, lemon bars.... Oh, and ultra-decadent chocolatey gooey goodness Jamoca Muffins. Homemade pies at the holidays. They also serve farmer's markets in Sacramento, Pleasanton, and in summer: Reno, Tahoe, Truckee.


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2006-07-28 20:44:26   According to their website, they are located on O street. Are their pastries only available at the Farmer's Market or can you buy them at their store as well? —LiRic

2007-06-25 11:19:42   The bakery is actually located on Olive Dr. The pastries are generally just sold at the markets (saturdays in davis and wednesdays during the summer) but special orders can be made if you call in advance and request something, especially during pie season. Just call (590) 757-2700 —dianalakeland

  • Nice tip, that. I'd be going to/leaving from Rocknasium and the smell of the bakery would just drive me nuts. Many a time I've wanted to swing by and see if I could buy something—anything—off of them. —KevinChin

2007-10-05 15:27:00   The bear claws at the farmer's market are just amazing. I am normally not a huge pastry fan, but they were terrific and the lady at the stand was incredibly sweet. —Casey

2014-06-18 10:55:05   I just had to add a comment. Normally, I don't go out of my way to complain about a business. But a few months ago my 2-year old was holding her $2.50 not-yet-eaten croissant right in front of the counter there and she dropped it. I asked the high-school girl if we could have another and she told me we'd have to purchase another one as if it was a set policy. I mean really. Rules and profitability have to be balanced against customer service. Give me a break. —Charles