Contact Email
Club President/Leadership
(Paul Brower)
(Date 2012-07-21)
Meeting Times
(Monday-Thursday 7pm-9pm)
Meeting Location

Davis Climbing is recognized by the Center for Student Involvement at The University of California Davis as the official climbing community and CCS team.

Club Membership

Becoming a member is easy, and we think its well worth your time. By contributing to the club, you support our club activities and get exclusive access to discounts and events.

Basic Membership

$10 will get you into the club (the club shirt is an additional $20 separately)

Discounted Membership

$25 will get you into the club, and saves you a couple bucks to buy some powdered magnesium carbonate for those sweaty claws

Team Membership

Every winter-spring quarter, Davis Climbing competes through USA Climbing’s Collegiate Climbing Series (CCS). We compete regionally with other Northern California schools.

To be considered a competitor for Davis Climbing you must be registered through USA Climbing. (NOTE: you do not have to be a member of Davis Climbing to compete with us!)

To sign up, follow these five easy steps:

1)Visit 2)Click on Register online/go! on the right side of the page 3)Create a username for free 4)Select USA Climbing Membership - Collegiate Climbing Series for $25 5)Enter the following information: School Name UC Davis Team Name UC Davis Coach Name(s) Imani Latif CCS Region Northern California



  • President - Paul Brower
  • Vice President - Akshay Prabhu
  • Head Coach - Imani Latif
  • Events Coordinator - Valeria Regalia
  • Webmaster - Federico De Giuli


  • President - Geovid Kali 2009-2011
  • Vice President - Chris Connor 2009-2011
  • Events Coordinator - Urszula Chrobak 2012-2013
  • Slackline Coach - Michael Toso 2012-2013