DCF Ministry Center, 312 A St. Prayer Room

Weekly Gathering Location
Date & Hours
Tuesday nights @ 8pm




Ministry House Location
312 A St. (corner of 3rd & A)
Ministry House Hours
Monday-Friday 8am-10pm

Davis Christian Fellowship (DCF) is an on-campus ministry. Basically DCF is a whole bunch of people coming together to worship the LORD of the Universe. DCF is associated with both Davis Christian Assembly, an Assemblies of God church, and Chi Alpha (pronounced "Kai Alfa", http://www.chialpha.com), a national Christian organization.

There are large group meetings on Tuesdays in Hunt 100 at 8:00pm. There are a number of smaller "core groups" (or Bible studies) that meet other nights of the week for more intimate fellowship. There are separate core groups for men and women, international students, STEP/EOP students, and a mixed or co-ed group for all of the freshmen  living in dorms.

DCF also has a ministry center at 312 A St. and 3rd St., next-door to Davis Oshio Cafe and the Education Abroad Center. Upon entering the house, there is a prayer room to the left that is open to both students and adults for privacy and worship. There is also nice main lounge with sofas and chairs and a kitchen in which you can help yourself to community food. Most of the time either the two campus pastors or CMIT (Campus Missionaries in Training) interns will be in the office if you need to talk to someone for help or advice. All are welcome to come study or just relax!

The DCF House is open Monday-Friday from 8am-10pm (not including special events or parties that may go later).

If you're looking for a body of believers to belong to, you should definitely come check out DCF. They go on a retreat in the foothills for fall quarter, a conference-style retreat for winter quarter, a missions trip to an orphanage in Mexico for spring break, and engage in other special activities for spring quarter.


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2011-05-02 20:50:10   I tried to go to this group after leaving Catalyst. Will pressed me to tell him why I left Catalyst and I gave in, but told him this had to stay between us. Then Will of course forwarded my emails to the leaders of Catalyst. Then I was told by Will "Matt and I are friends so it would be better for everyone if you don't come back here". Shouldn't the fact that I love God be enough to be accepted in a "Christian" community? —Dozer

2011-05-10 16:38:09   I LOVE DCF! Everyone is always so welcoming and I love how they allow God to do what He does best - just move and love on people. Although I originally sought out DCF because of its affiliation with Chi Alpha, I came to see that the fellowship is a hodgepodge of different denominations and backgrounds. I transferred to Davis and have enjoyed being a part of this amazing fellowship for the past three years. As I get ready to leave and move on, I am sad that I will no longer have such a great community behind me. God totally works through DCF, Will, Jen, Jack, Renee, and all of the CMIT interns! I've made friends that I will treasure throughout the rest of my life! I praise God for such a great community. If you want a place to discuss serious issues, worship God freely, hear from God frequently, and just be yourself...choose DCF! You won't regret it...I sure didn't. —KimWong

2011-05-12 18:04:47   I didnt choose DCF, but they threw me out. If God is working through DCF does this also mean that I am not wanted by God? —Dozer

Dozer, you are desperately wanted by God. He loves you so much. Human love cannot even come close to the love that God has for you and the amazing destiny that He has for you. — KimWong

2011-05-15 20:44:19   Then why was I banned from DCF? In Corinthians it speaks of removing a man from church when they have done wrong. I do not know what I did to DCF. But is there a time limit to how long I have to live outside community before I am allowed to return? —Dozer

2011-08-14 20:37:53   The people that go to DCF are some of the most godly people I've ever met. Their lives revolve around him. It's unreal. There is so much love here. —HaydenStephan

2011-08-21 22:29:03   I agree with Hayden 100% about the people who go to DFC. But I just dont agree with how the staff abuses their positions. —Dozer

2011-11-06 20:01:33   The three years I spent in Davis were so amazing, so full of joy becuase of my family at DCF. I will never forget my time here in this non-judgemental place. You will feel like family here, becuase we ARE! Even if you do choose another fellowship, I just want to say how much a campus ministry (and of them) can change your life. I have so many friends as a result of this fellowship. We should rename it, Davis Christian Family lol, but true! —BryceH

2013-04-15 18:26:25   I loved the people in DCF a lot, so friendly. However, I felt pressured to speak in tongues and exercise "spiritual gifts" that I did not have during the long repetitive worship sets. There is a huge emphasis on charismatic gifts like prophecy and speaking in tongues, so if you don't have these gifts you may feel uncomfortable worshiping with this group. —AnBan

2018-05-23 15:07:21   DCF is a pretty nice community of people, with great energy and nice sessions every Tuesday nights (I recommend you come!). Some observations: the girls groups are pretty warm and welcoming, and the best way to make friends here is to go to the pre-prayer services and go to our events. You have to put yourself out there. Liane has a big heart. Will and Preston didn't come across very well with me. "yeah, uh huh" got very annoying. It's hard to have genuine conversations with them with how strong their "active listening is", to a point that it seems so disingenuous, but don't let that dissuade you! For the most part, everyone in our groups feels like they are young in their faith, focused on school and the future. I highly suggest you come, not to deal with the leaders, but to get to know and meet new friends! —VioletFeng

2018-05-23 19:16:23   Looking back at the comments, it is apparent now why I got that "Heavy Shepherding" vibe from Will all this time. Not all of the leaders are like Will, but the one who most closely resembles Will's behavior is Preston. —Julius41

2020-09-07 18:33:30   DO NOT JOIN THIS GROUP! THEY ARE NOT GOOD FOR ANYONE!! The entire group is VERY cliquey, especially the worship team, and the leadership is UNTRUSWORTHY! If you tell them something personal and ask for it to be kept between you two, expect for EVERYONE to know about it! THEY DONT CARE WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS!! If you are in a bible study group, you may as well not bring a bible. They may read a passage, but instead of looking at the meaning of the words and the context, or even on how it might apply to your life, they focus on what everyone "feels" about it. They are also very FAKE, especially when it comes to the spiritual! They believe heavily in healing through prayer and faith, but after they pray over you and you aren't healed they act like it's YOUR FAULT!! They believe in speaking in tongues, but if someone is bilingual, they classify that as speaking in tongues?!?!?! They have a nature retreat every year, if you want to go you have to pay for it, which is normal, but what they don't tell you is that you will have to work at the camp so they can get a discounted rate. YOU ARE PAYING TO BE SLAVE LABOR AND THEY DONT TELL YOU UNTIL AFTER YOU GET THERE WITH NO WAY OF GOING HOME!!! As a result of their ignorance, and the staggering arrogance with which they yield it, the large group of young, impressionable people they reach are more likely to be HARMED in their faith than nurtured. —blahblhablah